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Well, our second off-topic thread.

This post has grown so much.

I remember coming on at about page 13 of the first poolhouse.



If you're new, or don't know what you're doing, just jump into the conversation! We're nice people, if you just stop to chat with us!

9/25/2008 . Edited 10/22/2008 #1

Goblin ended the thread by ... screaming. (:

9/25/2008 #2

That, Gobby did.

Oh well.

Now, no spamming!

So what're you up to?

9/25/2008 #3

Some math homework. I have actually dragged this laptop outside to coach my younger cousin on some skateboarding. So I guess I`m not making much progress.

How about you?

9/25/2008 #4

What a lame name for the new thread. Couldn't you have like said: "Shootin' Pool, Shootin' the Breeze: The Sequel" or something?

9/25/2008 #5

Sorry, sorry.

I tried not to fail and the two was supposed to be in parentheses, but it wouldn't let me have them.

I have math homework to do, as well.. I'm going to go run upstairs and grab it, so I can do it whilst watching Fringe..

9/25/2008 #6

Although we haven`t been playing much pool. It`s gathering dust.

9/25/2008 #7

I should go... Calculus awaits.

9/25/2008 #8

Okay, then, Gobby.

*sets up some pool balls*

Okay, you break.

9/25/2008 #9

No! That means I have to try to do something productive!!!

9/25/2008 #10
Violent Messiah

Have no fear, I am here...

Well, partially. Jayne and Patty are over here making me watch Smallville before we watch Supernatural...

9/25/2008 #11

Smallville doesn't look that good...

Is it worth watching?

9/25/2008 #12

"You know, when I was nine, I think I wanted to be a brontosaurus"

9/25/2008 #13
Violent Messiah

OK, Cae...that was even more random then what Kya would usually say.

And Smallville is OK in principal, but to someone that read the Superman comics, it hurts my head to see what they do on there. -=x

9/25/2008 #14

No! It's from this week's ep of Fringe...

9/25/2008 #15
Violent Messiah

Oh, yeah...I gotta watch that.

Oh, and thank you for the review. Btw, Nickolai is spelled with a c in can be spelled without one, but that's considered the old fashioned way.

9/25/2008 #16

Shootin' The Breeze 2?

You know what they say, right?

The sequel usually sucks...

9/25/2008 #17
No Longer An Account

I just finished reading Deliverence by James Dickey. The hill folk certainly have an odd way about them, don't they?

One of those books that's frightening because you have to keep asking yourself what you would do in that situation.

So . . . yeah. We could talk about that.

9/25/2008 #18

I dunno, I'm up for any subject! That's what happens when you're in a great mood!

Far from what my life was yesterday, anyways...


Anyways! So, whatcha up to, ND?

9/25/2008 #19

Oh, I like the way it looks without a 'c'... Guess I'm old fashioned...

So, what's up?

9/25/2008 #20
No Longer An Account

Reading wilderness adventure stories. Just finished Deliverence, so now I'm starting on White Fang, and after that I'll read The Last of the Mohicans. Funny thought I had about White Fang; they say that outside of a book, a dog is a man's best friend, so what about a book about a dog?

"He ain't got no hair in his mouth."

"Git on yer knees an' pray, boy. And you better pray good."

The hill folk do have an odd way about them. Takes different strokes to move the world, I guess.

9/25/2008 . Edited 9/25/2008 #21

Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside, it's too dark to read...

Random quote I found last year.

I'm avoiding my homework. I feel like being lazy, but I have to clean a ton of crap tonight...

9/25/2008 #22

Not much on this absolutely wonderful day!

'Cept that, at work we were told to, instead of finishing the roof to dig a hole...and hit a sewage line...

I'm actually still laughing over what we dubbed the "Ol' Faithful" of sewage lines XD

Thankfully, they shut off the pipes before it got too bad...but it's still funny! And best part is, none of us got in trouble due to faulty information!!

My month is looking up! I might even have a girlfriend!!


How about you...BGC? Any news to report? Any gripes? Any sarcastic replies?


9/25/2008 #23
No Longer An Account

Gad, I hate homework. Especially math homework. But then again, I hate most things that have to do with math.

One thing's for sure: If I ever go canoeing down a river in north Georgia that I know nothing about, I'm bringin' a gun.

9/25/2008 #24

"Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read"

Groucho Marx said that line, Cae.

And about Georgia? Hell, if I ever GO to Georgia I'm bringin' a gun...

9/25/2008 #25
No Longer An Account

The hill folk are mostly Scots; I'm German-Irish.

Beautiful country in north Georgia. Shame about all of those butt-r*** hillbillies.

"Git on yer knees an' pray, boy!"

9/25/2008 . Edited 9/25/2008 #26


Okay...on the last three words of that reply...

Won't go there...


Ah, ther's no such thing as a drunken Irishman!

Becasue that would imply that, somewhere out there is a sober one....yeah, I'm part Irish too...

9/25/2008 #27
No Longer An Account

I take it you've never read Deliverance. Great book, though a bit painful to read for . . . obvious reasons.

It has a reasonably happy ending, though.

9/25/2008 #28

Hey, I'm Irish too...

I have math homework. I most definitely don't want to do it.

But I need to finish all my hw tonight, because I have those japanese girls this weekend...

9/25/2008 #29
Violent Messiah

Uke, is this potential love intrest your formerly platonic room mate that lost her cookies on you?

Man, Supernatural is kicking a** tonight...the whole religious slant its going now really seems to be working. It reminds me I need to do some bible studying for Heaven's Requiem, as while I know the major talking points of certain books, I could use more resource material. -=x

9/25/2008 #30
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