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Comin' Home by City and Colour

"but I'd rather wake up beside you and breathe that ol' familiar smell/ I never thought you could leave me, I figured I was the one/ but I understand your sadness so I guess I should just hold my tongue/ But I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home/ I know that we're takin' chances, you told me life was a risk/ but I just have one last question.../ will it be my heart or will it be his?/ I'm comin' home"

12/12/2008 #2,161
Violent Messiah

"Corcovado" (Ben Watt Vocal Remix) - Everything But The Girl

Heh. Told you the two together were bad. -=x

I wish I knew what language she was singing sounds great with her voice. Portugese, maybe?

12/12/2008 #2,162

From The Ritz to the Rubble by The Arctic Monkies

I don't know, but sounds gorgeous.

*drools* I see nothing wrong...

12/12/2008 #2,163
Violent Messiah

I haven't heard them in awhile and I really like them, so I'm declaring a Triple Threat Three Block of them...Bwa-hahaha!

"Rollercoaster" (King Britt Scuba Mix) - Everything But The Girl

I actually learned to play the solo at the end because it sounded so smooth....

Edit: Heh...really, now? I'm...shocked. *mock surprise* -=x

12/12/2008 . Edited 12/12/2008 #2,164

I'm just playing stuff as it comes up on pandora... Since I barely have any music on my laptop =/ not enough room...

Just What I Needed by Sister Hazel

12/12/2008 #2,165
Violent Messiah

I have about a terrabyte and a half of music...and have another HDD ready to go. -=x

Hmmm...changed my mind. It's now a Four Play Four Block!

"Blame" - (Fabio Remix) - Everything But The Girl

Nothing like drums and bass in the am! -=x

12/12/2008 #2,166

Grrr.... someday, I will steal some of your music.... grr...

Sheep Go To Heaven by Cake

12/12/2008 #2,167
Violent Messiah

Ummm...why steal it when I told you all you had to do was ask? And that you don't even have to wait for.

My hoodies? Whole different story. -=p

"Universal Mind Control" - Common Ft. Pharrell

Heh...the windows are shaking with the bass. -=x

12/12/2008 #2,168

fine..... I'll ask for music...

Those will be methodically stolen.

Spiders by System of a Down

*whimpers* I have a sucky sound system...

12/12/2008 #2,169
Violent Messiah

Awww...well, don't feel bad. The trouble I went through for this hook up is sick and twisted. -=x

"Crazy English Summer" (Hiver Hammer Remix) - Faithless

Yes, I do believe I'm doing a drum and bass set tonight...well, at least some. -=x

12/12/2008 . Edited 12/12/2008 #2,170

. . .

Under The Bridge by Gym Class Heros

12/12/2008 #2,171
Violent Messiah


"Lotus" - Faithless

Rave anthems! -=x

12/12/2008 #2,172

. . . nothing?

Black Melt by Massive Attack

12/12/2008 #2,173
Violent Messiah

Oh, OK...thought you had something on your mind. -=x

"Hand Of Blood" - Bullet For My Valentine

12/12/2008 #2,174

Nope. Nothin but the math test I have today...

Music Box by Thrice

12/12/2008 #2,175
Violent Messiah

"Land Of Confusion" - Disturbed

Ugh...hated math. Loved english...and chemistry. All those so lovely chemicals just left there. *evil grin*

12/12/2008 #2,176

Chem and Eng are my fav classes. Coolest teachers, too...

Animals by Nickelback

"o, we're never gonna quit/ Ain't nothing wrong with it/ Just acting like we're animals (animals)/ No, no matter where we go/ 'Cause everybody knows/ We're just a couple animals (animals)"

12/12/2008 #2,177
Violent Messiah

Heh...that gets played alot. -=x

"Happy?" - Mudvayne

I think they're here the 19th...might go try and see them.

12/12/2008 #2,178

I can't help it! I like that song... It gets me through Digital Photography...

Fight For All The Wrong Reasons by Nickelback

That's cool... I want to get some of their stuff. Pretty sure the library has it...

12/12/2008 #2,179
Violent Messiah library.

"Stockholm Syndrome" - Muse

Heh...I was singing with the Mudvayne. So will not be trying to with this one. -=x

12/12/2008 #2,180

my county's library system kick a**...

Painter's Song by Norah Jones

12/12/2008 . Edited 12/12/2008 #2,181

Oh god, I know every word to that song xD

Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell's piano version

12/12/2008 #2,182

Bodies by Drowning Pool

Fits my mood right now...

12/12/2008 #2,183
Thoughtful Silence

I leave on: Bodies by Drowning Pool

A bloody great song to be angry to!

12/12/2008 #2,184

I love that song... now I feel like listening to..

Deify by Disturbed

12/12/2008 #2,185
No Longer An Account

Led Zeppelin, Houses of the Holy

12/12/2008 #2,186

Commissioning A Symphony In C by Cake

Wow... Pandora is in a Cake mood right now.

12/12/2008 #2,187
No Longer An Account

Black Sabbath, Iron Man

12/12/2008 #2,188

Starting Over by Korn

12/12/2008 #2,189
Thoughtful Silence

Boiled Frogs by Alexisonfire

12/12/2008 #2,190
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