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Hey everyone,

I'm not certain if this is the right place to put this, so feel free to point me in the right direction if not! But anyway, I'm looking for a guy to collaborate a story with. I never have, but it's an idea that's always interested me - two brilliantly creative minds coming together to make one amazing story. Especially if it's switching from different POVS; I think it could help to bring a certain richness to it. I do take writing seriously, so only someone who also takes it seriously too. More than willing to have many chats to see if we mesh and all that good jazz. I write just about anything, so let me know if anyone's interested.



1/30/2013 #1
Kay Iscah

Having done collaborations before. It helps a lot if you would say what genre(s) or type of story you'd like to write about, even if there are several of them. Also whether this is art for art's sake, or if you'd like to publish it professionally if it comes out well, in which case your collaborator is a partner and due half of any financial benefits (and has to sign off on any agreements).

Also, I'd recommend not limiting yourself to one gender or another. I support the idea of looking for a different perspective. But I've done collaborations with both male and female cowriters, and both have produced believable male characters and brought something to the story that I wouldn't find on my own.

1/31/2013 #2

My apologies to everyone. I am open to either male or female to collaborate with; I should have stated it better. Genres, I usually stick to speculative fiction, both YA and Adult. As far as writing for art's sake or publication, if it turns out well enough, then I'm not opposed to the latter, but for now I'm just looking to write. Publication would be something we both would have to agree on. Sorry for before.


1/31/2013 #3
Kay Iscah

I didn't mean to sound critical. Guy is one of those funny words that's genderless in some situations and not others...

Most of this stuff is stuff I realized later after stumbling into collaborations. I like doing it for some projects, but it has it's own special set of joys and challenges. Working out the money flow is important for anything commerical, which I've had to think about a lot more as I try taking first steps into song writing.

1/31/2013 #4

Collaborations would be a cool thing to try out I think. However, I always find them tricky because you have to rely on the other person to hold up their end. For example, me and my friend agreed to write a sci-fi novel together and as I completed the whole plan and the first 2 chapters, he decided to bail on me for no apparent reason whatsoever. It really annoyed me and put me off the idea of a collaboration. But you seem cool enough. I guess I would have to know what genre and what kind of story we would be writing before fully commiting though as I write for pleasure and artistic sake. I am a British male in their late teens so if you were looking for a male character such as that I guess I could provide an insight.

2/16/2013 #5

Hello. PM me if you want to do some collaboration. I'm open.

3/7/2013 #6
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