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Is this a place where we can post challenges? Sorry if I seem...blonde. Is that the right word? I don't know, my brain is kind of funny right now :s

8/4/2012 #241

Will you guys review my stories from FanFiction.Net?

11/26/2012 #242

celebiiboy -- my suggestion for you is to review people's stories who share the fanfiction category with you & ask for reviews in return. That's the advantage of fanfiction -- you have a built in audience.

Persnickety -- my opinion is that if someone gives you a constructive review, you should return the favor (even if it is a story that is not of your type of story). You may find something useful in a different genre. But use your judgment. A review like "This is great! Keep writing!" is nice, but it is not very constructive -- I wouldn't worry about those.

11/26/2012 #243
Frida Miro

Hi everyone.

I have question about my idea for a possible story. If you guys visit my bio page, you will see upcoming stories which at least half of them might or will be post here on fictionpress. That depends with school, work and other personal stuff.

Anyway, here is a question. I would like to write a story about the main character who had been sexually abuse since she was 3 or 4 and then she was later r*** between the ages 9 to 12. I am worry that I will be ban if I wrote this type of story.

9/21/2013 #244
Gunning for the Buddha

Judging from the rules, I think it would depend on explicitness of the content and the way you handled it. Obviously, if it's something that belongs on an adults-only site, it belongs there. But I don't see anything wrong with that being the character background and alluded to, non-explicitly. I would, however, like to be warned as a reader if I came across it, because it is obviously a wrong that is more morally/ethically wrong than many other crimes, and is something I, your hypothetical reader, may not want to read about, especially if I'm on here for escapism's sake.

Use discretion, good judgment, and your own common sense: if you feel like you're crossing a line, you probably are.

9/21/2013 #245
Frida Miro

Alright now. I most likely will add this to the character's background more than writing in the story. Thanks

9/21/2013 #246
Gunning for the Buddha

That's just my $0.02. There's a way to handle even explicit stuff without it feeling like it crosses the line -- look up Lolita or A Clockwork Orange or, more in keeping with yours, something like Flowers in the Attic, which despite its cheesiness managed to have mass appeal. But it's not really something you can have a rule for, I don't think. It's a 'know it when you feel it' thing.

9/21/2013 #247

I have so far read some fairly explicit stuff on this site, so I don't think it will be too much of an issue from that point of view. I would just wonder as to whether many people are interested in reading about such a character? However I would need to really read it to then see if I wanted to read it so it is a bit circular. :)

9/22/2013 #248
Frida Miro

One of the reasons I brought it up because I read B*** out of Carolina a few times. I was thinking having a character whose parents were teens and had been placed under the care of her grandparents or aunt and uncle for a few years. As the character handed back to his/her parents, he/she faced abuse sexual mental and physical. I need to read novels involving these issues.

9/23/2013 #249

Hi, I'm looking for people to vote on my poll, anyone know where I can get the word out?

3/18/2014 #250
Krast Bannert
I guess this is the right place. Does anyone know what's happened to Dolvich? I've noticed that our founder hasn't posted anything in a while, and I just curious as to where he's disappeared to.
7/5/2014 #251
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