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You'll Never Walk Alone

See, I told you, I look like I'm five!!! And I'M SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grrr. *Poke* I look older than you.

Okay, maybe not.

I'm short.

Oh well. At least I'd be the right height for Robert Clary or Davy Jones. -drools- :D

Just not the right age. *sigh*

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #2,941

Yo! I'm back.

What'd I miss besides Kya's...disturbing talk of serial killers and lampshades?

Oh, congrats on the call back, Star! Way to go!

9/13/2008 #2,942

Good job on the callback, UDust!!

Kya, you don't look 13 to me, closer to 15, or 16.

YAY! NUMBER 4!!! *dances*

9/13/2008 #2,943

Doesn't take much to make you happy, huh, BGC?

9/13/2008 #2,944

Serial Killers And Lamp Shades.

What an excellent title. Who wants to write its story?

Thanks Uki. I'm really happy about it all. I'm not sure f it means I'll get anything though, because 90 people are auditioning for a play that has 27 roles an only a slight chance of double casting, but this is really encouraging.

9/13/2008 #2,945

Hey, you and I both have to have hope. I'm kind of in the same boat seeing as 70-80 percent of students drop out of SEAL training. I don't know if I'll get in, just like you don't know if you'll get the part.

Have hope. That's all we can have once we've done our best!


Story titles and news headlines...I'm on a role today!

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #2,946

Ah, I'll leave that story to you U'Dust... Hmm... That reminds me of my new story/poem. Would you guys check it out? Been a while since I wrote anything...

Ah, Uki!!! I'm just waiting for the Roadhouse to become number 1 so we can take over, but other than that, it actually does take a bit to make me happy, but I also have pina colada juice and goldfish... mmmm... goldfish *drool*

I know you'll get in U'Dust.


ARGH. When will that nickname die?

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #2,947

Unless we recruit a team of Kyas to start posting here and there on this forum, I doubt we'll get to #1 in our lifetimes...


Hopefully, never ;)

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #2,948

Thanks for the encouragement, guys. Be assured I'm working my butt off now. The drama teacher was really intense over the phone. 'IMPRESS ME' was his response when I asked what I should do. So now I'm polishing up a speech and getting ready.

I'm woking on the story already. And I'm now reviewing your new thing.

9/13/2008 #2,949

We so will. And we don't need a team of Kyas. Once we get Mafia up and going, and getting more games up, then we'll get more.

Ah, it'll die soon. Nicknames never stick for me. Trust me on this.


can't wait for that story, U'Dust, and thanks!!

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #2,950
You'll Never Walk Alone

Maybe I wanted to do the story! It was my idea... who else would have thought of making lampshades out of people's skin? Certainly not any of you sane-type people!

9/13/2008 #2,951

-points to self-


9/13/2008 #2,952

Okay...I'm gonna pull just a few more inches away from all of you...

(Scoots away slowly...)

9/13/2008 #2,953

You can still do the story!! Then we can have two. It'd be awesome.

Hey, we can keep up with you, Kya. I don't think that qualifies us as sane...

Ha! See, even U'Dust agrees.

9/13/2008 #2,954
You'll Never Walk Alone

Yeah, well... okay, maybe not. How 'bout we work on it together? *Grins evilly with a strange glint in her eye*

9/13/2008 #2,955

Kya, you may be quirky, but you're not insane. To get into the insane club, you have to blow up something.

9/13/2008 #2,956

A "Killers and Lamp Shades" duet?

9/13/2008 #2,957

We could work on a co-op, Kya!

9/13/2008 #2,958

co-op with Kya and U'Dust? That'd be freaking amazing!!!

9/13/2008 #2,959



Let's brainstorm!

9/13/2008 #2,960

Cae, now you have me interested. That'd be...something else.

9/13/2008 #2,961
You'll Never Walk Alone

And evil...

Doesn't smashing things to bits count?

9/13/2008 #2,962
You'll Never Walk Alone

WE CAN ALL WRITE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Is really excited*

9/13/2008 #2,963

Smashing things will be alowed if you don't have access to explosives. We don't like to be discriminatory in the Insane Club.

9/13/2008 #2,964

I know!!

Ah, Kya, U'Dust, please, please, please write that story.

9/13/2008 #2,965

...Yeah, count me out...

(Already has 5 ideas he's trying to bring to fruitation.)

Hey...I just realized something!

I'm Charlie!!!

9/13/2008 #2,966

Sure, why not? I'm running up against another block with Stitches, Carson, and Emily, so I need an excuse to do something else.

Edit- Charlie? Huh?

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #2,967
You'll Never Walk Alone

Charlie...? As in, "Sorry, there, Charlie," or maybe some other Charlie I don't know about...?

9/13/2008 #2,968

You know...Charlie ;) (wonders if any one here will get the reference)

9/13/2008 #2,969
You'll Never Walk Alone

Oh, I know what you mean U'Dust. I have that exact same problem-o. Maybe (with luck) this'll get us going!

9/13/2008 #2,970
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