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Welcome, Welcome.

How'd you find the Roadhouse?

9/6/2008 #61
Violent Messiah

"-in awe-

You're my frickin' idol..."

Gawd, Dusty...don't encourage her! Heh. -=x

Anyways, welcome to the rest of you new people. -=)

9/6/2008 #62
No Longer An Account


Name: I am Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, King Under the Mountain, and I have come back.

Age: That's confidential. I'm too young to smoke legally in my country.

Location: Mississippi, U.S.A. Whoever said Midland City, Ohio was the a*** of the universe has never been here.

Occupation: Professional lawn mower/cordwood splitter/vegetable gardener/whatever else I can do that'll get me money at a minimum of effort and without having to pay taxes.

Favorite Authors: Kurt Vonnegut and Edward Abbey, the two greatest American writers of all time. Hayduke lives!

Favorite Book of All Time: Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang. READ IT. READ IT NOW.

Idol as an Author: Isaac Asimov

Favorite Band: AC/DC

Hero: George Washington Hayduke.

And that's all you need to know.


Well b*** me, I forgot to add my three favorite quotes.

"My job is to save the f***ing wilderness. I can't think of anything else worth saving."--Hayduke

"A drink a day keeps the shrink away."--Edward Abbey

"I have to write to empty my mind, or I go mad."--Byron

9/9/2008 . Edited 9/9/2008 #63

Well, hey there, new kid.

Nice to have someone new at the Roadhouse.

Mosey on over to the bar and order yourself somethin'!

9/9/2008 #64

well this seems fun, ok so here i go:

Name: New life for the Undead (for the moment that is my name, i tend to change it at times)

Age: 16 Turning 17 on November 2nd (Yeah that's right I'm young, but hey whats wrong with loving to write .)

Location: Confidential

Random facts: well lets see random....random......random random random. hmmm i like to say just kiding, well in genreal i love to write. sure it may not be the best thing in the world but hey i try. i realize that i am younger then alot of people on here but thats cool by me. i love reasding and watching anime, or manga. i'm a bit of a weirdo and a word that would best to discribe me would be nub, or dork. pick ther word of your choosing. i tend to ramble when i've had a 24once Monster (Green kind oh yeah!!) i'm a pretty cool person, i like talking to anybody that is intersted. asking me random questions is cool as well. i'm a layed back person, and i enjoy living. i'm a junior at the moment, and it's pretty fricken awesome. .

9/16/2008 #65
You'll Never Walk Alone

You spelled 'ounce' wrong... and random, general, a lot, reading, describe... and you never capitolized 'I'.

I'm picky...

Do you perchance have a nickname we can refer to you by, or would you like us to make on up? (MAKE ONE UP! MAKE ONE UP!)

Other than that, welcome! I'm Kya, nice to make your acquaintance.

9/16/2008 . Edited 9/16/2008 #66

Kya, let's call her Newbie...

Btw, Newbie, you're not even the youngest here.

9/16/2008 #67

Oh who's the youngest?

Kya, sorry i spelled those words wrong, that's just what happens when I'm typing fast. Also, the thing about the capitalizing "I", I can't help it, it's just easier to type.

9/17/2008 #68
You'll Never Walk Alone

Cae or Star? (Star, how old are you?) And then me, then Jake, then Uke, then Z, then Dag. Not counting Yume, Silence, Dreamer, or the Great and Mighty Dolvich, etc. 'cause I don't know how old they are.

Eh, that's alright. Whatever floats your boat. I was just in a nitpicky mood. Whenever I shorten my words, I always use the apostrophe to show I shortened it... 'cause I'm strange.

9/17/2008 . Edited 9/17/2008 #69
Violent Messiah

The youngest would be this girl that pops in here from time to time named Dreamer...she's 12 I think. Check the earlier pages of this thread...she introduces herself in here somewhere. Dusty is 14, I believe.

9/17/2008 #70
You'll Never Walk Alone

So the order is Dreamer, Star, Cae, Me (KYA!!!), Jake, uke, Z, Dag. So far. Someone go ask Yume and Silence their ages!

9/17/2008 #71

Dusty is fifteen.

9/17/2008 #72
You'll Never Walk Alone

Okay... when's your birthday?

9/17/2008 #73

April 9

9/17/2008 #74
You'll Never Walk Alone

WHOA. I'm exactly 3 days older than you. April 6th! Freaky...

9/17/2008 #75

April 6th is my teachers b-day...

Yume's the same age as me.

9/17/2008 #76

Pretty sure I've got everyone beat in the age category. Even Dag is younger than me.

9/18/2008 #77
You'll Never Walk Alone

Oh yeah! I remember you... you just aren't here very often. Nice to see you again. I'm Kya. Well, actually my name is Everly-Carter but that's just strange. My mum likes the Everly Brothers too. I'm trying to make the 'official roadhouse list of ages'. Maybe I should make a list of people too... that's gonna be my new project! Something I can do when you're all off having lives an' all.

::Edit- I lied. My name is Ellison. Please don't stalk me.

9/18/2008 . Edited 11/4/2008 #78

Kya, try not to be too much of a creeper.

Frame! Good to have you back!

9/18/2008 #79

Even Dag is younger than me.

You're exactly two years, two kids, and one cat ahead of me... But how do you find the time to write?!

9/19/2008 #80
Demented Hellion

I guess I should introduce myself.

Name: Fireblade but you can call me Jules, I also have another account here Virginblood.

Age: 22 going on 23

Location: Mississippi currently

Why I'm here: I love writing though with two kids I rarely have time.

Random facts: I'm currently in school to become a high school English teach, though it's not going as well as I had hoped.

9/19/2008 #81

Probably because I work the swing shift (2:30PM to 11PM), and don't get to actually see that family except on weekends and before school in the morning. The wife and I only see each other asleep except on weekends... That's all going to change down the road, but that's down the road.

I steal moments at work, and I take time between Pogo badges in the middle of the night to write. That is, write my own stuff, as opposed to editing kids' homework, typing reports for the wife (she's studying to be an RN, and has to sleep sometimes!), reading and reviewing around the Roadhouse, and marathon sessions of Rock Band. Somehow, I still find moments to sit and stare at documents and just feel the lovely sting of writer's block, or worse, have to write more horrific things happening to characters I like (Bard's Tale chapter 3, Bard's Tale chapter 4, Bard's Tale chapter 5, etc.).

9/19/2008 #82
You'll Never Walk Alone

Nice to meet you Jules... Davi's from Mississippi too! What a small world... er, state. Whatever. Nice to meet you, I'm Kya.

9/19/2008 #83

I wish Coma was here. It's lonesome, not having someone else from ontario here...

9/19/2008 #84

Ha. I'm not too lonely.

I have at least 3 people that live close to me...


9/19/2008 #85

so lonely...

-runs to the emo corner of hapiness to sob-

9/19/2008 #86


9/19/2008 #87
You'll Never Walk Alone

*Skips to the emo corner of happiness to join Star* HI STAR!!! I'M AN HONOURARY EMO!!!

9/20/2008 #88

I have returned from my self-imposed exile...

No, not really. My internet just got cut off because I forgot to pay. XD

9/20/2008 #89
You'll Never Walk Alone

Hi. I'm Kya. I've never met you.

9/20/2008 #90
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