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You'll Never Walk Alone

Yay. You should. I'm miss-able like that.

Ya want some rice?

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #2,881

Hi Kya! I can't wait to see what you look like!

9/13/2008 #2,882

Rice would be just the ticket.

Ugh, I'm so tired. I guess the months of missed sleep are finally taking their toll! Or I overdid it yesterday on my stupid ankle.

9/13/2008 #2,883
You'll Never Walk Alone

Brilliant. I have a glove, like yours, but I only have one. I think I lost the other.

What do you all like to listen to?

9/13/2008 #2,884
You'll Never Walk Alone

Rice and brown sugar and cinnamon sticks. Yes, actual cinnamon.

9/13/2008 #2,885

I like to listen to Sondheim musicals and Stravinsky.

9/13/2008 #2,886

Wow, I kind of expected a...child-like person...Kya, you look good, kid!

Not what it looks like, Star! She's only a sister!

9/13/2008 #2,887

It hasn't showed up for me yet.

9/13/2008 #2,888
You'll Never Walk Alone

I'm not child-like? Aw... I WANNA BE CHILD-LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!

Just for that, NO RICE FOR YOU-KE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a joke. :D

9/13/2008 #2,889

It's okay! Not being childlike has its advantages. Nice joke, by the way.

9/13/2008 #2,890
You'll Never Walk Alone

What kind of advantages...?

9/13/2008 #2,891

Well, my friend looks like a ten-year-old even though she's seventeen, so she has to show her student ID to get into movies that are rated 17A.

9/13/2008 #2,892

I'd rather not say.

Get into movies you normally can't. (Star's thoughts)


See? I was right.

I'm gonna get going for a while, although I'll probably be back on later on tonight. See ya guys!

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #2,893

hehe, yeah!

edit- bye Uki!

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #2,894
You'll Never Walk Alone

This is my favourite music video of all time. Senseless zombies. And ELECTRICITY!!!!!!

The song has nothing to do with zombies, and yet, there they are...

He isn't 'dancing' with himself, he's dancing with zombies... literally... ... ...And he looksHOT.

9/13/2008 #2,895
You'll Never Walk Alone

BYE UKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

That had nothing to do with the conversation, I just thought I'd share the zombie-rifficness.

So, how's it hanging, Star?

9/13/2008 #2,896

It's pretty good. The Death Note movie is being shown for one night in the theatre where I live, and I have a call back for the Crucible! And my ankle is getting better.

9/13/2008 #2,897
You'll Never Walk Alone

Way to go, you actor-person, you!

I need to practice my singing, if I wanna get a part in whatever musical we end up doing...

I don't even know when our theatre club starts. The school's more focused on sports than the arts. Grr... I do rather like sports though.

So what part did you try out for?

9/13/2008 #2,898

I read for Mercy Lewis and Abigail Williams, though I really want to play Betty Page. Mercy has all these lines that sound... pervy.

9/13/2008 #2,899
You'll Never Walk Alone

Hah. Well, if you wanted to play Betty Page, why didn't you try out for her?

9/13/2008 #2,900

Kya, I still can't see the pic.

And, Death Note already came into theaters where I am. Is it the dub?

9/13/2008 #2,901

There were preassigned audition pieces for the men and for the dames, and none of them were for Betty, so I took the Abigail speech. Then they made me do a cold reading for Mercy. I don't think they want me to play Betty.

9/13/2008 #2,902

I don't know if it's the dub. I don't want it to be, because I love Ken'ichi Matsuyama's real voice.

9/13/2008 #2,903

It was the dub for me, but I still need to rewatch it without dubs.

Ah, Kya, your pic finally showed up.

You are so freaking adorable!!

9/13/2008 #2,904

It still isn't up for me.

I hate how it's only one showing, though. There are so many Death Note freaks where I live they could put it on for one more showing.

9/13/2008 #2,905

Showed up for me. I just put up a new avatar, too. Me and one of my pals messing around with a garden hoe and a sledge hammer. I forget why.

9/13/2008 #2,906

Kya, you're so adorable!

I love your glovey thing.

9/13/2008 #2,907
You'll Never Walk Alone

Because breaking apart stone structures with sledgehammers is fun...?

I broke my garden wall with a sledgehammer.

9/13/2008 #2,908

Oh nice. I've never doe anything like that! My mom would have made me rebuild said stone wall.

9/13/2008 #2,909
You'll Never Walk Alone

My mum just hired someone.

But you've demolished a building, haven't you? Or maybe that was Cae... I don't remember...

9/13/2008 #2,910
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