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name-rassoodock or rassy

age-old enough to consent to sex, young enough to not pay taxes

location-you dont want to come here. it's quite dull

other-i have a dog named pikachu and over 50 scars.

why i'm here-i lurk a lot.

7/31/2008 . Edited 7/31/2008 #31

Name: You can call me Coma

Age: 18.5

Location: Canada

Thoughts on writing: Writen, when done properly, with purpose and meaning, is good.

Something little known: My ideal job would be chef, barring that, pin-up girl.

8/12/2008 . Edited 8/12/2008 #32

Name: They call me Beta at the RG.

Age: 15... I feel small....

Location: Somewhere over the rainbow...

Something About Me: I... like bagels. And love Broadway.

How'd I wind up here?: Somebody's profile, dunno whose.

8/13/2008 #33

Name- Stardust or Dusty.

Age- older than my years

Favourite Food- Chocolate

Location- A magical land where they spell words like colour and flavour with 'ou'

Likes- Musicals (especialy those by Stephen Sondheim), weird dark stories, gritty unrepentant vampires, manga (especially Death Note), the works of Alfons Mucha, the original Brothers Grimm fairy tales (all gory and stuff), Alice in Wonderland.

Dislikes- Twilight and vampires of the Twilight prettiness.

Current Obsession- Tea cups. Don't ask why, I just am.

How'd I wind up here?- Violent Messiah introduced me to this forum. How'd I wind up here? We leave that sort of questions to the philosophers. I believe that rubber chickens were a major factor.

8/15/2008 . Edited 9/4/2008 #34

Name: Goblin... Gobs, Gobby, Gobsy, Goblette... Gobriella... Whatever floats your boat. =p My whacked penname is because of my husband, Jake... And Kya...

Age: I'm going into the DP in September...

Location: Five steps away from the sea... Same country as Dusty.

Random Fact: If you don't know who I am, drop by at late night perv-offs...

Also: I'm aiming to be an Astronomer... Have a job as a lifeguard right now.

Why I'm Here: I followed Dusty here! Also, reviews be love...

8/15/2008 . Edited 1/30/2009 #35

Name: Frame, or DJ... I go with the initials here in net-land because I absolutely hate someone spelling my first name wrong.

Age: Older than everyone else I've seen here (I'm 33).

Location: In the northern part of CA... the part of CA that was on fire all Summer.

Random fact: I have issues with water. I can't swim because of it.

Why I'm here: Reviews, why else?

8/15/2008 #36
Lyssa Lunatique

Name: Lyssa.

Age: Older than Caecilia by exactly a half a month. Her half birthday is mine, and vice versa.

Location: Not where I want to be. Rains too much. :P Isn't hot enough... some days.

Random fact: I almost got eaten by a cannibal robot that rolled along the bottom of the pool I was in today.. ? Does that count?

Why I'm here: Caecilia threatend me! I had no other choice! She was going to take my waterbottle that I use for Felicia! It was terrible... :'(

Just kidding! ;] ;]

8/17/2008 #37

Hah. I already took away your waterbottles.

8/17/2008 #38

Well. here's me then! (Caecilia. you better be satisfied now *grumbles as she types*)

Name: Kirsten moody. but everyone just calls me curry cause the "cur" is like the "kir" in kirsten...yeah, whatever.

Location: USA...sitting in my new room. (i've been up since 8 and i wrote 30 pages this morning on my new story~)

things that everyone knows about me: i am totally crazy, and i write and draw good...?

things that most people don't know about me: I'm allergic to Kiwi. the acid makes my tongue bleed. blech!

My family thinks i'm going to be a hunchback because i write so much.....i don't think theres anything else. oh!

Age:14. 15 in november.

another weird thing. i was born on thanksgiving. (theres something to thank god for)

8/24/2008 #39

I'm beginning to see a pattern with Caecilia bringing people here...She should be a dang military recruiter!

Name: Ukitsu

Age: Old enough for the recruiters to be stalking me...

Location: After seeing Cae's description of hers, I fear we may be quite near each other.

Something wierd about me: My first crush was a little blonde girl who pummeled me and wrapped a hose around my neck.

Why I'm here: Caecilia, plain and simple.

8/24/2008 #40

Wow, that's a painful crush.

Heh, I don't want to be a military recruiter. That'd be boring. I'll be a recuiter for the Roadhouse though.

It's a great place =P

8/25/2008 #41
Lyssa Lunatique

Cae, no matter what, around you, it's almost like being in the military-- what with the threats && stuff. :D Oh, well, it's out of love.

8/25/2008 . Edited 8/25/2008 #42

I will eat you for that lyss.

I know where you sleep.

8/25/2008 #43

Name: Nasim (just love to call myself Ms. Rochester! if anyone has read Jane Eyre...)

Location? In the middle of a desert! really I'm serious this place I'm living in is as hot as...well as hot as Mr. Rochester! It rains fire!

Age: 14 (but as mature as 18! BTW I'm a girl!) you know I always wonder about the author whos story I'm reading. Wondering if I should call them she or he. I usually assume they are female though!

I just love reading. A total bookworm! Usually romance(classics!) but supernaturals (except vampires that are getting a bit too random) and stuff with magic are also cool.

I love thinking up plots, they usually come to my mind easily and I like writting them down but I'm a bit lazy in doing that much more in typing them! I have a bit of problem with characters, though. I cant always make them be what I want them to be like.

And I'm here because Ukitsu recommended here and so here I am!

And please...I crave reviews!

8/26/2008 #44
This is not a name

Name: Christiane Annabelle Warner Carter-Caullier-McMuffin-Swansmith (or Molly...)

Age: Old enough to ride the tea cup ride at Disneyland

Location: In my mind... (Population: Joe Strummer)

Reason for my being here: To spread love and joy and sporks and Mickey Nesmith to the worlds. ( There are more than one, you know)

I like tea.

8/27/2008 . Edited 9/5/2008 #45
heart shaped box x3

Ooh! Joe Strummer. Rudie can't fail. :)

8/27/2008 #46

Hi, all. This penname belongs to Bumu, but I'm her editor who usually updates her site for her. I also do most of the posting and stuff, so you'll probably always be talking to me. I'm 19 and I live somewhere in the USA. That's about it...Nice to meet you!

8/30/2008 #47

Ah, well then, Bumu's editor, is there a nickname you'd prefer?

8/30/2008 #48

Oh, you can just call me Carly. Or if you call me Bumu I'll know who you're talking to. ^.^

8/30/2008 #49

Ah, I'll call ya Carly then.

Welcome to the Roadhouse. Check out the games. The Chill Corrupting game is especially fun

8/30/2008 #50

Might as well introduce myself since I'll probably end up posting here regularly. I'm always in need of a good forum to troll (I kid.)

My name's Jake, I'm only sixteen and a junior in high school. I love writing because it allows me to kind of divulge the darker side of myself in a nondestructive way. That's why most of my stuff is more morbid (I'm a pretty happy fella' in the 'real world.')

Cheers. :D

8/30/2008 #51
Jericho Monday

Well. I have been directed here by a compelling biologcial need, and here I shall spawn, lay my eggs, and then die. If only I were a salmon.

Name: Jericho Monday. Which is not my real name, just the name of a character I enjoy writing about.

Age: Adultish but still young enough to get away with playing on a playground without having the cops called on me or my friends.

Location: Michigan, the hi-five of the USA.

Interesting Factoid: I've been a member of FictionPress since the site's inception, but I actually never, ever visit here. It was only recently that I decided to kick the dust off the ol' account and log in and post stuff that I've written.

I also like to change the past tense of words so they sound better to my ears. I.e., "knitted" becomes "knat." Don't question it.

9/1/2008 #52

Name: Too complicated to pronounce. Just call me D

Age: 31. Yes, really.

Location: Southeast Europe. As in NOT EU.

Why I'm Here: Mrs. Stardust's take on Twilight... Priceless! :D

Random fact: I own a goban. And there is no such thing as "politically correct speech" where I come from.

9/4/2008 . Edited 9/6/2008 #53

Hey :) I'm new here but this looks like a nice place.

Name: Erin.

Age: 20. (I feel like I should be writing like a grown up now. Doesn't seem to be happening.)

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland. (Literary capital of the world y'know. :p )

Why I'm Here: Fictionpress? Mostly cos I used to write godawful fanfics so I came over here when it got made. This forum is cos it seems nice and friendly and I should find some good things to read.

Random Fact: Records of William Dunbar's trouser measurements show that he was of average height for his century and that proves Kennedy was making it up about him being a shortarsed b*** :) Or if you wanted one about me, how about I'm obsessed with this sort of medieval crap.

Nice to meet you all.

9/5/2008 #54
The Reality Check

Name: Jayne, Jay or Red.

Age: Wow, right down to the nitty-gritty, huh? Fine. Twenty...something. That's all you get till I know you better.

Location: I call Atlanta home for now.

Why Are You Here: On Fiction Press in general, to inflict my opinion on people. In The Roadhouse specifically, because Violent Messiah said you were a nice crowd.

Some Random Trivia About Me: I'm rather tall for a female, I'm not an outdoor person at all, I laugh at the strangest things, I am a nationally ranked kickboxer, I like to claim I am the inspiration for Violent Messiah's female lead characters with red hair, and I once put him in the hospital due to a rather unfortunate training incident. (Sorry, babe!)

9/5/2008 #55

-in awe-

You're my frickin' idol...

9/5/2008 #56
This is not a name

Hello, new people!

I love you.

9/5/2008 #57

*gasp* These new people seem amazing.


9/5/2008 #58
This is not a name

Bienvenue! Bienvenidos!

9/5/2008 #59
Royal Bliss

Name: Caitlin (too common, too bland)

Age: 19

Location: Chitown

Thoughts on writing: It keeps me entertained for long periods of time. I'm usually quiet in person so it's a way to express myself. Plus I like writing things that people usually shy away from.

Something little known: I was aspiring to be a tattoo artist, got a bunch of books on it, talked to the local ones, tattooed myself and friends, probably could've gotten an apprenticeship... But then I decided to go to college and turned my full focus to writing.

9/6/2008 #60
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