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heart shaped box x3

One review with a bit more critical tone than I intended. =x Would you like a drink?

8/16/2008 #301

No thanks - I've got a watermelon concoction here with me. :p

I don't mean to press you for more reviews, but could you point out some specific examples where I got the punctuation wrong? I can't find it - you know how it is for a writer looking on their own work. =.=

8/16/2008 . Edited 8/16/2008 #302
heart shaped box x3

My eyes were playing tricks on me, my apologies.

I do find that more people do read poetry when there are capitals in the appropiate places, though.

8/16/2008 #303

Hey, no problem. You just had me a little worried there, that's all. :p

In regards to capitals, I tend to prefer the consistency of all lower-case letters. (Is that weird?) It's not that I refuse to use capitals, just that I don't unless I feel the need to.

8/16/2008 #304
heart shaped box x3

Well, I see what you mean. But most people like reading things with correct grammar. It's more appealing to the eye. I don't know how though.

8/16/2008 #305
eamane tinuviel


More reviews for the following:

- FrameJock's "Who's To Blame?"

- theSCREAMINGgoblin.'s "Time Won't Let Me Go" (Prologue)

- S.M. Saves's "The Flight of the Headless Chicken"

Anyone in need of a review at this time? I'm gonna be on the computer for a while.. (and I've been brushing up on my drink making too! anyone wanna try my irish monkey?? ^_^)

8/16/2008 . Edited 8/16/2008 #306
Violent Messiah

OK, I'll bite...what the heck is an Irish Monkey? Guinness and Brass Monkey? Is it anything like an Irish Car Bomb? Those are awesome...I have one after work all the time.

And nope, heart...not blue or green, although I am fond of the ocean and money. -=)

Hmmm...I was coming back to do reviews, but there are none to be done. Nuts. Guess I'll have to prowl some communities or something...damn slow bar times.

Or I could do something update one of my serials. -=x

8/17/2008 #307

Hhm... Well, I haven't had a review in awhile, so I'm going to request one for Mercury Zero.

Also, while I'm at it, any chance I can have a White Russian from the bartender (it's 4:39 am here, way after Last Call)?

Oh, and VM, what you wrote in your profile about me was too kind, I think I'm going to have to return the favor and promote Katja's story (stories), because I love them. (More to come when it is not almost 5 am and I need to get to sleep, ha ha)

8/17/2008 . Edited 8/17/2008 #308
Violent Messiah

Pffft...there is no such thing as 'last call' at The Road House, especially when I'm at the bar. The benefits of not sleeping nights, you know?

Order up!

One White Russian for you, and a Black Russian for me. Let us toast your multiple reviews for Mercury Zero! *clink*

As for the hype I gave your story, it was my pleasure as I do enjoy it. I really need to catch up on my reviewing of it though, but I just kept going to the next chapter to see what happened next. And I thank you for giving a shout out about Katja and her adventures on your didn't have to do that, but I totally appreciate it. -=)

8/17/2008 #309

Thanks for ALL THE REVEWS I GOT ! :D

I love you guys XD

*does a happy dance*

8/17/2008 #310

Just someone get me a hot chocolate and pray to God this cold goes away. And a review for the second chapter of Carson the Vampire would be appreciated.

8/17/2008 #311

*Passes hot chocolate*

Good luck on that cold S'Dusty. And a review for your second chappie.

Here coma, have another review for Mercury Zero.

Thinking I'll check out your story that Zerom is advertising too.

Coma, two reviews so far for Mercury Zero. You'll probably get more later, too.

8/17/2008 . Edited 8/17/2008 #312

A trio of reviews cast about for:

Flight of the Headless Chicken - because everyone else was doing it.

Only In Your Dreams - because it was sitting there without a review, and no story/poem/song should go unreviewed.

Carson the Vampire - because my inner geek dragged me kicking and screaming.

ETA: There Goes the Neighborhood just got an additional one. Did I mention, I love the concept?

Any other requests? I've got 6 hours to go on this shift, and not nearly enough work for that time.

Oh, and to the folks that read/are reading The Bard's Tale, I know the second chapter is kinda... Bad. I'd still love to hear from you. And Pretty in Pink is my favorite amongst my One Kiss stories, since there's almost zero life experience there that I drew from and it's getting many thumbs up (I would, of course, love to get more reviews on it!).

8/17/2008 . Edited 8/17/2008 #313

Wait, who are Only In Your Dreams and There Goes the Neighborhood by? I didn't even know they were up for review.

Oh, and I'll be getting to chapter 2 of The Bard's Tale in a while... Technically, I'm not supposed to be on the computer right now...

8/17/2008 #314

They probably weren't stories that were looking to get reviewed, but I did it anyway, because that's the kind of guy that I am.

There Goes the Neighborhood came from Comawhite13 and Only In Your Dreams is .theSCREAMINGgoblin.

8/17/2008 #315

Ah, gotcha gotcha.

Thought I missed a review. Felt like a bad bartender there for a minute.

8/17/2008 #316

Okay (tucks pen behind her ear):

There Goes The Neighbourhood

Only In Your Dreams

Pretty In Pink

And Chapter 2 of The Bard's Tale

I'm so happy! A job I can actually keep!

8/17/2008 #317
Violent Messiah

So the second chapter to Carson The Vampire is already up? Impressive...I'll have to check it out. BTW, sorry to hear about your cold, Dusty.

*pours myself and Silence a couple of pints of Guinness*

To the end of The Anti Silence while it lasted, but now that we've won, no further need for it. *clink* -=)

Also, can someone review the latest chapter of Heaven's Requiem: The Forsaken, please? I'm beginning to have writer's remorse over that one and need some confirmation one way or the other.

8/17/2008 . Edited 8/17/2008 #318

Okay I got:

One review for Only In Your Dreams

One review for There Goes The Neighbourhood

and Chapter 2 of The Bard's Tale [I'll review every chapter, eventually. Just depends on how good my memory is doing that day]

And free drinks all around, pull up a chair or stool to the bar, we got tons of extra beer from the beer run, don't we?

Anybody want something? Maybe some SunChips Harvest Cheddar [heh, my mom is at the store right now and she's going to get some *dances*]?


Zerom, I'd review the latest chap, but I don't want to spoil anything, but you'll be getting reviews for the earlier chapters later today

8/17/2008 . Edited 8/17/2008 #319

Speaking of Fulsil (determined to call him that), where is he?

I wouln't say no to a free Guinness

8/17/2008 #320
Violent Messiah

*hands Dusty a pint of Guinness*

Here you go, and have a review for chapter 2 of Carson The Vampire. Cheers!

8/17/2008 #321

Can I get an old fashioned Miller Light, and an opinion on Disturbia?

8/17/2008 #322

Okay. One Miller Light, and one opinion on Disturbia. Be glad I'm working late tonight, C.S.

8/17/2008 . Edited 8/17/2008 #323

It's one o'clock right now for me, by the way. It's kind of weird having a bar that's subject to so many time zones. I guess that means it's open 24/7!

Pours herself a chocolate milk.

8/17/2008 #324

Yeah, it's a little after 1 A.M. where I live, and I'm just waking up, lol.

8/17/2008 #325

Well, good morning!

I have insomnia, so I have nothing better to do.

8/17/2008 #326

This is the nest time for me to do my writing. I work nights almost all week, so I can't sleep when I'm off.... I guess a sort of insomnia also, the kind that pays my bills also 0_o

By the way, thanks for the review.

I meant best, apparently I can't type either.

8/17/2008 . Edited 8/17/2008 #327

Oh you're welcome. It was a really good story.

I suppose insomnia will come in handy when I grow up and become a Mafia boss. I am so determined for that.

8/17/2008 #328

Hey, I've got insomnia too.

But it's only 10:25 or so where I am, so the insomnia isn't why I'm up.

Here's a refill on the miller light and another review for Disturbia coming right up. Can I get cha anything else?

8/17/2008 #329

I guess I'll do Chapter 3 of The Bard's Tale now. I was going to get to that a couple of hours ago, but I had a sudden inspiration for something on fanfiction.

8/17/2008 #330
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