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I really like Build God, Then We'll Talk. I have one line in it stuck in my head.

11/1/2008 #2,971

which line?

11/1/2008 #2,972

'sigh what a wonderful caricature of intimacy'

On a loop. Over and over. It would be really infuriating if it weren't Brendan Urie.

11/1/2008 #2,973

He makes reeeeaally awkward faces when he sings though.

But I do like his voice.

Have you heard any of the stuff from their new album?

11/1/2008 #2,974

Their new ablum was the first album I got of them. I think it's really amazing how they changed in three years, to say the least...

I like both albums, though. I'm not going to slit my wrists because they're emphatically not the same band.

11/1/2008 #2,975

Yo, I'm gonna be in & out for a while, family and all.


11/1/2008 #2,976

Bye Uke.

Yeah, I only like a couple of songs on their new album.

But, I gotta go too. Going to a birthday party.

Talk to y'all later!

11/1/2008 #2,977

That's okay, Uki! It was still really good to talk to you.

11/1/2008 #2,978

See you, Cae! Have a good time!

11/1/2008 #2,979

Holy crap, that washer sounds demonic...

And nothing is wrong with it!

Ah, missed Cae...oh, well...

Heh, it's always great chatting with you, Star! And I so very much missed everyone here while I was gone...someday I'll regale you with my (creepy) time in that godforsaken town, too! Not as creepy, or scary as Hellsing's ending, though...

11/1/2008 #2,980

-smashes head against desk as she reads 'Hellsing'-

I'd love to hear about it sometime.

I have a demonic dishwasher! It sounds like it's strangling a frog for a satanic ritual!

11/1/2008 #2,981

I really don't know whether to find a guy to fix it, or find an exorcist and save it...

11/1/2008 #2,982

Maybe you could find a combination of the two- a plumber with crucifixes and Latin!

Man, I want to write that.

11/1/2008 #2,983

...That...would awesome!!

Mario in Vatican robes! Holy crap, hide the choir Toadstools!!

11/1/2008 #2,984


That's amazing! I want to write it! I do! But I have a perfectly good plot without plumbers!

Gotta go, now. See ya!

11/1/2008 #2,985

See ya, Star! Have a great one!

11/1/2008 #2,986

Anyone here?

11/2/2008 #2,987

I am! I am!

11/2/2008 #2,988

How`s it going, Cae?

11/2/2008 #2,989

Pretty good.

How bout you, Gobs?

11/2/2008 #2,990

Pretty good (: I got back from a brutal 6 hour session of NLS Waterfront training. Whew! Now I`m hungry... :D

11/2/2008 #2,991

NLS Waterfront training? Is that for the lifeguarding stuff?

I got back from my sleepover a while back... Then I took a shower (I smell really good right now)

11/2/2008 #2,992

Yeah, it`s for lifeguards who are looking to work at beaches :D Hehe. I`d die for a shower right now.

How was your sleepover? Pillow fights? Scary movies?

11/2/2008 #2,993


Actually, we did both, but stopped watching the scary movie a couple minutes in. The main actor that was supposed to be hot, wasn't. Twas a let down. Then we were playing Rock Band and started a band called the Prague Teutonics... I was the lead singer!! And the power went out for like 30 seconds, but we weren't sure if it was actually the power because we had been messing with the lights earlier....

11/2/2008 #2,994

Hahaha. Sounds like fun (: Which movie was it? I love RockBand. I can`t sing, though. Even thought I know you just have to hit the pitches. Not even on easy. T___T

I`m pretty good on the guitar, though, if I do say so myself :D

Edit: Gob has to go to work. Bye! (:

11/2/2008 . Edited 11/2/2008 #2,995

I fail on easy, but am really good on medium. I may not know the lyrics, but I can get the notes, most of the time.

Never tried on the guitar, but I fail mostly, so it's all good.

It was called Fear of the Dark. The main guy is really hot in Dawn of the Dead, so we thought we'd be lucky....

Bye Gobs!

11/2/2008 #2,996

U'Dust! I know you're online!

11/2/2008 #2,997

No I'm not...

11/2/2008 #2,998

Hey, you can't pull that one on me!

What're you up to?

11/2/2008 #2,999

(shuffles from her hiding place)

I'm not up to much. Being industrial on stories.

Listening to Christmas carols by Loreena McKennitt (new album! Midwinter's Night Tale. Highly recommended)

11/2/2008 #3,000
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