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Violent Messiah

Caecilia and Chidori, always feel free to jump in, or else its just me babbling away and looking slightly loony. And its good to know people still want honest reviews and not just ego strokes. I always try and find the good along with the bad, then try and wrap it up in a nice sounding, hopefully helpful review. So far, this was the first out of many that didn't take it well. Opps. Oh, and if you thought their review for The Morning After was interesting, see what they said about The Hazards Of Smoking. It seems I have a cyber stalker...YaY me. -=p

Myself, I don't mind criticism as long as its helpful so I can fix what might be wrong...just telling me it sucks really doesn't do anything for me. By the way, thanks for the review, Caecilia, and I look forward to yours, Silence. -=)

UPDATE! Heh...seems my little stalker can't stop with her (yes, her) bizarre reviews, I'm getting e-mail as well! Its a pretty long and rambling rant that's actually kinda funny, but in it she goes on to say that my stories are "very boring like super *YAWN*" and "they have no detail wat so ever". It eventually wraps up with "Plz do not EVER review me again because serouisly I really dont ever want to hear from u again", which should be a pretty easy request to grant, considering the state of her story. Ouch. -=x

7/25/2008 . Edited 7/26/2008 #61

I just read her review of The Hazards of Smoking.... *cracks up laughing* About the line "Do you mind if I smoke, my friend?", Uh, it kinda works with the flow of the story. Geez. And it sounded good!! That's not even really a review. Just saying one bad thing without even looking for something good.... well, it's not even slightly helpful.

I know what you mean. No problem, and thanks for the review back!!

E-mails too? I think somebody is a little obsessed. Who cares if you got a review that you didn't like? At least she should try to learn from it and not annoy the hell out of other people. Geez.

7/25/2008 #62

I didn't leave, dreamer...I just never know how to respond to your train of thought. -=)

Ya could always answuh by posting "CHOCOLATE!!!" =D

7/25/2008 #63
Violent Messiah

Yeah, Caecilia...personally I thought the line worked, too. My cousin, who's first language is Russian and second is English, talks just like Katja. In fact, that's where I got the inspiration of her speech pattern from. Ah well, can't please everybody, eh? Oh, and I offered to help her with her know, trying to be nice. We'll see how that goes over. Oh, and congrats! Yours is the very first poem I've ever reviewed...don't you just feel special? j/k

"Ya could always answuh by posting "CHOCOLATE!!!" =D"

Heh, now you talking my language, chica. Ever had Godiva chocolate? Its criminally expensive but damn, its so good! Their truffles? Kripes, they're so good that....well, I'm not saying I'd kill for them, but maiming is a distinct possibility. Ha!

7/26/2008 #64

I do feel special!! I think I can fly now *cheesy music in background*

I got like 4 bars of godiva dark chocolate for my b-day a year or two back, and my dog ate them... Not all of them, but I only got one. I agree with the maiming though, yum. Haven't had their truffles yet. I have a distinct feeling I might have to go get some soon...

7/26/2008 #65
Chidori Nadare

VM, I thought that line worked too. You know that stalker is so weird...(aren't they all?) Godiva chocolates are the gifts of heaven and the truffles...*died and went to Godiva chocolate heaven*

[note to self: I'm going to review this story later...]

7/26/2008 . Edited 7/26/2008 #66

Um everyone should be honest in their reviews, or else there is no point. I mean we'll never learn when it's just 'please update'. Besides, if the author does right good enough then they won't be critisized as much, so it's their fault really, unless you're 'flammed' but then the author can sure tell I hope.

7/26/2008 #67
Violent Messiah

Caecilia, definitely try the truffles. Bloody costly, but for those several moments you're enjoying them, you'll swear they were worth every penny. And your dog ate three Godiva bars? Yikes...isn't chocolate supposed to be like, poison to dogs? Hope the pooch was OK.

Chidori, thanks. Yeah, those stalkers are a nutty lot, aren't they? I thought the line was OK, personally...seemed to fit the character and mood. Usually I get called to task because of run on sentences, not my dialog. Ah, well...I look forward to your review, and don't be afraid to be brutal, as long as its helpful. Hmmm...wonder if I should offer truffles for helpful critical reviews? Heh.

Concerto, I agree about the honest reviews. I was having a momentary crisis of faith in my fellow writers and the density of their skin when it came to constructive criticism, but I'm over it now. I will continue my reviewing style and if someone doesn't like it? Well, sorry about their damn luck. -=x

BTW...Caecilia, Chidori and Concerto? Is C the new "it" letter these days? Heh.

7/26/2008 #68

I'm not sure either. Never realized there were so many Cs here.

Yeah your real opinion is what matters. It's a view of what you think regardless. It's like not everyone will like something and it is good to know why some don't like it even if it is generally good. Constructive criticism helps people learn, and to me it's a challenge for those that do give those reviews to have not much to say... and as usual the writer can decide on what to listen to anyway. The reviewer game them the hints, they can choose to take it or leave it. Not much more they can do to help.

7/26/2008 #69

I'm joining this conversation just to prove there are others without names starting with C. :P

Anyway, I agree that you ought to give your honest opinion to an author. For me, personally, though, I find that my reviews tend to come off a bit blunter than I intend. That's why even though I'm giving constructive criticism, people don't tend to like my reviews.

7/26/2008 #70

Aww... Now our ratio of names starting with 'C' and without 'c' isn't as awesome *sigh*

Anywho, VM, you'd think my dog would get sick but I swear, she has an iron stomach. It's supposed to be poisonous and whatnot, but everytime I get chocolate for my b-day, she almost always gets to it... Stupid dog.

Hmm... I'm going to try to get those truffles today, now I'm really intrigued.

7/26/2008 #71
Violent Messiah

Kikyuu, I don't think I've ever been reviewed by you, so I guess I'll have to take your word on your level of harshness. Personally, I don't mind the harsh as long as the criticism is helpful and not just "you suck", you know? So far, my most critical review has been from Imaginary Rose...they went over my story like the IRS goes over fishy tax documents and called me out on a number of things. Some of the things I kind of agreed with and had been thinking about already, while others...well, lets just say if they were my editor? We'd still be going at it this very minute. Heh.

Caecilia, sorry your 'C' take over failed...ha! Hope you enjoy the truffles as a consolation prize, and keep them from the dog! -=x

On a separate note, does anyone think with my sudden blitz of reviews I might make employee of the month? -=)

7/27/2008 #72

Heh. Sorry, Caecilia? If it's any consolation, I suppose you could think of 'K' as the cousin of 'C' - hard C, anyway.

Violent, the only reason I haven't reviewed your stories is because of my ridiculously low fear threshold and insane imagination. I'm the type of person who watches a horror movie and then spends the next six weeks peering around doors and turning on all the lights in the house. Yes, people like that do actually exist. Still, I had a peek and they look pretty good if you're into that genre.

7/27/2008 #73
Chidori Nadare

Well never realized there are so many 'C's out here. Yey!

Kikyuu, it is the cousin of hard C... I like the letter 'K'. Reminds me of Katherine of Aragon, Kate, Ekaterina, etc.

VM, I'll review it soon (I promise as long as I don't get lazy...). I agree in giving truffles for helpful reviews. Free truffles!

7/27/2008 #74
Haha, well another non-C here...although chick is in my name... But anyway, my reviews can at times be harsh, but I always try to sprinkle in the good stuff. Sometimes there's really nothing bad you can say about a piece, which is good. But other times...there's hardly anything good to say. In those cases, though, I usually go on into later chaps to see if the person has improved...unless, as cruel as it may sound, the story is just atrocious. -.- Anyway, Violent M, by the looks of things, I'd say you will be employee of the month.
7/27/2008 . Edited 7/27/2008 #75

Yum. I like that consolation prize. Oh, well. I think the 'C' take over was doomed to fail anyway.

VM, I think you'll make employee of the month. Are they giving out trophies to put in the trophy case?

They probably should

7/27/2008 #76
Violent Messiah

Kikyuu, I write stuff other then horror. Heh...well, not much but there are a couple of things.

Chidori, I look forward to your review. And I knew free truffles was a good idea! -=)

As for the employee of the month, Stella and Caecilia, good question. I remember it being brought up but then the Beer Run started up instead. Ah well, Dolvich will decide...

So here's a question. How long should a chapter be in a serial? I need to cut down my chapter lengths of Heaven's Requiem, I believe.

7/27/2008 #77

Heh, my mistake then, Violent. Personally, I would say that 1500-2000 words in a chapter is a good length since that's about how much I can read easily (given that the story's interesting, 'course). I guess it doesn't hurt to have the chapters a bit shorter rather than longer.

Speaking of Dolvich, where's he been? Anyone know? I haven't seen him around in ages.

7/28/2008 #78
Violent M, I think the cap for a chapter should be 4000. But preferably 1000-3000. It depends on the story too, though. Kikyuu, I was wondering the same thing. Where, oh, where has our Dolvich gone?
7/28/2008 #79
Thoughtful Silence

VM - (Heh, I turn my back for two days and there's all these different people! What happened dude? j/k). I'm pretty much with the 1000-2500 word limit. Like, par example, your story 'Heaven's Requim' is good, but nearing the end of the first chapter I couldn't really think straight.... if you know what I mean.

Oh, and I think I have totally obliterated the 'c' takeover :)

(Still no sign of Dolvich)

7/28/2008 . Edited 7/28/2008 #80
Violent Messiah

OK, Stella, Kikyuu and Silence...took your suggestions and made the chapters in Heaven's Requiem hopefully more manageable. I tried to shoot for between 1500 and 2500 words and pretty much succeeded, except for the first which tips the scales a bit at 2900 or something.

It is kind of weird Dolvich hasn't been around. Leads me to believe its either work, he's sick or there's a woman involved. Hopefully for him, its the latter. -=x

7/29/2008 #81

Yeah. The 'C' takeover was obliterated even before you came, Silence.

Yeah, hopefully it's the latter [for Dolvich]

Hey, question for y'all. If we had a 5 questions game, what should we call it???

7/29/2008 #82
heart shaped box x3

-Sneaks in and joins the chat-

It is weird without him. I agree that hopefully it is the latter.

Question game? Heh. I'm bad with naming things.

7/30/2008 #83

Well, it sure is mighty nice to see that folks are worried about me...

Don't worry, I'm around. Sadly, it's not the latter, but a heaping ton of the first one, the work. I apologize.

But I'm around for a bit now.

VM: We'll see about that trophy. Might be more than just reviewing...

And I don't have a C in my name. So there.

7/30/2008 #84

More and more people without C.... How cruel.

Come on, we need help naming. Think of something really bizarre, that people will wonder what the heck the topic is... That'll be a good way to get people in.

7/30/2008 #85
heart shaped box x3


The knights who say Ni! =D


7/30/2008 #86

hahaha, no matter how lovely those names are, [and quite bizarre], they don't really work.

How bout something that works with questions too?

Like for corrupt-a-wish game, we have the chill corrupting game?

because it's chill?

7/30/2008 #87
heart shaped box x3

Firing Questions?

I'm not really good at this kinda thing. =/

7/30/2008 #88

We could have a Firing Range....

7/30/2008 #89
heart shaped box x3

That would be pretty nifty.

7/30/2008 #90
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