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I'm new to fiction press although I have written a lot. I submitted my first story a few days ago called Reason. I would really appriciate some reviews which I will return the favor to! Thanks!! :)

10/19/2009 #121

Hi, Cynthia :D

You don't have to post your request anywhere but the bar. Don't worry, the good bar keeps will be around to fulfill your request soon. In fact, I've already dropped you one review. While you wait, feel free to review some of the stories in the bar or introduce yourself in the Pleasantries, if you haven't already done so. We'd love to hear more from you.


10/19/2009 #122

The beta readers button is not working for me. It hasn't been working for like a month and I emailed the people a couple times. Is it just my computer making the beta readers not work, or is it everybody??

11/16/2009 #123

I'm not sure I understand. You're looking for a beta reader, and you're clicking the link at the top of the page?

Mine isn't working either, but the entire site has been on the fritz for at least the past week. That's just what FP's like, so wait it out a bit.

Probably not what you want to hear, but I can't suggest anything else. You could check beta reader profiles on the patrons of RH, or maybe try in the Review Game?

11/17/2009 #124
Rising Dusk

I have a question that will make me sound like a total newb. Where do I go to chat? o.o

12/18/2009 #125
Thoughtful Silence

Everyone was a noob at one stage, so don't worry 'bout it :)

Anyways, the 'Shootin' Pool, Shootin' The Breeze' thread is the place for chat.

Oh, and welcome to the Roadhouse. 'Fraid it's been a bit dead lately...

12/18/2009 #126
Rising Dusk

Ah, thanks~ I'll head there now. ^^ And dead, huh? I know that feeling, so maybe I can help spice it up. :D

12/18/2009 #127
Mizzuz Spock

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this question...but it's a question and this IS the Questions Thread... :/

Anyways: How would you feel, as a reader, if you read a book with alternate endings?

12/26/2009 #128

I don't like alternate endings, if they're all presented as equally valid. I want the story to have a definite timeline. Presenting alternate endings in a non-pick-your-adventure book is misleading. If it is a pick-your-adventure book, that's fine, but I think this site's usage agreement says it's not allowed. Also, I wouldn't read them - they usually don't have the depth and involvement of a linear story. So to read a linear story and come to a pick-your-ending would not sit well with me.

Speaking as a fellow author, if one is considering alternate endings and it's been a linear story in the telling, this could be a sign that the author is too torn between the two choices to make a decision. In my eyes, this is very Not Good. An author has to be ready at all times to 'shoot his/her babies' - to realize that a line, a scene, an event, a character, even a whole story arc, is not working in the context of the story and excise it.

A collection of 'excellent' components may still result in a 'poor' story, and the point is to make an 'excellent' story. By way of example, I point to many a summer blockbuster movie: they all have fantastic special effects, big name stars, and some have a built-in audience because they're toy franchise-inspired films. However strong the individual parts, as a whole, these films tend to be full of sound and fury, etc.

A possible way to use the unchosen alternate ending is in a sequel, where the characters discuss what could have been, or a character lives it in a dream (cliche, but more forgivable than surprising the reader with the alternate endings) or some other way to express it while keeping the story foremost in priorities.

Of course, all authors have a 'parts bin,' a collection of ideas that need to be written into stories, or that can be integrated into works in progress. The alternate ending might best sit there for a bit.

12/28/2009 #129
Mizzuz Spock

Wow! I wasn't expecting such a detail response! xD

I agree with you wholeheartedly. The idea of alternate endings, for a book, just seems totally...I can't think of the word for it, but it's somewhere around "wishy-washy."

Presenting alternate endings in a non-pick-your-adventure book is misleading.

The only reason I asked the question was because I read somewhere that Christopher Paolini was rereleasing his last book, Brisingr, with extra stuff and an alternate ending. Which made me do a double-take. Books shouldn't have alternate endings, am I right?

An author has to be ready at all times to 'shoot his/her babies' - to realize that a line, a scene, an event, a character, even a whole story arc, is not working in the context of the story and excise it.

Ah, the reason why I do so love Joss Whedon. He isn't afraid to get rid of characters. Shock and awe. And he never looks back. x3

12/28/2009 #130

I'm afraid I don't follow Paolini's work, so I can't say. Eragon the movie was execrable, and thoroughly turned me off on the franchise.

I don't mind an 'author's guide / atlas / concordance' to a lengthy work which may present alternate plots, alternate resolutions to utilized plots, etc. Think of it as the 'bonus features' on a DVD: production sketches, deleted scenes, or even (shudder) commentary during the film.

This is different. Only one ending is canon. The other(s) show insight into the author's decision process and gives the reader some ideas for what could have been.

I agree with you whole-heartedly: linear books should not have alternate endings, at least as part of the canonical timeline. Bonus features, sure. Anything goes. From re-reading your earlier post, that's exactly what this sounds to be - bonus material, which is fine with me (if I were reading that saga.)

Re: Joss Whedon - he's also a master of dialogue, and up-ending some cliches. My favourite example is a scene from Firefly, where Capt'n Mal tells a captured thug to take a message back to his boss. When the thug gives him lip, he kicks the man into the engine intake and addresses the next captured thug, "Now, you tell your boss..."

There's a certain pandering nature to his Dollhouse that has me uneasy watching it. I realize it is the ultimate extrapolation of the objectification of women, but it doesn't seem to be used to a worthy end. It seems, at least on the surface, just every guy's fantasy: a perfect woman with a made-to-order personality.

12/28/2009 . Edited 12/28/2009 #131
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Did someone just say DOLLHOUSE?!

I realise that a lot of people are uncomfortable with the subject matter, but the point is that both women -and- men are exploited and this is justified by the fact that there are enough scenes involving Victor being sent out on romantic appointments. People focus on the exploitation of women aspect because Eliza Dushku is the 'lead' character, and because the first few episodes depict a series of fantasies that her character fulfils. Yes, this -is- her show, but at the end of the day, ultimately, this is a show about personalities, power and technology, and this is something that isn't shown very well in the first few episodes, which all seemed to be standalone 'missions' that will have put off a lot of people. If the first few episodes had been less Eliza-centric and more plot driven, then people might be less inclined to label it as a male fantasy show, however taerkitty, I do see your point, as whatever marketing this show has had has been primarily focused on sex appeal.


IMHO, there were a lot of things that definitely needed to be changed, but in its purest form, the whole concept is by far the best out of everything Whedon has done. But you only discover this halfway through seasn two, and with the unaired thirteenth episode.

1/2/2010 #132

Okay, new Q: Where do I go to talk about the craft of writing?


Edit: Thanks, Mi.Ishi. I just started Rites of Writing.

1/15/2010 . Edited 1/15/2010 #133

Hey Taer!

That might be something you could start a new thread about. Talking about styles and techniques of writing might be something very interesting for the patrons of the RH. You'll need to create some series of guidelines to ensure that the thread is taken seriously though. Or, if you want someplace more informal, you can always bring stuff up at the two Off Topic threads, and someone there would be bound to start a neat conversation with you about it.


1/15/2010 #134

Okay, I just found a reviewer whose reviews are very good. (No names, not looking to start a fan club here.) Is there a way to 'follow' this FPie's reviews - to either see a list or be notified in email when there's a new one?

1/24/2010 #135

Not unless if they are reviewing your own works, or are documenting them somewhere public, ie the Bar.

1/24/2010 #136
Caleb Kruspe

Hey y'all, I've got a whopper of a question. Tried to upload ch 9 of my story into the doc manager, but it takes me to a screen with:

~Processing Error We are unfortunately unable to convert your document. This could be an internal error or a problem with your file. Please try again. If you contintue to receive this error, please forward your file to site support for further assistance.~

Don't think it's the file itself, as other of the same software went up just fine and it's not open when trying to upload. There's only 8 previous entries so I don't think it's a limit error. Tried several times, each with same result, even logging off/on didn't help. Is it just a glitch in the system? Do I just wait a while and try again or do I go to site support? Has anyone else come across this before?

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

1/30/2010 #137

If you want to email support (at) fictionpress (dot) com, feel free, but I'm sure you won't be the first. (Why not? Because I already emailed them ;) )

In the meanwhile, here's a workaround for uploading chapters.

1/30/2010 #138
Caleb Kruspe

*humbly bows to your feet* thank you thank you thank you I owe you big time :) I'm surprised it didn't throw everything out of whack. Again, thank you o-so-much.

1/30/2010 #139

Quite welcome, and wanted to thank you, Phanton Rottweiler for giving me an opportunity to show off my latest project, the About FictionPress: FAQ and Help for New Users forum. Give it a look - lots of interesting topics, and I'm always looking for more ideas.

2/1/2010 #140
Looks like FP is having serious issues. Right now, we can't use the normal WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get, pronounced whiz-e-wig) editor that works like a normal word processor. We're stuck with the HTML editor, so I created a small crash-course topic for HTML newbies here. Please feel free to add to it. (Double-posting because I do want this to spam people's inboxes, as I feel this is important.)
2/23/2010 #141
Here's a work-around for those of us who (used to) use the PF editing window for our stories, but are doubly damned by the current borkage. Composing a post isn't easy, but it's possible. Editing a story chapter after it's been mashed together into HTML in that tiny window is just too much.

The solution is to use a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML Editor. There are a few out there, but SeaMonkey seems to be the easiest to use. It's easy, but still a little complicated, but bear with me.

1. Go to the home page for the 'SeaMonkey Internet Suite'. It's at http : //www.seamonkey-project . org/

2. (Of course) Download and install it.

3. (Optional, but recommended) Uncheck the box that asks 'Make Seamonkey the Default'. That's just obnoxious.

4. It looks like a regular browser, but File | New | Composer Page will bring up a saner editor.

5. It has four tabs on the bottom. Write in the 'Normal' tab.

6. Or, if you're editing an existing chapter, go to the '< HTML > Source' tab and delete all the existing text (SeaMonkey will put it back, but that's fine, FP ignores it.) Copy your existing chapter or story out of the horrible sliver of a window, then paste it into the '< HTML > Source' Tab.

7. In the Normal tab, edit to your heart's content, but try to keep the formatting simple. I suspect FP will not barf on any of the fancy stuff (such as font size, color, indenting and all) but it won't show up - they have some pretty uptight filters on what they store vs. what you enter into the compose window.

8. When you're done editing, go back to the '< HTML > Source' Tab.

9. Do a copy-replace for all <br> tags and replace them with <p/> - FP likes 'paragraph', but not 'break' tabs.

10. Select everything, copy it and paste it over the stuff you have in the tiny compose window FP gives you.

One thing to warn you: FP does not like characters like '<','>', and '&' and will mess them up. Best thing to do is to not use them. If you must, you have to write them like this: &amp;lt;, &amp;gt;, and &amp;&amp;. Of course, that doesn't make any sense to anyone who has any familiarity with HTML (usually you don't have to escape the & character in an escape sequence), so you have to do a manual search and replace for all the & characters in the HTML Source tab and replace them with &amp;.

Don't ask.

2/27/2010 . Edited 2/27/2010 #142
Madame Y
I want to take down my story, "The Highwaymen", from this forum because I don't need reviews on it anymore. How can I do that? Do I just create a new post?
3/2/2010 #143
Deleting a FP story is pretty easy: Login | Publish | My Stories | "edit" next to your story | Delete Story.
3/2/2010 #144

It does say in the guidelines not to include non-fictional characters like musicians in stories, but does that also mean reference to the musicians or bands. Like they're not tangibly in the story but they are referenced?

4/3/2010 #145
aaron Laurence

Hey whats up all? Just wanted to put my thing down and my name in your ears. And find out out about some good stuff on your ends too. So whats good haha.I know my grammar might not be the best , I welcome any help.

4/8/2010 #146

Uh, I don't really know where to put this, but how do you stop getting emails that are like, "New reply in topic" and stuff like that?

5/23/2010 #147
Caleb Kruspe

I believe there is a link in the email we recieve. It's at the very bottom of the message where it says "unsubscribe" with the link directly below it. I think you have to be logged on for it to work, though...idk.

Hope that helps.

5/23/2010 #148
Thoughtful Silence

Or, if that doesn't work... on your log-in page click on the tab Alerts, drop-down should come up with Alert Settings/Guide, click that then just disable Forum Thread Alert and Forum Topic Alert.

At least, I'm fairly certain that's what I did. Pissed me off no end having like 30000 new FP Thread Alert e-mails every day.

Hope that helps if the other did not.

5/24/2010 #149

The unsubscribe e-mail thing only works if you don't post again in that topic/thread. Every time you make a post, it re-subscribes you. So…yeah. What Sil said. x]

5/24/2010 #150
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