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Just to prove my point, I clicked the "Just In" section on FP, and look what I came up with: " (name edited for privacy) is an anime loving Junior in high school who was destined to have a regular life. THAT is until the new boy (name edited for privacy) approaches her saying that he is a vampire and she is his partner in some underground tournament. What can she do?"

I'm sorry if the person who wrote this ever finds this post. . . But only a little ;) I am not bashing the story, just trying to prove that there is an oversaturation problem. To be truthful, I never read the story. It might be really good.

8/12/2008 . Edited 8/12/2008 #121
Violent Messiah


Oh, totally called that one. Heh.

But, we got to admit...there wouldn't be an abundance of those types of stories if there wasn't a viable market for them. I'm not exactly sure who that market is, but they're obviously out there. Personally, I like my vampires evil, not emo. =)

8/13/2008 #122

It was just an expermient. And to prove it wasn't a fluke, I took another glance at the "Just In" list. Here's another summary for ya, VM. "(name censored for privacy) always believed that everyone she tried so hard to protect would be placed in mortal danger if she were to become close to even one of them... But, as she goes from Demon Slayer to Irritated Protector, will she be able to keep closing everyone out"

And you're completely right about having the target audience-- that's the same reason why "talent" shows turn into popularity contests with viewer-based voting.

I promise I won't do it again... *ducks from the flying bottles and beer cans* Ahh!

Oh, and VM, are you aware there's a band called Shotgun Messiah? Every time I see your name, it reminds me of them.

8/13/2008 . Edited 8/13/2008 #123
Violent Messiah

Ha! 'Demon slayer' is right up there with 'vampire huntress', yeah? Me, I gotta be difficult and go against the crowd with my 'zombie killah'...I am, like, soooo rebel. -=D

But in all honest, while I defend one story of mine against being labeled cliche, I freely admit the other one has one of the biggest cliches in it: The prophecy. I got a twist for it to keep it fresh, but its there nonetheless.

And I never believed talent shows were ever anything but popularity contests in disguise. Much like our presidential elections. (Oh, snap!)

Shotgun Messiah, eh? Now that's a mighty fine name...if I ever get the urge to change, I may keep that one in mind. I do so love my is the official weapon of anti heroes everywhere, you know.

By the way...I looked into the Pleasantries section. A chef or pin up model, eh? Before I cast my vote, what kind of chef? Because if you say pastry, it could affect my final opinion. Heh. -=x

8/13/2008 #124

Sorry, VM, I'm definately not a pastry chef. While I can make them, I don't like making them (Professional recipes are about a million times more exacting, easy to mess up, and expensive-- you will NEVER see a professional recipe with "all-purpose flour" called for). But yeah, either that or pin-up/burlesque dancer. However, if you want a cake for your next birthday, I'll see what I can do, though. Is genoise okay? It's pretty easy. Either that or a nice chocolate mousse. Yum.

And I'll read your story-- if a prophecy is well-written, it doesn't have to be cheesecake (more food metaphors, kill me now!). I think that just by writing something that isn't slayer this, emo vamp that, you're already ahead of the pack. Writing a cool zombie book, that's even better.

And the good news is, Shotgun Messiah is an awesome band. I suggest Violent New Breed if you're gonna check anything out. ( I love the main singer, he went on to be linked with KMFDM, MDFMK and Marilyn Manson... and I got to see him LIVE! Okay, enough of the fangirlness. *cough*

8/13/2008 #125
Violent Messiah

Not a pastry chef? *snaps fingers* Nuts. Ah well, at least you were cool enough to offer to a cake, regardless of dislike for baking. I don't know genoise from Geneva, but I know my chocolate mousse, so yeah...we have a winnah! -=)

So about the careers...I say do both; head chef by day, pin up girl by night. You could do a pin up recipe book, you know? Might not be a hit with many straight women, but I think there will be a marked increase in the interest of guys wanting to learn to cook. Ha!

As for my prophecy story, I hope its well written, but it is my first foray into fantasy, although its a modern/urban setting. And thanks for the link...they do sound pretty cool. I may have to look into picking up some more of their stuff. And love the title to the sounds so me. -=x

Funny you should mention KMFDM...I was listening to them as I read your post. Now Fear Factory is on. I'm taking a break from writing my zombie serial, so I'm taking a break from my punk music and listening to something else.

Hey, have you heard about a series of books called Twilight? I just discovered them (and I apologize for the following comments if anyone is a fan of the series), and to think I've been bagging on Anne Rice and Laurel K. Hamilton for so long, yet somehow let Stephanie Meyer escape my scorn. *ashamed* Anyway, I'm currently reading this lady named shinga do a parody on Twilight, and if the real book is anything like her take on it? I have to read it just to see how really awful it is. I mean, the vampires in it are not only emo and in high school, but they sparkle...freakin' sparkle!

If you listen closely, you can hear me howl with laughter. -=x

8/13/2008 #126
heart shaped box x3

I actually like that book, its sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. But yeah, I find it stupid that they actually sparkle.

8/13/2008 #127
Violent Messiah

OK, heart...since you're a fan, I will keep my silence about the series. -=x

Oh, but for anyone interested in the parody/summary...

Seriously...I was cracking up multiple times. -=D

8/13/2008 . Edited 8/13/2008 #128
heart shaped box x3

Nah, its fine. Rant as much as you would like to about it.

8/13/2008 #129
Thoughtful Silence

Heh, Twilight is probably the most overrated book since... Harry Potter. *deletes Harry Potter rant* Well, I'm sure you know what I mean. :)

8/13/2008 #130
X_X Harry Potter. Gosh, don't get me started. XD
8/13/2008 #131

There is one good thing about people reading books like Harry Potter and Twilight. While I may not like the series (although when I was little-- pre HP movies and hype, before the third book had been published, I found the first two HP books truly enjoyable), it's doing something that not a lot of people recognize: getting people to read. A lot of kids nowadays barely have a grasp of the English language, so it's nice to see something improving that.

However, if the stories are doody, the stories still are doody. :)

Hmm... a cookbook with pin up? Not a bad idea... *strokes chin* I don't think FP would let me publish that here ;D

8/13/2008 #132

Bleh, Twilight was okay, but people are too obsessed with it. But what Coma is saying is true-- though I don't think it's improving fangirls language because all they can seem to say is "I'm going to marry Edward Cullen" *shudder*

8/13/2008 #133
Thoughtful Silence

1000th post! Uh... *wanders off*

8/13/2008 #134

To avoid possible confusion...I, previously known as Stella Luella, changed my name. :p


PS. Don't call me Sela. XD

8/13/2008 #135
Violent Messiah

Heh...thank you, heart. I may just take you up on that and go off on Twilight one day.

Silence, congrats on your one grand post! And true they are both overrated, but at least the Harry Potter series has three things that Twilight lacks:

A plot that actually goes somewhere, even though the Harry Potter ones are realllly out there.

Main characters that have some semblance of personality.

Decent dialog, or at least dialog that doesn't make bad telenovellas groan.

Oh, didn't take me long to go off on Twilight after all. Whoops. -=x

Ok, I conceed that point, Coma...It is a good thing that both series get young people to read and all, but that's about the only kind thing I have to say about Twilight. The Harry Potter stories are OK, I guess, but the Twilight stories? You called it: doody. (Jeez, there I go again!) And true, FP might not let you publish said pin up recipie book, but I'm betting plenty of other sites would. God bless the world wide web...Ha!

Caecilia, while the whole "I'm gonna marry Edward/Jacob because he's sooooooo HOT!!!11!!1!!" is pretty bad, it pales in comparison to how this book is making young teen girls want to starve themselves, dye their hair and avoid the sun so they can be more Bella like in apperance. What's even worse is how many want to emulate her personality...which I find odd, seeing how she, like, has none. (Damn...gotta stop that!)

And Stella, it's a good thing you said something, because I was so about to call you Sela. -=)

Now, before you guys think my ego's out of control or something, I'm not claiming to be the best writer ever or anything. But, I can see the glaring problems with Twilight, and only a little looking let me know I wasn't alone. Plus, Meyer totally craps on the vampire genre, and it was in a sad state to begin with. Sparkling vampires...jeez, I want whatever drugs she was on when she came up with that should I ever need painkillers in the hospital again.

OK, scout's honor...that was it. No more. I'm done picking on Twilight. (For now, at least.) -=x

8/13/2008 . Edited 8/13/2008 #136

Gah. I'm naturally pale, so if I put on sparkly lotion [which I have and absolutely adore, I don't know why, but it fascinates me] I look like Alice Cullen. It's kinda sad.

I don't see the whole draw of any characters in the Twilight series. There are much better Vampire/werewolf series to read other than Twilight.

Okay, dropping Twilight.

So how's it going y'all?

8/13/2008 #137
heart shaped box x3

Gah. Me too, my friends always call me Bella: quite annoying.

But anyway, its going pretty well I guess.


8/13/2008 #138

I'm doing pretty nifty. Today [and kinda yesterday] I decided I really liked the word nifty, so I've been using it a lot... Somewhat. Not to an annoying point though.

Anywho, you doing the Beer Run?

8/13/2008 #139
Violent Messiah

'Nifty' is the new in word, eh? Heh...Ooookay.

I'm doing OK, as well...and yes, I'll be doing the beer run, as well. Heh, I've already started. -=x

8/13/2008 #140

Eh, I find a word and use it a lot, like for a while it was 'awkward' then it was 'bizarre'. Then my friends start using it without realizing it. Quite funny.

So have I... bleh, I'm not so good. I mean, I'm a fast reader, but leaving so many reviews? Gah, crazyness. And since I won't have anytime to do it friday, I have to get a buttload in today and tomorrow. I'm determined to beat Silence. I don't think it's going to work very well...

8/13/2008 #141
Violent Messiah

Yeah, we already know Silence is a bit over competitive, so barring his computer breaking, he'll probably try to outdo himself this go round. He's looney like that...heh.

Hmmm...maybe we should form an alliance and team up against him? -=X

8/13/2008 #142

hahaha, wonder if dolvich would let us add up the scores...

Heh. Then we could take Silence down.

8/13/2008 #143
Violent Messiah

Wait a minute. Have we just formed...

(wait for it)

The Anti Silence Squad?!?!?

*insert evil music here*

Mua-hahahaha! _

8/13/2008 #144

Score. How nifty, I think we have.

How many reviews do you already have?

8/13/2008 #145
LOL. You guys (and gals) are a riot.

Violent, you can call me Sela, but it'd feel weird.

Caecilia, I know what you mean about the word thing--I do the same thing (and it's funny when other people start using the same words). ^-^

So shall we take down Silence? :D

8/13/2008 #146


Hehehe, so now the Anti Silence Squad had three people.

I really have nothing against Silence, I enjoy talking to him and playing over at the Chill Corrupting game with him. But I really want to beat him.

So what can we call you for short Selarose?

8/13/2008 #147
Violent Messiah

Heh...I have nothing against Silence. He's a pretty good lad...well, except for his taste in football clubs. j/k

But...! When he started wearing his trophy on his belt, I knew then and there he had to go down! And thus, The Anti Silence Squad was born! *insert evil music here again* -=p

And I'm already in the double digits. Let's just say I've been prowling the horror and supernatural sections hard, and I plan on hitting up action as well.

Welcome aboard, Stella...we're always looking for members to our cause! -=D

8/13/2008 #148

Just popping in, saying I read the posts, and thanking my lucky stars I never got any embarassing nicknames. The worst were from my Chef Training class, but we all had crazy nicknames... nicknames you'd have to be on the interesting drugs VM mentioned Twilight's author being on to come up with.

Anyone else had embarassing nicks growing up?

8/13/2008 #149

Ack. How far in double digits? I want to know how far I have to make up...

My run doesn't seem very fast...


@coma: Yeah, my parents still call me Froggy-girl

8/13/2008 . Edited 8/13/2008 #150
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