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It's simple. Come in here, get reviews, read good stories, meet interesting people. What's not to love? Open to all. Rock and roll.
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Secretly Anonymous

Thank you

8/14/2009 #991

Name: Negasi

Age: 17

Location: The Great White North a.k.a. Canada

Thoughts on writing: I write to express myself, but also because I enjoy the way one can create art with words.

Something little known: I write in my head every single day of my life, it just doesnt always translate to paper.

How did you find this place: Got Invited! :D

Scariest moment in life: Swimming in a lake nearly drowning.

8/15/2009 #992

Welcome and thank you for taking me up on the invite. If you could go to the topic Lounge #3 I'm there for a moment and a few of the more regular members. I'm sure they will greet you with open arms.:D

8/15/2009 #993

Hello I guess here's my curt introduction:

Name: i88

Location: USA

Interests: writing, acting, composing music, reading, and playing video games

Stories Finished: 2

Nice to be here and meet everyone

8/15/2009 #994

I apologize for my tardiness to your coming in and not being able to greet you faster...


I hope you will settle down and enjoy being a part of a wonderful family of writers that wish to get better in the skill but have fun as well. Come on over to the Lounge #3 and make yourself at home and/or just go to the bar and put in a review request.

Thank you for coming and see you around.


8/15/2009 #995

Hey there all...

Pen Name: TheStoryMistress

Age: A lady never reveals it ;-)

Location: My desk

Feelins on writing: I've got a passion, what more can I say?

Reasons for being here: To find something good to read.

Little known fact: When translated out fully my name means "The hot head, fiery tempered, free spirited godess of the hunt". Now the challenge is who can tell me what my real name is :-P

8/16/2009 #996

I'm sorry I bad with guessing games but I am glad that you have a passion for writing and you are here!

I am Momo/cCc/Q3C and I would like to welcome you here to the Roadhouse. Get comfy and settle down and just get in where you fit in!

I hope you will enjoy your stay and don't be a stranger. Pop in to the Lounge to do some chatting or just go to the review Topic and start reading and reviewing, either way have fun.



8/16/2009 #997

Well...I’m new at this so here it goes.

Name: The-Last-Rose17

Age: 16 (people can’t believe that...)

Location: Canada. Somewhere... *is looking at a map*

What I’m Doing Here: Really...half the time I don’t know...Having fun and writing I guess (Aren’t those two the same thing?)

So there you have it. Please be kind to me- my self-esteem seems to drop everyday. Thanks to Chit Chat Cat for the invitation and the help.

8/19/2009 #998

Welcome. Come to the lounge!

8/19/2009 #999

Thank you Nor for the help with my welcome of our newest member.

Yes! I'm glad you made it and come on over to the Lounge and get settled in with the rest of the crew!

I'm glad you took me up on the offer!


8/19/2009 #1,000

Yay for the page! This is big welcomes to the n00bs!!!!

*showers people with gifts!!!*

8/20/2009 #1,001

Hi guys! Glad to find a group of nice people out there is forum-land!

Name: Zally but you can call me Za

Age: Almost 24.. *cries* I feel old!

Location: Chicago by the lake.

Thoughts on Writing: That its one of the hardest art forms to master and it is also one of the most underrated. (Also I am obsessed with it!)

Something Little Known: I have to eat Skittles in pairs of matching colors AFTER I separate them into groups according to flavor. (Btw to our English friends on the forum Currant Skittles haunt me in my dreams they are so good!)

Something Well Known: I got my first novella banned from my grade school at the age of 13 due to its supernatural werewolf violence. And now I am obsessed with the Steampunk lifestyle and literature and I am planning on working for a Doctorate degree in Vampire literature focusing on Europe and possibly the Americas.

8/20/2009 #1,002

Heey Za! Welcome.

8/20/2009 #1,003

Whoo! Za, you are a very interesting character; I didn't know someone else did the same thing as me with Skittles! Mind, I always have to make the groups even first, before I start eating pairs.

Welcome to RH! The regulars hang out at the Bar (where the reviews are requested and filled), the Poolhouse (Shootin' Pool, Shootin' the Breeze), and the Lounge! Come visit us at any one of those!

8/20/2009 #1,004

Za, welcome! =)

And don't worry about your age. You're not the oldest one here, and not many people act their age. XD

Well... I think so at least. I was gone for a while, then came back. So, who knows? 0.o

8/21/2009 #1,005

Welcome Za to the bar! Pull up a seat at any topic and enjoy all the great folks here. As you can see you have already been greeted by three of the patrons and now by me!

Don't worry about your age we worry about writing. Oh and your Doctrate is most alluring please share some info on that with us at any of the topics that Shay brought up!

See you round and have fun!


8/21/2009 #1,006
The Demonic Heiress

Name: Flare


Location: N/A

Thoughts on writing: I love it.

something little know: People think i'm tough and scary but i'm a really fun girl that loves to chill with her friends.

8/22/2009 #1,007

name; nomad (i have moved around alot)

age; 24

location; USA (different areas depending i normally stay in one location for about two years)

8/23/2009 #1,008

Welcome Flare and Nomad!

I'm Momo and I'm glad you guys stopped by! Feel free to look around the place a bit and get settled in. Things are a little quiet right now but don't worry, there are members lurking about!

So come on over to any of the topics and chat with us.

8/23/2009 #1,009

thanks so much.

8/23/2009 #1,010
The Demonic Heiress

ok thanks

8/23/2009 #1,011

Nomad, I notice you posting on some other threads as well... You should stop by the Poolhouse (Shootin' Pool, Shootin' the Breeze)! (or the lounge, but it seems to be a bit dead right now =x)

And mind if I call you Brella? When I see your pen, it makes me think of Umbrellas =x

8/23/2009 #1,012

hi, my name is ruby, i probably wont be on much but... hi

8/25/2009 #1,013

Hey, Ruby!

Well, when you are around, we'd love to talk to you more. And we'd love for you to check out the game threads... =)

I'm Cae, btw. Welcome to the Roadhouse!

8/25/2009 #1,014

Name: Mystic.

Age: 13-20.

Location: N/A.

Thoughts on writing: I love to read and I love to write... But I don't post much on this site.

Something little known: I'm actually a nice, compassionate person.

How did you find this place: I was just looking at random forums.

Have a nice day!

8/28/2009 #1,015


I love your avatar, it is adoreable!

I'm Momo but I'll tell you the other names later, but I'm glad you stopped by and I hope you will chat with us and just enjoy being around the Bar!

Have fun and c'mon over to the other off topic places to chat with us.


8/28/2009 #1,016

Thanks! I like your avatar too; it's very pretty.

I'd love to join you at the bar, you all seem very cool!

It was nice to meet you. :)

8/28/2009 #1,017

Hello to both of you! ^^

8/29/2009 #1,018

Thanks! I like your name by the way. :)

8/29/2009 . Edited 8/29/2009 #1,019
anika k

Name: you can call me Anika.

Age: 15

Location: somewhere in the United States

Thoughts on writing: I'm normally a quiet person, so it's kind of my way to get all the emotions out.

Something little know: I like writing obscure things that can be left open to interpretation. It's just hard for me to bluntly put stuff out there.

I'll be heading over to the bar to do some reviewing when I get a chance. I don't know why, but I'm in a reviewing kind of mood. See you guys around. (:

8/30/2009 #1,020
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