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Oh yeah, we will Lys.

I keep forgetting to watch the monster ep from... a while ago?

Yeah, keep forgetting to watch that.

Guess what I'm reading.

10/30/2008 #2,881
Link Broken

reading is awesome. watcha reading?

10/30/2008 #2,882
Violent Messiah

Man, tonight's Supernatural was awesome! How that show isn't ranked one of the best on today, I just don't get. Tonight they introduced another angel, and he's kinda scary. -=x

10/30/2008 #2,883

Oh! I can't wait!

How's it going, Zerom?

10/30/2008 #2,884

Nobody's online?

10/30/2008 #2,885

Hello, Cae!

10/30/2008 #2,886

Well, I guess you're gone. That's okay, leaving now! *^_^*

10/30/2008 #2,887

I'm here... And watching Supernatural... You still on?

10/30/2008 #2,888

Today is just not a good day...

10/30/2008 #2,889

Yo! To answer your question, Cae; 2 jobs and 70+ hours of work without a damn day off. That's why.

Goddamned politicians and their "Oh, free healthcare would destroy our very fabric of existence" crap. Is it any wonder I absolutely loathe the republicians? Any wonder at all??

I, and my girlfriend are living with family right now so that...well, private matters, really. I'd say more, but right now it's...stressful, and things aren't looking that unstressed in the future. More importantly...why did I have to move so friggen close to my father!?

Sorry...stressed. Majorly. Got a v***? I could so-o-o go for one...thousand of them. But, as for that crap...holy crap, I was right about September and October being my bad months! Holy crap!! I just remembered that, haha!

Oh, and about Curry? Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Yeah, I censored it for them. Wouldn't wanna make'em work too hard now, would I? ;) God, I hope things get better. For all of us.

Sorry, this was more of a gripe than I, Star? Have you finally read the last chapter of Hellsing? I won't ruin it, except that it's too damn corny. And predictable. And what's up with my two lines for each dang-I don't want to get into that. Sorry, just too dang tired to do so. (Yeah, I did this to bust out of that two line then space thing...sorry. ;)) Oh...Fallout 3! Woohoo!

See ya guys later...hopefully. Oh, sweet sleep...

10/30/2008 #2,890

Damn, Uki. That sucks. Hope things look up for you soon.

Well, I might as well get off now too.

Sleep. :)

10/30/2008 #2,891
No Longer An Account

No rest for the wicked tonight, it seems; I got another attack of insomnia.

10/30/2008 #2,892

Poor Davi. Well, two chaps of Ghost Dance came out last night, so is the insomnia the cause of that?

10/31/2008 #2,893
No Longer An Account

When I'm the only one awake in this house, I get many things accomplished. I also watched one of the Lord of the Rings movies and started coming up with some etymology for the fiction mythology I'll use in my fantasy stories. I've decided that High Elves will speak Latin (I only need it for place-names, so I don't have to actually know Latin); goblins, giants, the lesser and more traditional type elves, trolls, and the like will speak a language I'm in the process of making up, and everybody else will speak English. Sounds good to me.

10/31/2008 #2,894

Sounds fun.

Me and Lyssa are in the process of making a language. We got the written part almost down.

10/31/2008 #2,895

As a kid, I just spoke a different languages whenever people were listening in. Making my own never really sparked with me. Plus, I wouldn`t be able to stick to it long enough to finish it. XD

10/31/2008 #2,896

Well, I made it up in one day... I kinda want to redo it though. It uses the english alphabet, but I think it might be more useful if it was phonetic...

10/31/2008 #2,897
Lyssa Lunatique

You wanna redo it? What?

I'm going to write down that other one that I found so you can see it tonight, alright?

10/31/2008 #2,898

That sounds cool. If you`re making it phonetic, would that be a whole new phonetic system? Or a slight deviation/ based off English phonics?

10/31/2008 #2,899
Lyssa Lunatique

We're not really sure yet.. so far we just translated the entire alphabet into different symbols. We kinda decided that first we want to learn the symbols, and then we could expand from there so we don't overwhelm ourselves.

10/31/2008 #2,900

I'm back!



But, no I didn't say I was going to redo it. I said I was thinking about it.

Do you know about Japanese, Gobs? Because I think that's what I want to set it up as sounding like... A bit.

10/31/2008 . Edited 10/31/2008 #2,901

I`d be overwhelmed already. x) And hey, Cae!

But I must go again. To put the finishing touches on our pumpkin. Bye! Happy Halloween!

Edit: I know basic Japanese, from a Japan Exchange thingy I went on. But it sounds so cool when they talk fast. (: Good luck with your language! I`ll be the first one to have it on my keyboard... hehehe. ;]

10/31/2008 . Edited 10/31/2008 #2,902

Have fun!! You too!

But I'll have to research more languages...

10/31/2008 #2,903

A new language?

...crap, another dang thing I'll have to learn...

Well, odds are I'm the only person here in the Roadhouse, which is kind of nice in an odd sort of way. Nothing to do at this nice lil' house but hand out candy, watch horror movies with the girlfriend (Woohoo! It's only the flu!!...wait, am I supposed to be happy about that?...dang early for it, IMO) and wait for everyone to come back. Tis' the good life =D

My nieces and nephews looked so dang cu-u-u-u-te!!!! My second youngest niece was a kitty cat with adorable! And yeah, I sound creepy...even I thought that as I typed that stuff out.

Ah, I'm looking forward to giving my two weeks notice at my weekend job now...seems like things might get better for me...

...Ah, and Star? I hope Curry's doing better. Being really worried for the guy!

See ya all later!

10/31/2008 #2,904

Is anyone here? Or are y'all trick or treating? (:

10/31/2008 #2,905
Violent Messiah

I'm still at work, but I'm screwing around on my phone while taking a break. I think I'm makingJayne and Kelly, the pink haired girl, jealous and suspicious with all the texting I'm doing. Mua-hahahaha! -=x

I have no idea why I resisted getting a cell phone for so long...these things are some damn useful!

11/1/2008 #2,906

Nice, VM. :D What`s your carrier?

11/1/2008 #2,907

Woohoo! A lil' ole break amongst the Chaos that is my life!

So, whatcha all up to? If'n, there's anyone here...

11/1/2008 #2,908


I missed you!

11/1/2008 #2,909

what are you up to?

11/1/2008 #2,910
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