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No, that was me.

And I got into a helluva lot of trouble for it. It won't happen again.

9/13/2008 #2,911

Wasn't me.... yet.

Maybe someday I'll blow up some building... Maybe not. We'll see.

Interesting new pic, Blindy

9/13/2008 #2,912

nice avi, Jake.

9/13/2008 #2,913
You'll Never Walk Alone

I love sledgehammers... I wanna blow up a building! Why did you blow it up, anyways?

9/13/2008 #2,914
You'll Never Walk Alone

*Poke* Are you the one on the left?

9/13/2008 #2,915

Oh, we were talking about this a page or two back, weren't we... It was me, Uki and U'Dust

9/13/2008 #2,916

I was annoyed.

9/13/2008 #2,917
You'll Never Walk Alone

I know, but she wasn't very clear as to why.

I WANT A BISCUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/13/2008 #2,918


Well, I'm trying to find a picture that I like so I can post it on here, but I can't find one, so.... No pictures for you, yet...

9/13/2008 #2,919
You'll Never Walk Alone

Okay... We'll lie await with baited breath.

I guess I'll have a glass of soda... which isn't a biscuit, but... *sigh*

9/13/2008 #2,920

Ah, don't hold your breath, Kya. It'll be a while... Probably.

Ah, I need to clean and do homework... I think I'll clean my comp desk and do hw at my desk... Seems like a plan to me!

9/13/2008 #2,921

I'm going to study my piece for a little while.

9/13/2008 #2,922

I'm back peeps.

9/13/2008 #2,923

And just as I'm leaving to head to a party.

Ah, what could have been.

9/13/2008 #2,924

Have fun at thine party, thou partying partyer thou.

9/13/2008 #2,925

Will do.

See ya' on the otherside, then.

9/13/2008 #2,926


Don't party too hard, don't drink and drive, always use protection, just say no, and wear a helmet.

9/13/2008 #2,927
You'll Never Walk Alone

And never say never...

Or stick your tongue in a toaster.


Hi Star.

9/13/2008 #2,928

Hey there!

9/13/2008 #2,929
You'll Never Walk Alone


9/13/2008 #2,930

Yep, my ankle doesn't ache too much now, and I got a phone call about the call back! Yay, they want to see me again on Monday.

9/13/2008 #2,931
You'll Never Walk Alone

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Star's gonna be a star... *sniffles* I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/13/2008 #2,932

you're so nice, Kya.

9/13/2008 #2,933
You'll Never Walk Alone

NO!!! KYA EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I make people's skins into lampshades...

9/13/2008 #2,934


9/13/2008 #2,935

We're number four!

9/13/2008 #2,936
You'll Never Walk Alone


I think there was a serial killer who did that once... or twenty-six times, one or the two.

9/13/2008 #2,937
You'll Never Walk Alone

I am proud of you though, Star.

I have such a talented sibling-in-law.

9/13/2008 #2,938
You'll Never Walk Alone

I have a question: How old do I look?

9/13/2008 #2,939

You look about thirteen.

9/13/2008 #2,940
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