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Name: Xx-Hiding-from-the-truth-xX, also nicknamed Star, Starry or Dream, due to previous pennames. Whatever floats your boat really.

Age: Younger than Blazn, and probably most of you.

Location: In the UK, filled with people who should stop having a stiff upper lip and show some emotion XD

Random: Ditto Blazn except for the Twilight bit, I love Twilight, but I love the Phantom and Maximum Ride more. I have a tendency to say random things usually involving kumquats, cherry lipgloss and pringle cans. :)

Why I'm here: I like hearing what people's honest opinions are, and getting advice for my writing. Oh, and I love meeting new people, and discovering new styles of writing. Also, I was pointed in this direction by Huntress, that's probably the main reason.

7/4/2009 #931
this wild abyss

Hello all! I figured that I should probably introduce myself.

Name: Alphien, Alphy...something along those lines.

Location: Usually sitting in front of my computer with Microsoft Word and Fictionpress open.

I'm not too good at random stuff...uh, I have a 3 month old black lab puppy called Bear that chews everything in sight. I currently have 0 pairs of flipflops, yuck.

7/8/2009 #932
All Good Things

Hi everybody!

Name: Anna

Age: 16 - almost 17

Location: UK

Gah I never know what to put in intro posts. So I'll keep it short and sweet. Haha ;)

7/8/2009 #933
Thoughtful Silence

Thought I may as well re-introduce myself as last time I did this thread was on 25 posts... and now it has 933!


Name: Silence (unfortunately not my REAL name).

Age: Older than I was when I started this sentence.

Location: UK, the nicer part of.

Other: I suck at introductions =]

7/10/2009 #934

Welcome back and hopefully you will join the discussion at the book club...

7/10/2009 #935

*le gasp* Another UK dweller! W00T! :D

7/10/2009 #936
Thoughtful Silence

There are other people from the UK here? Dwell! (that is an awful joke I hope no-one understands *shakes head at self*).

And, aye, I saw the book-club thread... sounds like a good idea. Good to see some activity back on this forum, especially since it is actually focussing on the 'writing' aspect as well as the 'social' =]

7/10/2009 #937

Oh, ha ha ha!!! *shakes head also* No worries, it's not the worst you'll find on this place!

But yeah, I was surprised to, it seems that everybody else here is from the USA!!! That's the impression I get anyway, no offence meant to anybody else who isn't.

7/10/2009 #938

None taken but we are all happy to have as many countries represented here!! I have a long list of authors that I have reviewed that I will be asking to please come to the bar and lend the support of its up keep when we in the USA are all sleeping. This is an international bar you know...all are welcome and we only ask that you tell a friend and come on over!!

**Throws Confetti**

7/10/2009 #939

Name: Dark

Age: 15

Location: Australia

Thoughts on writing: I like it, but I haven't written any original stories yet. :)

7/10/2009 #940

Welcome to the Roadhouse Dark. Come on over to any of the forums and chat with us!

7/11/2009 #941
Annie Von Rott

*waves to everyone*

Name: Annie Von Rott

Age: 17, yes I am a young 'un

Thoughts on writing: I put my heart into my writing and love to see others putting their hearts into their work, as well

Something little known: I secretly love Brittany Spears

7/12/2009 #942

Welcome to the roadhouse luv!! Like I said come in and relax. Right now you know that I am working on sending out invitations and I think the others will be on later tonight, but feel free to check out what we are all working on. There is an open debate going on at the Controversy Thread. You can go to the Jukebox and let us know what you are listening too. For the book club we are all working on the author here SaintsinnersLady's - Saint. So if you want to look over her story and ask some questions she will be back later to answer them. Now if you are ready to ask for reviews then head on over to the bar and put in a request.

Most of the crew comes in later during the night but look around and make yourself at home!!


7/12/2009 #943

Name: Inuyashe

Age: 16

Location: This dimension

Why I write: I find it extremely relaxing to just sit down and create a tale, not to mention fun.

What I write about: I have my fictional existence (or is it?!) where an organisation called the Dimensional Defensive fights the Dark Council of five Chaos apparitions and its armies.

Here's the catch: However, I don't upload all of the stuff here... since it's mostly oneshots... and lots of it are collabs... but their adventures are many and are uploaded at my SheeyzArt page, lol...

7/12/2009 #944

Hey there Inuyasha! How's your brother Sesshomaru?

Look I am working on paperwork for the bar, but please go all over the place and leave a message. Most of the crew will be on at night because we all seem to be night owls. Feel free to weigh at the Controversy Thread, Leave a song to play at the Jukebox, Go to the bar and order a drink and ask for a review, or just go to the lounge and see who's chilling on the couch. I think there is someone there right now.

But don't be a stranger! Welcome and enjoy!

7/12/2009 #945
The Lark Ascending

Name: The Lark Ascending

Age: 20-something

Location: northeast U.S.

Thoughts on writing: can't remember when I didn't make up stories of my own/am a big reader but mostly classics

Something little known: not much

How did you find this place: don't remember, it was years ago

Scariest moment in life: every time I go onstage

7/12/2009 #946

Welcome! Welcome!!

I know you are already at the bar but let me do things right...We are happy to have you so just relax and run crazy okay? Literally of course...

7/12/2009 #947


I know, who'm I to talk, I've been MIA for an extremely long time. This is the part where I give you an excuse. I've made a list:



Family issues


Other than that, I'm re-introducing myself, as I'm as much a 'newbie' as the next person. My original intro can be found on the first page, I'd like to think I haven't deviated *too* much from that.

Name: Gobs, Goblin, Goblina, anything you want. :)

Location: Canada, the land of mooses and polar bears.

Age: Ladt years of high school. Woohoo!

Mental age: 4 years old.

Something else: I work at the movies and keep crazy hours.

I love you all. :D I'd like to thank Nate for pointing me back in the right direction.

7/13/2009 . Edited 7/13/2009 #948

*sniff sniff*

Thought I smelled some familiar faces around here...

7/13/2009 #949
No Longer An Account

I looked back at some of the intros on the first page, just because.

"I'm going into the DP in September"

Well coming from you, Gobs, I'm not surprised. Bow-chicha-bow-wow . . .

Anyway . . . maybe, in honor of a new era, I'll re-introduce myself as well.

Name- You can call me Nate.

Age- Seventeen.

Gender- Dude.

Favourite Food- Meat

Location- Mithgarth

Likes- history. Myths. Zombies. Dune. High-powered firearms. Books. Anything by or about Hunter S. Thompson. The mountains. Did I mention books?

Dislikes- Twilight. Twilight vampires. Stephenie Meyer as a person. Twitards.

Current Obsession-

How'd I wind up here?- Violent Messiah. Specifically, the link to this place that was in his profile.

Personal Quote- "My job is to save the f*** wilderness. I can't think of anything else worth saving."--George W. Hayduke

7/13/2009 #950

I've introduced myself before, but it's been a while, so...

Name- Star.

Age- Sixteen.

Gender- Girl (with correct parts) or guy (with incorrect parts)

Favourite Food- Steak, with some potatoes on the side. Also, bacon doused with maple syrup. And tiramisu.

Location- bed.

Likes- Nate. :)

Dislikes- Vampires that sparkle.

Current obsession- Hetalia: Axis Powers.

How'd I wind up here? Violent Messiah. He talked to me and convinced me of the awesome that is found here.

Personal Quote- 'If you feel like you're in control, you're not going fast enough.'- Mario Andretti

7/13/2009 #951

That could be confusing, my nickname on here is Star, lolz! Awesome name, though!

7/13/2009 #952

Hello, welcome! I am Rolo. ^^

7/13/2009 #953

I'm starting to cling on to FP because chapteread is closing down, where I had been posting previously. Here is the about-myself post, I think that's the purpose of this forum.

Name: aoeu

It's the home row on a dvorak keyboard. I started with that because I wasn't serious about signing up and typed in garbage. I ended up using the account... but I have to remain anonymous, so now I stick with it.

Age: 34

I feel like I'm the oldest one here.

Gender: I feel pretty, (no disrespect to natalie woods). I wear pink. I have a tight butt (but i'm not conceited), and look great in short skirts and tall boots, which I find excuses to wear more often that one would consider healthy. But I'm a definitely a straight dude.

Location: That flies in the face of the whole anonymous thing.

Something little known: I once drove 1080 miles on I-15 in 8 hours, and I had a 30 minute lunch break in the middle. No kidding. You do the math. The car didn't last much longer.

I read sci-fi before I got married. Everything from Niven and Asimov and others. Five years into marriage, I broke into my wife's fantasy collections and found a world of fiction I had never considered, and have been reading ever since. I have avoided writing fiction all my life. I failed several years of english because I refused to complete the creative writing assignments. Last year, something snapped in my brain and I started writing fiction. I refuse to share it with people I have to maintain a relationship with, so I share it with the public internet at large, where I can slip away more easily.

7/13/2009 #954


I am glad you have come to make the bar an even more interesting place to be. Just come on in, read the rules at the beginning of the post and settle down. We are a stress free zone and I, Momo your moderator, will work to make sure you are well taken care of and comfortable here...

So pull up a chair in one of the various rooms in the Roadhouse and enjoy!! ROCK ON!!

7/13/2009 #955
No Longer An Account

Say, Aoeu, is Dvorak really that much faster than qwerty once you get used to it?

7/13/2009 #956

That wasn't my intent when I began typing dvorak. I started typing heavily around 10 years old on my Apple 800, programming in BASIC. When I was 12, I had an original IBM 4.77MHz 8086. According to the typing tutor program I downloaded once, at the time I was typing over 130 words-per-minute.

By the time I was mid twenties I had trouble with finger strain. I tried dvorak many times, but it was so much work I couldn't switch. It's a crippling change. When I finally made the switch for real at 27 years old, I was probably doing about 60 wpm on qwerty, because it hurt so much to do it. I can hit over 100 now with dvorak, which isn't back to my maximum of 130 at twelve years old. But just by virtue of not hurting my hands so much, I can type a lot faster.

I would never sit and write like i do now if I had to type qwerty. in fact, i don't even write with a pen, because that hurts too much too. If I have to write more than a couple of words, i pull out my own personal laptop and write it with my own dvorak keyboard. It makes a world of difference for finger strain. I can type pain-free all day on dvoark. But back on qwerty will have me in pain within just a minute or two.

7/13/2009 #957
No Longer An Account

If I remember correctly, the qwerty layout was designed to make typing more difficult so that typists wouldn't jam their typewriters' keys . . . I could be wrong about that, though.

Typing for too long does make my fingers pretty sore. I might invest in a Dvorak keyboard one of these days.

7/13/2009 #958

Yes I believe you are correct - designed to stop you from typing commonly adjacent letters too quickly. So not only does that intentionally slow you down, but all of the commonly adjacent letter combinations are often used by the same finger on opposite ends of the keyboard, creating the maximum amount of finger strain possible. dvorak does the opposite. 86% of the keystrokes, when typing normal language, are on the home row with the least amount of finger movement used (according to the owners manual of a dvorak tutorial i used). a qwerty typist flies all over the place. a dvorak typist just sorta wiggles to accomplish the same thing.

7/13/2009 #959
No Longer An Account

Now that we've got these here fancy space-age keyboards, qwerty is kind of obsolete. Though I'm a bit leery about switching over to a new format since it took me so long to learn on this one (before I took the required class in eighth grade, I probably could've won some kind of award as the world's fastest right-index-finger typist). I'm always up for trying something new, though.

And I know what you mean about writing with a pen. It has alot of advantages over a computer, but it makes my hand cramp up. At least with a keyboard the strain is divvied up between two hands.

7/13/2009 #960
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