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What exactly are the rules, anyway?

7/3/2009 #2,971
M Wilridge
Rules schmools! Anarchy! Anyone that doesn't review... Kill. M
7/3/2009 #2,972

And free ice cream for all!

7/3/2009 #2,973
The Tragedian

i think the rules are like, review back when you get a reviw, don't be a leech, and be nice. I can't find the 'rules' but i think that's bascally it.

Oh, while I was searching for the 'rules' thread, I came across a 'trophy' thread, which is like awards to reviewers/writers. I think we should do something like that.

I nominate Chit Chat for most dedicated reviewer!

7/3/2009 #2,974

I haven't been here long enough to know how often everyone reviews. But I do know Fop was up for two days reading a bunch of stories, including mine.

7/3/2009 #2,975

...I say to Fop.


7/3/2009 #2,976
The Tragedian

I think Chit Chat reviews EVERYONE even if they request something while she's gone. She's a little behind too, I think.

7/3/2009 #2,977

That's pretty darn amazing.

7/3/2009 #2,978
The Tragedian

I don't know how she does it.

7/3/2009 #2,979

Magic jellybeans?

7/3/2009 . Edited 7/3/2009 #2,980

BBBAAWWAWAHAHAHA!!! M you crack me up luv!

The rules are simple - If you ask for your story to be reviewed then the person that leaves you a review is supposed to get one back. However, if the person leaves you more than just one, then you need to do the same amount. If you have an issue with topics that an author is writing, just let them know you are not into what they wrote and make sure you state that in the bar before you ask for reviews. If you can't stomach yaoi, yuri, i***, r***, swearing, etc... then you need to state you will not review stories that contain these things. Clear enough?

ANARCHY MY A** we are civilized law abiding citizens here...**Chuckles Maniacally** Of course if you would like to put out a hit list for us I wouldn't say anything.

M you are so funny. XXDDD

Seriously though...I think the group we have right now are pretty decent funny as hell and pretty decent. That's the only reason I have set up my review list the way I have to weed out those who are just wanting to take advantage.

Down to business now...Post 2664 author Stardrag you are up for my first review starting tonight. I'll be on reviewing until about 3:00 a.m. Yeah, I'm a night/early morning owl and it is really quiet at this time. Off to the stories!!

7/3/2009 #2,981
The Tragedian


7/3/2009 #2,982
The Tragedian

2664? you are behind!

7/3/2009 #2,983

FOP **Grabs in snuggle hug** Thank you, it's just a combo of coke and chocolate that keeps me at it.

Oh an yes, Fop I am behind...**Grumbles about old and new business fiscal years**

7/3/2009 #2,984

I find it ironic that bad grammar and mary sues turn me off WAY more than i***, r***, or yaoi.

Then again, I write i***, r*** and yaoi.

But still.

7/3/2009 #2,985

If I'm writing and I mention what time it is, do I still spell out the numbers?

7/3/2009 #2,986
M Wilridge
I have some ideas for nominations. . Best writer=m Best story=the actor Best forum comments=m Most likely to be banned=m What? I tried to be fair... M
7/3/2009 #2,987


7/3/2009 #2,988
The Tragedian

I made up a song that is perfect as our ANTHEM!

7/3/2009 #2,989


7/3/2009 #2,990
The Tragedian

It goes like this:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

If you don't return reviews

Our leech, M, will kill you!

7/3/2009 #2,991

She will suck your blood until you're dry!

7/3/2009 #2,992

...she will blow hot sand and dust into your eyes.... XDXDXD

7/3/2009 . Edited 7/3/2009 #2,993
The Tragedian

I'm writing this down!

7/3/2009 #2,994

(is that part of the song?

is this?)

she will bite and scratch and boil your skin

7/3/2009 #2,995
The Tragedian

(No, no)

7/3/2009 #2,996
Synaptic Imagination

it's been awhile since I checked in here, lol, but I'd like to request some reviews for my story The Mercenary Academy

please and thank you :)

7/3/2009 #2,997
M Wilridge
I have terrible grammar.. And I'm sure mary sue but I got a WOW from Moon! You are a part of the Actor.. Moon!.. You too Fop.. You're Anna! By the way... M is for Mike... That was supposed to be a duh duh duh moment at the end.. But I think its fitting M Roses are red, Violets are blue, I know where you live, I'm coming after you. M Killer of leaches.. But I am like Blade.. Cause I'm part leach..
7/3/2009 #2,998

:O I'm in it?

I have no idea who I would be. Unless you meant we were both Anna?

...Unless you were joking.

I am too tired to tell right now.

7/3/2009 #2,999

You guys are nuts, did I say that? Okay I need to get back to reading, but you are really making me wonder what these stories are they you mention so I have to hit hyper drive. Curiosity is gnawing at me right now...(Goes to next posted story on zhe list...)

7/3/2009 #3,000
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