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*falls down from sky like mr. bean*

7/30/2008 #91

Having fun falling from the sky dreamer?

7/30/2008 #92

Yep =D do you rise from hell?

7/30/2008 #93

I'm no good at naming things, either. In fact...I'm about to change my pen-name again... .

But anyway, um...questions, questions...preguntas...the pregu game? lol That sounds like pregnant (prego). Hmm...five is an untouchable number...the untouchable game? Yah, as you can see, I'm no good at naming things! XD

BTW, snicklefritz is a cool 'word'. And it's nice to know you're still alive Dolvich! =p

7/30/2008 . Edited 7/30/2008 #94

lol pregu game

how about MAN PREGU GAME!...I wonder were would the baby come out if there was a pregnant man that still had all of his male g*** and stuff.

7/31/2008 #95

Easy, he'd have a c-section

7/31/2008 #96
Chidori Nadare

I'm back!

VM,I already gave you the review for that story. *waits for the free truffles*

And a question, would you continue it?

8/2/2008 #97
Violent Messiah

*Hands Chidori chocolaty Godiva goodness*

Welcome back and thank you. And here's your gift! -=)

Oh, and yes I will continue it, probably as soon as An Anti Hero's Tale is over. It will be called The Things They Say About Her (or Black Autumn, I'm still debating), although thanks to Silence, I briefly considered Memoirs Of A Bi-Polar Assassin. Ha!

8/3/2008 #98

Memoirs Of A Bi-Polar Assassin would probably get you readers thinking it's an interesting title... It would definitely make me want to read the story.

8/4/2008 #99
Thoughtful Silence

Just trying to get this on the third page :) Oh, and VM - 'Memoirs of a Bi-polar Assassin' sounds just about right :)

8/4/2008 . Edited 8/4/2008 #100

Agreed - Memoirs Of A Bi-Polar Assassin is exactly the sort of title that hooks people in and drags them screaming and kicking into the story. (Although I wonder if my opinion counts for much, given I haven't read your story, Violent. :P)

Edit: Hey, third page! :D

8/5/2008 . Edited 8/5/2008 #101
Memoirs of a Bi-Polar Assassin sounds like something I'd see and immediately read. :)

On the subject of chocolate, have you guys tried the new Hershey's Bliss pieces? Omigoodness those things are so good! *drools*

8/5/2008 . Edited 8/5/2008 #102

I agree with Stella Luella....

Oh! I have the dark chocolate bliss pieces... YUM

8/5/2008 #103
Violent Messiah

lol! Well hell, guess I might have to give some more thought to Memoirs Of A Bi Polar Assassin as the title to the spy/action book since it seems so catchy. It does sound kinda cool, I must admit...

And Hershey's Bliss? Hmm, haven't tried that yet. Maybe I'll look into that when I go to the store later this week.

8/5/2008 #104

Greetings! I come from a blue giant, I can't tolerate cold but I can tolerate heat!

Who is the author of Memoirs of A Bi Polar Assassin, it sounds interesting.

8/5/2008 #105
Violent Messiah

Welcome back, dreamer...see you went back to your old name. -=)

And the author of Memoirs Of A Bi-Polar Assassin would be me, when I finally get around to writing it...heh.

8/7/2008 #106

*already infiltrating your profile* huh? did you say something? XD

Well, I always change my avatar and penname then change it back to the orginal one gain, dreamer and the angel avvy.

8/7/2008 #107
dreamer999 you still haven't publish wonder it's not in your profile.

8/7/2008 #108
Violent Messiah

OK, you little monsters, I have an announcement. Today, August 9th, is my birthday and I hit the big one...25. An interesting note, I actually wanted to cry when I realized I was a quarter of a century old. Man, I feel ancient...

Anyway, since none of you know me well enough to buy me my usual expected gifts (electronics, music, video games, vodka, lap dances, soccer and hockey jerseys, chocolate), you're off the hook, unlike my friends and family. However, if you are so inclined to want to do something special for me on this kinda depressing day (25...waaaaah!), you could be all kind of shades of awesome and review something of mine.

Just tossing it out there...heh. -=x

On a totally unrelated subject...did anyone else see the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? Man, that was amazing...London has its work cut out for them in 2012 after that spectacle.

8/9/2008 #109
Chidori Nadare

VM, would you consider the review I gave you for The Hazards as an advanced birthday gift? BTW, Memoirs of a Bi-Polar Assassin is a great title.

Ah, yes the opening ceremonies were so damn good, especially the glow in the dark thingys. You're right, London would have high expectations from everyone. Also, what do you think of the nations arranged in Mandarin alphabet?

8/9/2008 #110
Violent Messiah

Sure, Chidori. Of course, now watch my other fellow bartenders point out earlier reviews as advances too...heh. -=x

And apparently Memoirs Of A Bi-Polar Assassin just may be the story's title, if the response to the idea is anything to go by. The only thing is, she's more heartbroken, bitter and vengeful then bi-polar, at least according to Web MD.

And the whole Mandarin alphabet arrangement just confused the hell out of me, of course. I mean, makes total sense considering the host nation, but it was throwing me for loops how a nation starting with B would walk out followed by one starting with N followed by a G and so on. Very trippy.

2016 games, I hear, are between Madrid, Tokyo, Chicago and Rio. I know that I should be rooting for Chi-town, but I'd actually love to see how Tokyo would try and outdo Bejing.

8/10/2008 #111
Chidori Nadare

Yey, thanks VM and Happy Birthday! =)

Well, who the hell wasn't confused (except for those who can actually understand Mandarin). Yes, it was trippy. I've heard about the 2016 games too. From what I heard, the leading city right now is Tokyo, then Madrid. I'm actually rooting for Tokyo (yey Asia!). I want to see how they would outdo Beijing too.

8/10/2008 #112

Bit late, but happy birthday VM.

8/10/2008 #113
heart shaped box x3

Happy Birthday VM.

Go August birthdays. =]

8/10/2008 #114
Thoughtful Silence

Great Britain has won a medal!!!! *dances... then realises looks like an idiot and chews on a match instead*

Oh, and a very late happy birthday VM!

8/10/2008 #115
Violent Messiah

Aw...thanks for the belated wishes, guys. -=)

Also, speaking of the games, anyone know when and where the taekwando and football matches are being televised? Those are really the only two events I really get into, although I may follow the 'Redeem Team' to see how they fare...

8/11/2008 #116

This is REALLY late, but Happy b-day VM. Hope you had fun.

Oooo, yeah. When is taekwondo being televised?

8/11/2008 #117
Violent Messiah

Thanks, Caecilia...and yeah, it was pretty fun. I actually hung out with my ex and we had a nice little pub crawl. -=) Oh yeah, I will still accept reviews as gifts....Ha!

Still no taekwondo...booooo! Enough of the fake tennis stuff, bring on people kicking the crap out of each other! -=x

On a different note, I pose a question to you guys; what does it take for something to be cliche?

I ask this because last night I was talking to a friend of mine and was telling him about the zombie serial I'm doing. (Shameless Plug Time! An Anti Hero's Tale!) I mentioned it starts off in a mall, as that's where the protagonist was going to, um..."air his grievances" with his former co-employees and employer. With a shotgun.

But I digress...

Anyway, he goes "A mall? What a cliche!" and I get to thinking. As far as I know, zombies in a mall setting has only been done three times in popular fiction: one was a movie, the second was a remake of said movie and the third was a video game inspired by said movies. So how does three well known examples make something 'cliche'?

8/12/2008 . Edited 8/12/2008 #118

I don't think that three facets of the same idea make it the same thing as a cliché. As you mentioned, all three are for the exactly same story. If you want a cliché, I'll give you one:

"(insert Asian name here, written by a non-Asian pre-teen) is a teenage vampire who no one understands whom wears goth-lite clothes and mopes around all the time at an expensive private school. Enter (second Asian name, same rules apply), a pretty girl with a dark past who also happens to live and this co-ed private school. Watch as (first name) tries to seduce (second name), becomes successful in the third or fourth chapter, and the rest is light smut, followed by various battles with demons."

I think that's the definition of the FP cliché.

8/12/2008 . Edited 8/12/2008 #119
Violent Messiah

Wow, that one is pretty, um...'popular'. Heh.

Another 'popular reoccurring theme' I've noticed of late is the "angst ridden metrosexual vampire falls in love with tough sassy vampire huntress (bonus points if she's a half vampire, half werewolf or half demon) to battle extremely evil, possibly insane uber powerful vampire king/queen". Readers just seem to gobble that scenario up. -=x

8/12/2008 #120
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