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Thoughtful Silence

[quite a title for a song huh? :)]

*... ... ... oh, deus*

"Toxicity" - S.O.A.D

[yarp. Indeed.]

7/29/2008 #301


"Highway Song" by System of a Down

[blegers. I'll do that now]

7/29/2008 #302
Violent Messiah

Heh...I'm in a weird mood.


"Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?" - The Misfits

7/30/2008 #303

[nice song name]

"I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous" by Pierce the Veil

7/30/2008 #304
heart shaped box x3


Dammit- Blink 182

7/30/2008 #305


"Lost in Hollywood" by System of a Down

7/30/2008 #306
Violent Messiah


"My Machete" - Tsunami Bomb

I've been listening to a lot of punk music lately, especially chick fronted bands for some reason. -=x

7/30/2008 #307
heart shaped box x3


Anarchy in the UK- Sex Pistols

7/31/2008 #308

*presses shuffle on iTunes and chooses the first song that plays*

"Auto Pilot" by Queens of the Stone Age

7/31/2008 #309

pavement- fame throwa

7/31/2008 #310

"Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven

7/31/2008 #311
heart shaped box x3

"Fur Elise" Beethoven.

8/1/2008 #312

"Time To Dance" by Panic! At The Disco

8/1/2008 #313
Violent Messiah

YaY, more punk! Plus, I want to celebrate getting a new cell...


'Hanging Up The Phone' - The Soviettes

'Well, if you go too far in the early hour,

you're gonna spend the night alone

you know you go so fast you can never last

you gonna end it by the door

so when you're fifteen deep and you're in a heap

don't call me 'cause I'm hanging up the phone'

8/3/2008 #314
heart shaped box x3


Sheena is a punk rocker- Ramones

8/3/2008 #315

*une thump-o*

"The Sun" by Maroon 5

8/4/2008 #316
heart shaped box x3


Let it die- Foo fighters

8/4/2008 #317


"Not Coming Home" by Maroon 5

8/4/2008 #318
heart shaped box x3

-Side kick-

Calling all cars- Senses fail

8/4/2008 #319

*360 jumping roundkick*

"You're Cute When You Scream" by Senses Fail

8/4/2008 #320
heart shaped box x3

-Fourth combination-

My heroine- Silverstein

8/4/2008 #321


"Sound of the Sun" by Silverstein

8/4/2008 #322
heart shaped box x3

-Flip kick-

Discovering the waterfront- Silverstein

8/4/2008 #323

*axe kick*

"If You Could See Into My Soul" by Silverstein

8/4/2008 #324
heart shaped box x3

-Double punch-

"Silther"- Velvet revolver

8/4/2008 #325

*right hook*

"The Pot" by Tool

8/4/2008 #326
Thoughtful Silence


"H**ker with a Pe**s" by Tool

8/4/2008 #327

*knife hand strike*

"Black Cat" by Mayday Parade

8/4/2008 #328

*soft tap*

It's a Long way to the Top by ACDC

8/5/2008 #329

*tap dance on top of juke*

"Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes

8/5/2008 #330
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