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It's simple. Come in here, get reviews, read good stories, meet interesting people. What's not to love? Open to all. Rock and roll.
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All right then, here's where you get to introduce yourself. Just some of the basic info, whatever you feel like putting out there.

Name: Dolvich

Age: 22

Location: Far from home

Thoughts on writing: I love it. Love to read, love to write.

Something little known: I have a birthmark that looks like a four-leaf clover.


How did you find this place:

Scariest moment in life:

6/6/2008 . Edited by Chancee, 7/12/2009 #1

Okay, so the thing that caught my attention was your AGE Dolvich!I'm glad I'm not the only 20-something year old here.

Name: missAtoZ (inspired by Mr. A to Z himself, the lovely-voiced and talented Jason Mraz)

Age: 20 going on 21

Location: Down under! Yes that's right, I'm NOT American.

Days elapsed since joining FP: 2; Times logged in to frantically check for reviews: lost count. haha

6/6/2008 #2


Nice to have you aboard. I'll mosey on over and read your work, so you don't have to frantically check so much ( whenever I put something up, I do the same thing)


(I noticed the age thing around here as well. That's life, I guess.)

6/6/2008 #3
C.M.F Wright

This looks fun!

Name: Harmonic Discord

Age: 19

Location: Somewhere in the USA. At college, if you must know.

Random facts: I like to write (although I tend to agonize over every word, which gets irritating after awhile). I like to read - when stuff is well-written and/or has an engaging plot. I'm also a bit of a grammar freak. You know, the kind who sees an out-of-place apostrophe on a billboard and nearly has a heart attack. :-P

6/17/2008 #4
Fractured Illusion

Name: Fractured Illusion. But you can call me Frac, everyone does.

Age: 19

Location: On my butt

Something little known: I have a blister on my tongue today and it hurts.

Something well known: I change my icon almost every day.

I am here because: Screw it

6/19/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #5

Name: dragonflydreamyr, but I have apparently been dubbed Sparkles.

Age: 14 . . . I feel puny

Location: USA - East Coast

Why I'm Here: The wonderful Frac directed me. I also love reviewing people.

Random fact about me: I live in the middle of nowhere. My town has a population of 3300. My class has around 80 students, and I go to a regional school that includes 15 towns.

6/19/2008 #6

Name: *points to pen name* but Frac has dubbed me Lime.

Age: old enough to drink legally in the states

Location: somewhere in the shadows of FP's forums holding secret operations to force FP admins into giving us animated emotes in the forums and format-able reviews.

Reason for lurking here: Frac has pointed to this forum, thus I must investigate (i.e. join in on the fun)

6/19/2008 #7

Well, hello one and all, and welcome to the Roadhouse!

Nice to see folks around here.

Now, where did I put my beer...

6/19/2008 #8

Name: Caecilia Bellz, but you can call me Cae, or Caeci, or Cili... or.... Fishy. Whatever squeaks your rubber ducky. I'm known as Deli over at RG.. o.O

Can't call me Bellz, though, cause that'll just confuse me. Only reason I have that in my name is because of my FH, Violent Messiah =D

Age: Younger than you'd think... But age is touchy. Let's forget it exists!

Gender: I am of the female persuasion.

Something Little Known: Well, if it was little known, would I really just go out and say it?

But in all seriousness? I can't wait to get this red hoodie...

Something Random: I have finally decided what I want in life. Someday, I'll be owning a bakery.

6/20/2008 . Edited 8/19/2009 #9

Call Me: Stella and/or Sela ...or whatever you come up with; I don't really care, as long I know you're talking to me.

Age: Not old enough to be in a bar... but old enough to vote. :D

Gender: ... ... Isn't it obvious?

Location: The Roadhouse. ;]

Something Little Known (on here anyway): My name is neither Stella, nor Luella... [okay, that doesn't really apply anymore, but...oh, wellz.]

6/20/2008 . Edited 9/21/2008 #10

Name: Bit redundant, but it's Kikyuu.

Age: You shouldn't ask a lady her age. :P (That answers the gender question, too.)

Location: Australia.

Something little known: No, we do not typically say 'G'day' here in Australia. Nor are there kangaroos bounding around in our backyards.

Here because: of Frac's profile.

6/21/2008 #11

Howdy, folks! (Guess where I'm originally from...)

Name: Trmpetplaya1

Age: 22

Location: Back at a home that's not my home.

Current Status: Woken up from a 2-year writer's block; feels good to be back :)

Why I Joined This Forum: It's clean and the people seem right nice

Nice to meet y'all!

6/22/2008 #12
Chidori Nadare

Name: Chidori Nadare (but you could call me Anemone--someone called me that in the Review Game Forum)

Age: just guess...

Location: near a laptop

Something Little Known: my real name's nowhere near my penname

Here because: of Kikyuu's profile

Nice to meet you all!

6/23/2008 #13

Name: Probably easiest to call me Flipper with that penname of mine.

Age: 18, ok... I said it....

Location: I EAT YOOOOU!!! I mean, my house.

Just to let you know: I forget... um... I like to eat donuts? Not the Krispy Cremes though. Dunkin all the way.

Lime poked me over here, so here I be. HI FRAC AND DISCY AND DREA AND LIME! I'm not dead!

Is anyone beside Docy not from the RG?

P.S. I remember, I'm usually better at reviewing than I am at writing my own stuff.

6/23/2008 #14

Wow, got all kinds of folks coming in here. Nifty. Glad to see you all. Making this place all respectable.

Flipper, I'll work on finding you some donuts. Just had some Dunkin' Coffee, which is nectar of the gods around here.

Hope you all are enjoying yourselves. Take care!

Hmmm... coffee....

6/23/2008 #15
Alive Out of Habit

Name: ^

Age: 18

Location: Here

Something Little Known: Supafly is actually a nickname given to me by my family...don't ask.

Another Little Known: I joined a couple days ago but been patrolling this site for about a year...again, don't ask.

Here because: I just am...oh, and I like reviewing things.

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #16
Violent Messiah

OK, sounds like fun!

Name: Violent Messiah, VM, Zerom, or even Violent. My FTW Cae calls me FH or Bellz, but only her. I'd say call me Messiah, but then I feel self-conscious...I know, weird.

Age: 25 *sigh*, so maybe around here you should call me "Ancient One". Heh.

Location: East coast love, baby!

Special Duties At The Roadhouse: Ego Wrangling, Crisis Managing, Club Banging, Secret Dangling.

Something About Me: I went to and graduated from art school but wound up being a club DJ instead. What the hell?

How I Wound Up Here: Saw the pimpage in dragonflydreamyr's profile. It looked interesting so I decided to drop by.

Personal Quote: "Don't Ask. It's Complicated." o.0

So what's cracking, all?

6/25/2008 . Edited 1/5/2009 #17
Bazooka Joy

Name: Feel free to call me Bazooka or Joy. My real name will come out once I get to know you.

Age: 20.

Location: I don't like giving this away but I'll say this...I'm somewhere in the South. Ya know....AL, GA, FL, TX...etc. You get the point.

Random fact about moi: I'm obsessed with sweet onion chicken teriyaki subs. Yes, go to your local Subway and...yeah, sorry.

Anything else: My birthday is April 13. So next year I expect a present, k? I'll be turning the big 2-1, so yeah. Merci beaucoup! =)

@ Violent Messiah...what made you choose to be a DJ? o_O

6/27/2008 #18
Violent Messiah

"@ Violent Messiah...what made you choose to be a DJ? o_O"

Welcome, Joy! The reason I became a DJ was because the art thing wasn't what I imagined it would be and writing short stories wasn't paying the bills. So when a friend told me that a new club needed a DJ, I went in and used skills I picked up as a hobby to get a job. Besides, can't be the hours or the perks..._

7/1/2008 #19
The Lone Soldier

Hey yo. I'm still here... ;)

Well, I don't know what happened. After what happened to Review Revolution I suddenly lost my will to write... now I feel awful about it. Should I keep writing if anyone's still interested?

Name: The Lone Soldier, or TLS.

Random fact about moi: I love writing.... really.

Anything else: Not really. I'm not very exciting.

7/2/2008 . Edited 7/2/2008 #20
Violent Messiah

That's easy...always keep writing!

Although I am curious about something. What is Review Revolution and what happened to make you not even want to write anymore? -=x

7/3/2008 #21

Review Revolution was an old reviewing forum. What's passed is past.

Name: concerto

Age: 49 (minus a lot more years)

Location: concert

Found this on Frac's profile too. I was thinking of what Roundhouse might be? Thought it was Chuck Norris jokes. I've been gone so long I don't know what this is about anymore, so not much more to say. Maybe I just like introducing as it doesn't require much thought.

7/4/2008 #22
A.S. Leer

Name: Arianna, commonly known as Era

Age: 15

Location: A dying city of Ohio

I found this on dragonfly's profile when I was messaging her. I then noticed that there are numerous RG people around here, and said why the heck not? 'Course I probably won't hover here like I do there... Ah, well.

7/4/2008 #23

Name: Dreamer but you can call me Damsel...or by my affectionate FF names dreami, d, drez, pryo, lass, regen, rain.

Age: 12 (Don't get me banned please)

Location: Mexico

Something little known: I'm very different from my real life self.

Here because of Frac's profile.

7/12/2008 #24
Thoughtful Silence

Alright. Um...

Name: Just call me Silence (man, I'm cool)

Age: Older than the square root of 256

Location: Behind a computer screen

Something little known, yet very random: I only found out that a bell pepper was a fruit two days ago :/

How I got here: ... I honestly have no idea...

7/16/2008 #25
heart shaped box x3

Name: Some people call me Heart Shaped Box, 'lil Ramona, or Lithium. But, I'm commonly known as Drea.

Age: Old enough to always use propper grammar, young enough to perfectly know that no one my age actually does.

Gender: I am of the female species.

Location: With a pen in my hand, a book near my face and a computer screen near my eyesight.

Something random about myself: I have a slight obsession with converse shoes, listen to classic rock, but I'm not your average rocker.

How I got here: Silence reviewed a poem I wrote and referred the roadhouse in it.

7/16/2008 #26
eamane tinuviel

Name: eamane tinuviel.. but just call me raven :)

Age: one year away from being able to legally enter a bar!

Location: a tiny island out in the pacific where the drinking age is 18 :D

Little Known Fact: i can't write anything longer than a short story. multi-chap pieces? the writer's block is torture!!

Why I'm Here: i was exploring the forums and found this place! it's pretty neat ^^

7/26/2008 #27
Zi Jian

My name is Zi Jian and I'm an alcoholic. With that said I'll have a scotch on the rocks. Leave the bottle.


Age: Young, but I feel old.

Location: Still trying to figure that out.

On Writing: I like to write humor. For reading, I prefer Chinese classics (Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, etc). My favorite poet is Cao Zhi.

Random Fact: I'm heavily addicted to tea...Like, seriously, probably-should-get-some-help-but-not-going-to addicted to tea. But I can quit any time I want! ... ... ...I need some Dragonwell... NOW!

Why I'm Here: I like bars. And I've been looking for a forum to lurk on. I like this one.

7/27/2008 #28

Hiya people! Just found this place - it's perty cool!



Gender: Female, all right?! I've been mistaken as a guy more than once before i posted otherwise. :(

Location: Near my computer, my mp3 player, or a book.

Random Fact: I like sitting in my tree. During a thunderstorm. Yes, I know its stupid. But its incredibly exciting, plus there's a lot of other trees for the lightening to strike besides my tree.

Writing?: Love it. I'm always thinking about writing. In fact, if I'm not at my computer, but doing something else, chances are I'm writing something in my head.

7/28/2008 #29
painted eyes

Hey there! I joined a while ago...but never got round to doing this!

Name: Painted

Age: Same age as my pinky...but a little older than my teeth (because y'know youre not born with teeth and and....I'll just shut up)

Thanks to dragonflydreamer for introducing me!

Adios Amigoes!

7/30/2008 . Edited 2/2/2009 #30
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