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Had an idea. Since I mentioned earlier that the Roadhouse has one of those jukeboxes that has to be hit to work, I wondered what we are all listening to here. So...

*THUMP* "Over and Over" Three Days Grace

Feel free to change the music, tell us what you're listening to.

6/20/2008 #1
Fractured Illusion

The Host of Seraphim by the Dead Can Dance

6/20/2008 #2

*THUMP* "Born to be Wild", by Steppenwolf.

6/21/2008 #3
Chidori Nadare

*inserts coin* Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine

6/23/2008 #4

Sing for Absolution by Muse

6/23/2008 #5
Chidori Nadare

^@ draggy/sparkles: Yey for Muse!

*inserts coin again* Beatrix by Cocteau Twins

6/23/2008 #6

*pats pockes for quarters... kicks jukebox*

*THUMP* "Momma told me (not to come)" by Three Dog Night

6/23/2008 #7

"Somebody Told Me" by The Killers

6/23/2008 #8
Chidori Nadare

FREE FREE by Ami Suzuki

6/23/2008 #9
Alive Out of Habit

I keep it cool with my hands in my leather jacket and kick the box instead.

Time is Running Out - Muse

6/25/2008 #10
Chidori Nadare

@supafly: I love that song! Yey for Muse! (again)

I'm going to throw a big rock into the box instead.

Hysteria by Muse

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #11

*attaches string to quarter, drops it in, selects song, pulls it out*

When You Were Young by The Killers

6/25/2008 #12
Fractured Illusion

*snorts, shoves Sparkles out of the way and takes the jukebox hostage*

It is mine now! *kicks it and makes it play:*

Scenotaph by Emanuel

This Muse hysteria got to end btw! :o

6/25/2008 #13
Chidori Nadare

*snatches the jukebox from Frac*

*throws another rock at it*

Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

6/25/2008 #14
Alive Out of Habit

Goes behind the Jukebox, unplugs it, then plugs it back in.

Shadows Like Statues - Matchbook Romance

6/25/2008 #15
Violent Messiah

Shakes jukebox until it plays...

"Suffragette City" by Storm Large ft. Dave Navarro

(I just have to be difficult...)

6/25/2008 #16
Chidori Nadare

*knocks out the previous person unconscious and grabs the jukebox*

*kicks it really hard*

Grace by Jeff Buckley

6/26/2008 #17
403 Forbidden

*thump* This Is The End(For You My Friend) by Anti-Flag

6/26/2008 #18

*heavy sigh* some folks these days...

*thump* "One" by Metallica

6/26/2008 #19
403 Forbidden

*thump* "Penguins and Polarbears" by Millencolin

6/26/2008 #20
Violent Messiah

In honor of a horror story I'm writing...

Thump! "Carry On Wayward Son" - Kansas

6/26/2008 #21

*thump* Even Flow by Pearl Jam.

6/26/2008 #22
403 Forbidden

*THUMP* "Pain" by Three days Grace

6/26/2008 #23

That's one of my favorites, VM. Nice choice.

Now, what was that song... oh, right.

*thump* "Eyes of the Devil" by Seether

6/26/2008 #24
403 Forbidden

*Thump* "In Defense Of Dorchester" by Street Dogs

6/26/2008 #25
Violent Messiah

Thanks, Dolvich...yeah, sometimes you gotta go old school. Then other times...

Thump! "Paranoia Cha Cha Cha" - The Soviettes

...other times, you must go punk! -=x

6/26/2008 #26
403 Forbidden

So true VM, so true.

*Thump* "99 Red Balloons" by Seven Seconds

6/26/2008 #27
Violent Messiah

As I gotta go fill in for another DJ, let me offer one of my new favorite cuts to spin...

Thump! "Waters Of Nazareth" - Justice

6/26/2008 #28
403 Forbidden

*Glares at jukebox until it thumps itself* "1979"-Smashing Pumpkins

6/26/2008 #29
Alive Out of Habit

Was secretly behind the jukebox and thumping it.

Alive Out of Habit - From Autumn To Ashes

6/26/2008 #30
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