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I emailed about ten people from the beta list to see if they could help with my story and not one of them responded. Not even to say they were not interested. Is this the norm around here. Has anyone else had this problem or just me?

1/26/2013 #1
Marguerite Grimmett

Oh, I sent PM messages to two and neither responded yet. I'm same.

1/26/2013 #2
I've experienced similar problems. I think it's standard around. Finding Beta's is much easier on forums like these. If I had the time I would offer my services, unfortunately I'm in my test week. If you'd like someone to have a look at it and you don't mind a small wait of a few days, I'm about to Apply for a beta profile. So if you don't mind the wait I'll take a look.
1/26/2013 #3

This was the forum. lol. I don't mind the wait. It's my first draft so I'm still working on finishing it. I'll set up a link between us and when your ready you can read t. They are short chapters. Thanks so much for the help!!!

1/26/2013 #4

How long is your book, is it finished? Maybe we could help each other?

1/26/2013 #5
Marguerite Grimmett

Can you beta mine?Its called the Disappearance, you can drop a review any time. Thanks! :D

1/26/2013 #6
Marguerite Grimmett

Im not sure if you were talking to me or the other, but if you wouldnt mind anyone betareading your story I can help if you want. :D

1/26/2013 #7

Carolina, I was talking to you. We have to set up a connection between us first. Then we upload chapters here and we read then form there. Do you know how to create a connection?

1/26/2013 #8

Well if anyone would like some help just PM me and I'll take a look. In return I only ask for a look at my story A Life among Gods, it's a greek mythology story.

my names seven btw.

1/26/2013 . Edited 1/26/2013 #9

I'll look as soon as I get a chance and let you know what I think. DO you want it beta'd or just read

1/26/2013 #10

I am not a native English speaker, so I am looking for an extra Beta. I have one in Lady Kirei but she mostly pays attention to plot and characters as opposed to grammar and spelling. So I could use someone that looks for that.

1/26/2013 #11

I can look spelling I can spot, but not so sure about grammer. Send me an connection and I'll look it over for you

1/26/2013 #12

Connection is made and the document is send. :)

1/26/2013 #13
Marguerite Grimmett

Well, I'm new, so I don't know how to set up a connection.

1/26/2013 #14
Marguerite Grimmett

I'll read yours. Besides, I love Greek mythology anyway. :D

1/26/2013 #15
Marguerite Grimmett

I can do both, even though I'm not an official beta. :D

1/26/2013 #16

if you want to help, go to the site labeled Dox, then hit connections and follow the directions to put in pen names of those you want to send you work to.

1/27/2013 #17
Marguerite Grimmett

I see. I'll try now.

1/27/2013 #18

I sent you a connection yesterday, so you should see something in your inbox about it.

1/27/2013 #19
Marguerite Grimmett

Really? I didn't see it. And what IS Dox?

1/27/2013 #20

go to the top right hand corner and click on your name. Then over to your left close to the bottom you will see DocX. Click it, then click on connections. This is just an easy way to send our stories within this site.

1/27/2013 #21
Marguerite Grimmett

'Kay. Thanks.

1/27/2013 #22

For anyone that's interested in a proofreader, beta reader or is looking for feedback on ideas or for reviewers, I have started a forum of my own. Link is down below.

1/30/2013 . Edited 1/30/2013 #23

My I ask for a Beta Reader?

9/24/2013 #24

I'll beta for anyone if you want...up until about December when revision *groan* kicks in...

11/1/2013 #25
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