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Been a long while since I was last around these parts, had to get a new account since I lost my old account log-in... plus I can't remember which e-mail I used, if it's even still active.

B*** all...

Name: OneManHedgehog, but more than likely any of the old regulars who're still around will know me by a different name.

Age: In my twenties, is it sad that I can't recall if it's 23 or 24? There's one member here I know shares my birth year, so a few months older than her. She knows who she is. :)

Location: Here. That's all you really need to know. :)

Thoughts on Writing: First, I need to actually have a thought.

How I Found This Place: A long, long time ago a young woman read an old essay of mine on my other account, and dang it all I wish she was still here. Would make my day, Cae, honest! I miss our sarcastic sparring matches!

Something Little Known: Considering that there are 7 billion people on this planet, there is nothing that is little known... oh, about me? Yeah, no.

Scariest Moment in Life: I find birth is perhaps the scariest. In my life, however? Whoooooboy, that's a hard one. Can't answer it in one post, so not gonna even bother. :)

Whelp, I promised a lady I'd show up round these parts soon...ish. And I always keep my dang promises. I've also mellowed out a lot, so don't be afraid to approach me. I don't bite, especially in my old and senile years. xD

That said, I may not post here often, as I am busy with my life, and try and use my free time to participate in professional writing competitions. Hope to see you all around here more often!

2/13/2013 #1,681

Name: Damien/Tim

Age: 18

Location: Visiting Israel / Live in USA

Thoughts on writing: I typically do it best when I'm depressed and can't get a single word when I want to do it most.

Something little known: I'm colorblind.

How'd I find this place: Good ol' google

Scariest moment of my life: you really don't want to know.

2/14/2013 . Edited 2/14/2013 #1,682

Okay, well I didn't know I had to introduce myself until I read the rules so here it goes. Name: Brandon

Location: In the mystical lands of Britain

Thoughts on writing: Love creating, hence my obsession with fantasy. Not a big reader but enjoy it if the piece is creative and engaging.

Something little known: The first ever game I played was Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

2/16/2013 #1,683

Uhm, I was here before? But I stopped? Now I'm back, and it's time to reintroduce myself.

I'm Shelby. I'm from Oregon, and I love writing and at this point in time I plan on making a career out of it. And something little known is that I despise llamas??

2/18/2013 #1,684

Name: Ryan Age: 16 (17 in a month, hooray :) )

Location: New York, USA

Thoughts on Writing: I enjoy it as to keep my sanity or peace of mind .

Something little known: I secretly praise the inventor of the internet every night, as writing by hand would go down horribly for me (I have chicken scratch's chicken scratch).

How I found this place: I was reccomended this site by a close friend after I had begun writing and sharing my stories over Facebook

Scariest Moment in Life: Riding the Bizarro Rollercoaster ( ) Blindfolded.

2/19/2013 . Edited 2/19/2013 #1,685
Clear World

Pen Name: Clear World, or Clear for short

Age: 20

Location: stuck in school. I basically spend my entire day there. :3

Little about me: Mild and polite with a little slow on the uptake.

Thoughts on writing: I hate writing, therefore I write, to stop hating it. Sounds like a solid plan. But I do like reading, hehe.

Something little known: I'm an idiot, joking, but I am confused by this little section. What is it asking now?

How did you find this place: I was bored and looking through the forums.

Scariest moment in life: I know I saw a monster staring through my window when I was ten. I swear it in my life that I saw that monster behind the window, sticking out it's green tongue at me and giving me that creepy eye.

Nice to meet everyone and I hope that we all can have a good time in the future. Let's be friends :3

2/20/2013 #1,686

I think it means just a secret you want to share XD. Yeah, I hope to make new friends here also!

2/20/2013 #1,687
Clear World

Is that so. Well then, I have fetish to see girls overcome great obstacles, and I mean very great obstacle that rarely have anything to do with their gender. There, and now that's complete.

Let's be friend, BiasedRabbit ;3

2/20/2013 #1,688

Sure, Would be fun! :3

2/20/2013 #1,689

So far, you have the honor of being the first author I've 'follow' 'd.

Let's throw a party and whatnot

2/20/2013 #1,690
Clear World

Oh, is that what beings means, I thought it just meant just talking and having fun, but this works too. Hehehe.

It is only right if you become mine as well :3. It's party time *hahahaha*

But I'll have to start reading later as I'm still busy finishing assignments.

2/20/2013 . Edited 2/20/2013 #1,691

Well, I started reading and enjoyed your stories, You don't have to follow me if you don't want to XD. If you want, feel free. Don't feel pressured or anything

2/20/2013 #1,692

My poor inbox is sad, this site needs to not automatically subscribe you to receive posts. =,(

In more important news, if you wanna chat the pool room is always open for business! :) Thanks for coming around here though, everyone! Hope you decide to become regulars round these parts!

And I need to lessen my enthusiasm... just a tad. XD Sorry folks.

2/20/2013 #1,693

Oh, I'm sorry XD, Alright, will do so. I do intend to be a regular here!

2/20/2013 #1,694

S'okay! :) I just enjoy when the pool house is a bumping like the days of old, that's all.

2/20/2013 #1,695

Age: 30

Thoughts on Writing: more than a hobby, more than a passing fancy

Found This Site: some years back, referred from a buddy of mine.

Little Known Fact: I talk to myself ALL the time. In character. In scene. Yeah. ;)

2/25/2013 #1,696
Marguerite Grimmett

I remember how I came here. So I was searching random articles on wikihow, and suddenly it came to 'How to publish a story on FictionPress'. I decided to check this out, since I thought it was REAL publishing, and I ended up here. :D

2/26/2013 #1,697
Kay Iscah

Under strict definition FP is real publishing, since this is a form of public distribution. It's just not print or paid. :)

2/26/2013 #1,698

I used to have fun with card games, thnx anyway

3/2/2013 #1,699
Infected Beliefs

Name: Infected Beliefs, Infected, or the RG dubbed me Mage, so I guess that works too.

Age: 22

Location: Down Under

Little About Me: Meh, talk to me and you'll find out.

Thoughts On Writing: I wish someone else would write the stories in my head, that way I could just read them and save myself the time and trouble.

Something Little Known: Er, I used to break things with my head...

How did you find this place: *stumble stumble*

Scariest Moment in Life: Five cent hooker's baby's paternity test ;)

What up everyone?

3/15/2013 . Edited 3/17/2013 #1,700

Name: You guys can call me Markie (It's just a nickname and sounds nothing like my real name)

Age: 15

Location: England

Little About Me: I adore Take That - specifically obsessed with Mark Owen (hense the nickname). I can be a little crazy and mental at times, but ultimately I'm just being a person that wants to be herself and nothing else. :D

Thoughts on Writing: For me, it's like an escape. An escape from reality that transports you into worlds of your creation, whether it be in the fanfiction world or in your original world. It's a place I can do whatever I want to do! :D

Something Little Known: Errr... I'll get back to you on that...

How Did You Find This Place?: Well, I just clicked on the link at the top of the site that said forums, clicked on General and found this. So in summary, I was just browsing and happened upon it.

Scariest Moment in Life: When I first watched the second episode of Doctor Who in 2005 and stared at my curtains in bed thinking the Earth was about to blow up (I obvioulsy didn't realise that it was set in the year 5 billion and not 2005...)


3/18/2013 #1,701
Nastasia Kayln

Name: Nastasia Kayln

Age: 21 but not far from 22

Location: depends on the day

Thoughts on writing: I love it. But I'm not a writer! I'm a storyteller and ,yes, there is a difference.

Something little: umm...well right now I'm eating Hot Cheetos at 11:13 am.

3/18/2013 #1,702

Name: Anaxeco

Age: 17

Gender: Female, though it doesn't really matter.

Location: Typically in my bedroom with headphones on and pencil poised.

Thoughts on Writing: I absolutely love it. I'm nowhere near as good at it as many of you are but I feel as though I improve with everything I do. Although, I do think I have a strange style of writing quite often.

Something Little Known: I'm not trying to be pretentious at all, but I feel as though I was born a few generations too late. Especially when I'm sitting in the classroom looking around me at the shallow conversations and skin deep relationships people tend to have with eachother.

3/20/2013 #1,703

Hello everyone.

Im eighteen, living in the Tuscaloosa area of Alabama. This is my first time back to fictionpress since at least two or three years ago, so I though I'd get to know the general population out on this side of the internet. Currently for work I'm proudly serving as a United States Marine with the reserves out in Huntsville. My less exciteing job is at Chick'fil'a.

3/20/2013 #1,704

Name: Mobeen

Age 19-20

Location: My room... In America

Random Facts: New to FictionPress so, I have no idea what I'm doing. I like writing and reading. I. Love. Cupcakes.

3/21/2013 #1,705

Name: thatticklesmysloths; You can call me "Tickles".

Age: 18

Location: Down South

Little About Me: Just get to know me

Thoughts On Writing: "We don't read and write because it's cute. We read and write because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering- these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. You are here, life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse."

Something Little Known: Nothing- I'm generally an open book.

How did you find this place: My friend told me about FanFic, and then I stumbled across FictionPress.

Scariest Moment in Life: When the angry asian lady next door knocks on my apartment door to tell me we're being too loud...

Hiya. c:

3/23/2013 . Edited 3/23/2013 #1,706
Marvelle Petit

Name: Autumn Desiree, Desi for short Age: 26

Location: Texas

Little About Me: I enjoy living life to the fullest, but not being a fool about it. I'm currently a student as well.

Thoughts On Writing: It's a catharsis for me, and a chance to escape to another world for a few moments. I feel the same about reading. The written word is a beautiful art.

Something Little Known: I am deathly afraid to have people read my work.

How did you find this place: I was a member of back in the day and used to post on their section for originals. When they created FP, I came over here.

Scariest Moment in Life: When I lost my wallet. I'm kinda boring, hahaha.

Nice to meet everyone. I can't believe it took me this long to go into the forum section, heh.

3/24/2013 #1,707

Hello out there!

Location: A place that is windy, cold, and flat.

Little about me: I am a student who majors in multimedia, with a focus on editing and concept art.

Thoughts on writing: Always loved it, though dropped it for a while and it shows - been getting rusty.

Something little known: Tried an at home tattoo once but didn't get far. So basically it's just a dot... or the Earth from millions of miles away.

How did you find this place: I used this site in the past but honestly can't remember how I originally stumbled upon it. Probably through a friend.

Scariest moment in life: A bad car-crash, I was in the vehicle with family and honestly thought I would lose my mother.

Last time I used this site I wasn't that active but since discovering forums such as this one I hope to change that! I love the idea of a supportive writing community.

Nice to meet you!

3/26/2013 #1,708
Hello! I've just joined this forum an hour or so ago; here goes: Name: Pi-Eta Age: 15 Location: In an alternate universe Thoughts on writing: I read, and I write. A lot. People say too much. Something little known: I can sometimes be an icy-cold sociopath, but only if you severely annoy me
3/30/2013 #1,709
Hello! I've just joined this forum an hour or so ago; here goes: Name: Pi-Eta Age: 15 Location: In an alternate universe Thoughts on writing: I read, and I write. A lot. People say too much. Something little known: I can sometimes be an icy-cold sociopath, but only if you severely annoy me
3/30/2013 #1,710
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