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Violent Messiah

OK, I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, so here goes. We've all run across a story or poem that we think is just amazing, yet from the look of, or rather lack of, reviews it seems we are alone in this belief, right? Well, this post aims to solve that problem. This is where you come in and tell everybody about your amazing discovery and let people who are looking for something good to read know what they should be checking out.

Now anyone, and I encourage everyone, can jump on here and hype someone's work to their heart's content. However, there are a few ground rules to adhere to:

1) Thou shalt not spam this thread with nonsense.There are many other threads for the random insanity and off topic stuff that we all like to indulge in from time to time...this, however, is not one of them. If you feel the need to post your irrelevant ramblings somewhere, try the Dart Board, the Juke Box or, of course, the Pool Table. Just please keep it out of here as I'm trying to keep clutter to a minimum and information on hidden gems we should be reading to a maximum.

2) Thou shalt not shamelessly self promote.Let's be clear on this; this thread is not for writers to come and try and ganner up readers for their work. That's what the Bar is for, so head there if you feel like trying to grab readers. This thread is for readers who have found someone else's great story or poem or whatever and feel it's not getting the props it deserves. Think of it as a good Samaritan thread, if you like...besides, if your work is good and you feel it's not getting enough notice? Chances are someone will hype it for you, so no need for you to do it, got it?

3) Thou shalt not flame someone else's hype.I don't care how much you think someone else's idea of an unrecognized work of art is actually a heaping pile of rubbish, either keep it to yourself or take it to the Dartboard. I'd like this thread to be a friendly guide to some of the better pieces of literature on FP that people just don't know about yet, not flame bait.

Now this isn't so much a rule as a suggestion. Say you think someone needs to read a story and you pop in here and say "Go read so-and-so, it's great!", right? OK, what makes it so great? What's it about? Why should we care? Don't just say go read it...sell us the work! Make us want to go check it out and see what we're missing.

OK, I'll kick this off. I know a number of writers that need hyping, but I'm going to start off with RoseInk's story called Horse. It's this awesomely descriptive story about this female grunge rocker and her rise and more then likely fall as told through the eyes of people around her. The story is pretty cool and her descriptions make sure you see the scene in your head, and all the characters talking about the main character Sonja all have different voices, personalities and opinions of her. It's cool to see how they all see and react to and about this one person, the way they talk about her making her seem real. It's like some kind of Hollywood "Where are they now?" TV episode, just written as a attention grabbing story. It's a shame only me and Dusty seem to be reading it, and I think more people need to jump on board.

OK, that's my first hype...believe me, there's many more to come. Cheers! -=x

11/1/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #1

Ah, Horse. Definitely one of the cooler stories I've read.

I'd like to shamelessly hype an author named Lily And Shadow. I originally found her on fanfiction, and it's her stories that led me to fictionpress. She's looking to being published, and her stories, while they're not everyone's cup of tea perhaps, are very emotional an descriptive. She's incredibly talented, but completely overlooked. I think reviews and support would be very much appreciated.

She's on my Favourites list, if you need to find her.

11/1/2008 #2

Ah, snap! Why didn't I think of something like this? Well, good thinking, VM!

I have three suggestions, and I shall start with:

Stop The Press

Yes, this group of authors have created something unique and interesting. Check out any of their essays and you'll either laugh yourself to death, or find out you're a humorless automaton who probably gets wet thinking about Stalin. Much of what they write about is for us would-be authors who might have, what we think is a good idea, but that has probably been overdone or worse, wasn't thought out properly (Currency/Money comes to mind). Better your skills and ideas by checking this little group out. (Warning; apparently they stopped updating so get hooked at your own risk.)

GWT (Great Writer Trinku)

Now, besides the fact that his name basically blows his own horn, his stories Psychodust and Psychodust: ROUNDABOUT are another great read. Perhaps one of the few 1st person POVs I've ever gotten into, it's mainly about psychics (Seemingly all manga is) but, that's not the point. The point, and why you should be reading it, is the relentless humor and nice plot (with nice lil' plot twists) that this series possesses. Also, fans of Cthulu might enjoy the references throughout the series. My only gripe is who the main lead of the first story kind of ends up with...

Crash Ichimonji

Just because this one is last, doesn't mean a thing! His story Pink Gender is one of the, if not the best Gender-Swap story here on FP. The main male lead is the little wimp who thinks life as a girl would be better and, one day wakes up as, you guessed it, a female. One of the best things is that, unlike most manga-inspired stories where the parents and everyone outright accepts this new change, the parents of the male lead are split on that subject, and the others in the story have no idea what's going on. A better idea than I could ever make it sound, this is one author you shouldn't pass up just because they write for the Manga section.

These groups are on my Favorites as well if you need help finding them.

11/1/2008 #3

Okay.. Let's see what I have.

Untitled Badass Vampire Story by Mrs. Stardust Ukitsu

Okay, so this is the rewritten version of her earlier story Carson the Vampire. U'Dust's writing is darkly funny, and stays away from the twilight, emo-vampire-hole that many female writers fall into. Her characters are strong and it's an addicting story. Still being updated, too.

Mercury Zero by Comawhite13

Very interesting writing style. Strong character, some funny parts. Definitely an interesting sci-fi story. Sporadically updated... So, once you read it all, you'll really be wanting more.

Take Your Suicide Pills by TheScreamingGoblin

Scary, depressing, and amazingly written. Nice dramatic irony... It's hard for me to explain why you should read it, but trust me. It's really good.

All these stories are in my favorites as well...

11/2/2008 #4

And this story!

A Heart Is Where The Home Is, by JohnnyYNot (story on my Favourites list) I need this to be updated, so if there could be an unexpected onslaught of reviews there, that would be most helpful. And it's good!!!!

11/2/2008 #5

Wow, thanks so much for the hype, VM!!! It means a lot. And I may or may not have texted my writer friend to tell him I was an interwebs sensation, haha. And the reason it means as much as it does is because Violent Messiah is an incredible writer. One of the better ones on fictionpress. Namely, his story "Girl's Night Out" introduced me to a fast-paced, well written action story, and the unique, volatile Katja Petrov. Now I have no choice but to read the rest of his Katja stories, because they are simply that addictive. I'm new to fictionpress, and haven't read quite as much as some other people here, but I assure you when more exceptional stories come my way I'll pass them over here.

11/3/2008 #6

Yay! We can both be VM groupies now!

I'd also like to recommend something of VM's. Namely Real Monsters! Woot, Nickolai! What else can I say but Nickolai is a kickass vampire. Stamp of approval!!

11/3/2008 #7

Yay! If only writers had groupies in real life...I'd love to be a rockin' rollin' female writer with tons of attractive, adoring groupies. 'Cept our groupies will be even better, because they will be literate intellectuals. How awesome is that?

11/3/2008 #8

I love the way you think, Sor!! I want to be a writer like that...


But, so I'm not spamming....

I'd like to recommend Zerom (Violent Messiah)'s story Heaven's Requiem: The Forsaken.

's a great story. Kick a** angels and demons. Tons of action, great plot. And reaaallly addicting. Seriously. Nice violence... Uh... I can't really think of much more to say, but this is a great story!!

11/3/2008 . Edited 11/3/2008 #9

Only children's authors have groupies like that...

Off-topic, guys! Take it to an off-topic thread!

Read Cae's While Screaming At The Moon, title pending!

11/3/2008 #10

Hey, I fixed it so there were no problems!!


Check out Ash by U'Dust [Mrs. Stardust Ukitsu]!!!

I remember when there was an update a day. Her characters are funny, and it's really interesting so far. It's also a different sort-of story. Interesting subject and everything!

11/3/2008 #11

Ah, Ash. Some day I'll finish that story...

I'm hyping Cherry by doodlelover. Story's on my favourites. It's new and promising. Reviews would be appreciated, I think.

11/3/2008 #12

I would like to hype the author Landcaster (, but can also be found on my favourites.) Very good poetry, and I also recommend the short story Ms Wall.

11/4/2008 #13

I suggest Time Didn't Fly by a truly overlooked author called Yadyn. Someone read it. Wow.

11/5/2008 #14

Charactarantula by far. This kid is amazing.

11/10/2008 . Edited 11/14/2008 #15


11/10/2008 #16

Knowledge is Power

Great start so far. Leaves off with suspense. Good descriptions. U'Dust, you may like it. Maybe want to add it to that community of yours.

11/15/2008 #17
I would like to put forth my admiration for a story called 'Irish Eyes Tell Lies' by Sinister-Sweetness, 'The Telephone Booth' by SilverSylph, and would love to scream off the rooftops the amazingness of an author called heart'sespionage, an awesome poet. Thank you. -Beth
11/15/2008 #18

Yeah... Ukitsu's story Roadhouse D and D.

All the reason you need to read it?

It's based on the Roadhouse.

But seriously, crazy funny, and will keep you wanting more. It's so good!

(but, don't let him know, or he might get an ego like Silence =D)

11/27/2008 #19

An ego like Silence?

More like an ego like me...

11/29/2008 #20

Blindy, you're the new Silence.

You'll never beat him...

11/29/2008 #21

Oooh this thread is a great idea. I am gonna check out some of these veritable unknowns. :)

I know this doesn't really fit the purpose of the thread, but I want to plug somebody who has already had quite a lot of success with reviews, so she definitely doesn't need any pity - and she's not around at the moment anyway so won't notice any extra reviews she gets, probably *lol*. But she has been one of my favourite authors on here for years (literally yeeeears) and her story Bitter Weena is excellent - hilarious and also a nice romance. Her other stories are great too - and no two are the same or similar.

Before I forget...her pen name is alicesun (though used to be redloserpaw).

12/1/2008 #22

The Faithful by Charactarantula.

Best ever...

12/1/2008 #23
You'll Never Walk Alone

Through the Haze by .Eternal.Romance.

12/2/2008 . Edited 12/2/2008 #24

I'd reccomend RitzBitz8, he's writing a majorly long novel called Anomaly about teenagers in this large city with elemental powers. Filled with romance, drama, action and tragedy I'd really reccomend it for people to read. It might not be the best writing in the world but it has artwork to go along with it and bonus chapters with things such as encyclopedias in it. It is written in the style of a funky anime, with the term super hero tipped up on its end. Brilliant, read it. Of course you could always read my stories... lol

12/3/2008 #25

Okay, people, I highly recommend that you check out Framejock's new story that was betaed by yours truly. A sequel to 'My Mistake', it's entitled 'Grabbing The Shovel'. Read it! Is good!

1/14/2009 #26

Imalefty's completed story Happiness Lived Next Door. It was finished several years ago, but I still remember it rather well. It has this distant, futuristic feel to it, but a reader can find themselves quick to care for the characters. There's a certain, universal tension in the idea of a force trying to take something you love, just for existing.

Also, Patricia Louise has a few new short stories I just love. One is "Babblemouth"; I'm currently working to ensure that she uses her main character in more short stories because she has such a unique voice. The main character is a witch who seems to be fairly laid back but has an extremely realistic best friend who is high maintenance and a tad needy. Very funny short story and written in a fast style that keeps the story moving. The other short story is called "Batman vs. the Eighth Commandment." It's a young adult story that, while tame in comparason to drug/sex/abuse filled stories of the same genre, is full of realistic siblings and friends struggling with the basic need for a little cash to buy that which they just 'must' have.

3/22/2009 #27

Jazz Thinks You Are Stupid is a new author whose work I recently stumbled upon. Normally, I read slash, but her heroine in The Glass Kingdom is really witty, humorous, and amusing. The story is only on the first chapter, but I bet any reader who looked at it wouldn't be disappointed -- her grammar is awesome and her writing is so vivid! I hope she doesn't disappoint, though I don't think she will. The summary basically goes like: "Jazz is a quirky and practical girl. She has a minor talent in Seeing -- catching snatches of alternate realities and brief glimpses into the near future -- but this has never seriously impacted her conventional life. That is, until she finds out that she is the Seer -- a mythical being on whom the decisions of an entire world depends." Read and enjoy.

6/3/2009 #28
fears up side

Pedellea and her story Seven Minutes

6/11/2009 #29

I think Chit Chat Cat's story Last Call Before Dawn is amazing, it is interesting, has originality and is hilarious :)

6/16/2009 #30
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