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Kendall N.S

I think that BlackDahliaSuspect's story Untittled is really good because it really puts chills down your spine if you favor psycological horror. It's in my favorites if you want to read it.

6/22/2009 #31

Definetly so i was hit by a car the other day

And The Slave of Heaven ReWrite, its awesome that one:P And it has a vampire romance thing that isnt really ridicoulous:O It is good though:P

7/19/2009 #32

Oh i forgot to mention the best:P

The key of emerald

and its sequal

The Unicorn and the Tree of Sorrow

7/19/2009 #33
L.A. Clearwater

Mabuhay!(greetings from the Philippines!)Oh I'd like to mention 3 names; Bloodrayne89, Tyner Twine and Nyca.......I love these authors very much.....oh I almost forgot Cookiepiecookiepie( I love her story Dark Blood).

7/31/2009 #34
Bonnie's Flower

Hahaha my friend recomended this forum to me and now I know why! There's this story Love Triangle Literally that is literally amazing! It's one of those stories that cool fangirls like to read becuase it's about a cool fangirl getting strange fangirl dreams fufilled. Plus the story's just a whole bunch of hotness! And one of my favorite authors (who I'm exited to see on this! -waves-) is MantraMagazine who writes this kick a** story about a manga-ka who gets a human version of my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor, mmm Izumi-san. And he's so shamelessly sarcastic and mean to her! He'll start to make a joke with her and take it too far, and then not even feel bad about it until he realizes she's uber upset and then he's all "let me sooth you with my pretty face" which he does.

Yep, those are two of my favorites! Thanks for letting me vent on my favorite authors! And I like everyone elses too!

8/16/2009 #35

Jax Creation's "Insignia", which is set in the fututre where... oh just go read it, it's good ;). A mix of young adult drama and thriller and action, with great atmosphere and action, and only 1 review (til i reviewed again... so sad and undeserved!)

9/4/2009 #36

Tell Me Why You Cry by TheMonomaniacalGoblin is an amazing story. Updates are slow, but well worth the wait. The main character is really twisted, and she captures his thoughts really well. Awesome story... Goblin is a really amazing writer! Another, which I think I've actually already mentioned on this thread is Take Your Suicide Pills!

Siren Song by Fights-With-Words is the rewrite of her story Shooter. The main character is the quirky Graecia Pyror, aka Grace/Gracie. Only the first chapter is up, but if she got more reviews, I'm sure she'd be very inclined to update faster... *hint* XD Any of Stio's (Fights-With-Words) stuff is well worth the read because she is amazing with detail, and she's an amazing writer.

9/5/2009 #37

Now this is a story thats good.

I've Seen Twilight


9/6/2009 #38

Im gonna actually second someones hype thing here.

Siren Song

This is one hell of a first chapter:O

9/6/2009 #39

I highly recommend The Dancer by Twist Their Emotions. It's creepy and strange and I love it.

9/6/2009 #40

If you like dark poetry then read anything written by Haunted-By-Scars

9/7/2009 #41

People, thank you so much for advertising for other people, and keeping this thread alive, but you really need to give people a reason why they should read the author/story you're saying they should.

Give more background, or say why you love it enough to tell other people to read it!

9/8/2009 #42

lol, yeah. ZzzZ

9/11/2009 #43

If anyone here's interested in reading slash, there's a mindblowing author called frenchmartini who has at once the most original and best reads. I always sound like a real idiot when I review her works because she's made me so happy! The way she portrays the boy/boy relationship is refreshing, because they seem like a real couple. It's not just about those fun scenes, it's about two people who care deeply for each other. And that's really special in the slash scene.

SJ White

9/17/2009 #44

I recommend JessNutsss. She is an brilliant author and her story When The Actor Cant Act is one of the best out there. :) xxx

9/19/2009 #45

Hi :)

I'd like to recommend a story I read... yesterday by one of my fav authors, YasuRan. It's called Skin Ink and its only got two chapters so far, but I think it got off to a fantastic start. Why? Because it's different, because I think it has potential, because her writing is interesting and... yeah that's all I can think of.

This is a great idea for a thread, btw.

9/25/2009 #46
Engineer of Words

Black Label Publishing Company

We're immoral, dangerous, and very good at what we do.

12/3/2009 #47

The Last Renaissance

A must read for anybody who likes fantasy

12/7/2009 #48

A must read for romance and humor.

12/30/2009 #49
Eiya Weathes

Okay, these stories I will list aren't reviewless. I'm just encouraging YOU (yeah you) to check them out,

They have 10+ reviews and I'm only listing them here because...I really think theses stories are great. ::

LadyLuck123's Cupid Hates Me (romance)

K.M.Simpson's I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus (romance)

Lain Barbiedoll's My Boyfriend Is A Mermaid Prince (romance)

**If you noticed, I love romance. So, if you want me to take a look at your romance story, I'll be glad to. (Just message me.)

12/31/2009 #50

Thanks for the suggestion Amethyst! I checked her stories out and they rock hard. I'm going to mention one of my favorite stories, which I'm sure everyone has heard of but still kicks metaphorical a**: #mce_temp_url# The link's being weird : ( But that's the link to Koibito no Ryu, a supernatural romance that is written with such finesse I burn with jealousy. If by some tragic turn of events you haven't read this story, do. Cause it's probably #1 on this site. 3

12/31/2009 #51
Cass Boothe

Shattered Dreams CassandraRose526

This story may not be for everyone. It takes a realistic look at a victim of r*** and forced prostitution. However her characters are always amazing, and any of her works are worth the time to read them. Go take a look!

12/31/2009 #52
Cass Boothe

Shattered Dreams CassandraRose526

This story may not be for everyone. It takes a realistic look at a victim of r*** and forced prostitution. However her characters are always amazing, and any of her works are worth the time to read them. Go take a look!

12/31/2009 #53

Okay, i know everyone knows about Luuk's short story Gone and its companion pieces, but let me reiterate: Luuk has something no other writer has on this site, at least that I've found. There's this sterling quality to Luuk's work that astounds me completely, every word has thought behind it, sentence are fitted to be beautiful on their own, and the over all story will blow you out of your favorite candy cane socks. Everything that I wish to find when I open up a new story Luuk has, and more. I wouldn't be near as impressed with this site if it weren't for that darker touch Luuk has to add to a clever plot and a bit of romance. Stories like Luuks, authors like Luuk, are few and far between and I am so very lucky to have been able to read Luuk's work. I hope you all take a well deserved gander at Luuk's stories; for the sheer amount of awesomness of their stories Luuk has but pitiful few reviews.

Thank you Luuk, where ever you are!

1/4/2010 #54

I just had the pleasure of reading Silver Penny's His Slumbering Rose and would like to recommend it to those who like a fairy-tale-ish story, but with a little more pathos than modern fairy tales contain. It's well-crafted in form and touching of spirit. I greatly enjoyed it, and, at under 1300 words, it's a minor investment in time for what I feel is a great payoff.

1/4/2010 #55
Humming LadyBug

I'll have to recommend Willa by Fair Winds.

If you are interested in classical literature such as Jane Austen, Bronte and so on, then this is for you. It's wonderfully written, with great description, characters, settings, a witty lovable protagonist, and of course, romance. The story is quite far along now, it's at chapter 30, but do NOT let that stop you from checking it out. It's definitely worth the read if you like the genre.

1/9/2010 #56
zombie chickens

I have to reccomend everyone to read a story by Telephonic called The Bell Ringer. It is a really cool fantasy story that honestly should have a genre of it's own. Really entertaining with an immensely intriguing plot and deserves a lot more attention than what it's gotten.

(I'm hoping that if she gets more feedback she might update it soon...just a thought.)

1/26/2010 #57
Lea Ai

I highly recommend any of Dougie Boy's work. He has a raw "tell it like it is" style that is just great and he is very witty.

Specifically I recommend Confessions of a Crack Addict. He has told me that he isn't getting a lot of hits on it. Perhaps some of you may be able to figure out why (i.e. how can he improve his summary/title/category???). PM him if you have any suggestions--or I suppose you could leave it in a review :-D.

Thank you so much in advance. I'd love to see him get more notice.

5/15/2010 #58

Out of all the stories and poems I've read on FP, there are a few that stuck with me. Enough so that they made it onto my Favourite Stories list.

That's where you can check out all of these amazing pieces of art (hehe). You'll understand that later.

1. Basically anything by Fugitive-From-the-Future But, Dreams is my favourite.

2. candlekitty is just one of the most amazing writers I've ever had the chance of getting a review from. I positively, absolutely love Hate Me . It's an absolute MUST READ for anyone. Over 135 reviews, but it still isn't enough.

3. Wikipedia and WebMD by sarahhh. still remains my favourite One-Shot that isn't written by my best friend.

4. Thirds by miyree has only been reviewed by me, and it definately deserves more than one. So, start hitting that rant-ish thing up. Cause it needs more love.

5. The Artist by summer-insomniac is without a doubt, my second favourite story out on FP. I was so amazed by how few reviews it had when I started reading it. Usually, I can stop reading a story to eat and go pee, but when my mother called me for dinner I actually yelled at her to shut-up. That's how good this story was. I didn't eat dinner that night... But, I haven't willed myself to read anything else by summer-insomniac because I don't want to start comparing two stories. The truth is, there will never be a comparison to that story. Seriously, just read it, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Finally, my last recomendation is one made with tears and sad faces. The best author I ever read on FP was one by the name of simonexsays. People were plagerizing his work and he refused to keep any of his stories on FP. They are now being read and enjoyed in a community to which you can find the link on his profile. It is a sad, sad, day when an author can't even write an amazing story without it being taken away from 'em. Seriously, follow the link on the profile. My favourite work by simonexsays were Once Upon a One Night Stand and Once Upon a One Night Stand Redux Take the time to read them, they're both equally amazing. Hope one of them gets published sometime.

Well, I hope that Hyping these stories and authors has made you more interested in reading good material by good authors. Good luck to all of you authors out there. And to everyone else, Happy reading!


5/22/2010 #59

Looks like no one has touched this in awhile, shame, I assure you there have been great stories since Feb. 2nd 2009!

My Diverse Recs: (and as an added bonus, all of my recs mentioned here also return your reviews! O:)

Anything by xenolith; you want it? She has what you want.

Nochnayia Lubov by sophiesix; a very unique historic Russian forbidden romance.

Children of Winata by Narq; with a La Camp award under its belt, the short chapters and compelling story will have you caught up in its action.

Shadows by Lianoid; let her diverse characters, wide-spread world, and magic tendrils pull you in!

How To Be Happy x 4 by Palantean Writer; have a guilty pleasure for X-rated slash scenes involving a world full of anamorphic creatures and witty dialogue contending True Blood's Lafayette? Look no further.

Faithless by youroctober; it's just starting out and you've got time to catch up, quick! So far this is a fantastic, well-written prose satisfying that love for suspcious dystopian cult-like societies.

The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem; you've already probably heard the word on the street about this one, it will win you over. Manageable, compelling chapters, with conspiracy written all over it.

And now something special that I've been wanting to do for awhile. After gaining so many reviews on INSIWB since November, I've been around the forum communities a bit and have met some GREAT reviewers who return their reviews. This following list are users who's reviews always exceed my expectations and were without fail, every time, extremely detailed in their length and support.


taerkitty (though she hasn't been active since Jan., she's up front and very honest)

Palm Tree (also might be inactive for the moment, but promised a return)

Palantean Writer (if you don't mind detailed slash, her reviews are always thorough)

Lianoid (Reviewing Queen *bows*)

youroctober (she will DRILL you with your grammar and focus on content too, so watch out for your run-on sentences, because I bet you never knew you had them...)

Bickazer (faithful, and from my experience won't hesitate to continue reviewing you after you make the first move)

Tawny Owl (Okay, this one might be an assumption, because she reviews almost everyone I've reviewed, XD, but she won't return on Night Cafe or associates, so read the profile to double-check)

And alright, I just met these new review buddies, but I'm already loving what I'm seeing, and they are no strangers to the RH:

Agent Frap

Weary Writer (who also has this cool writer's watch thing on their profile :D)

I am probably missing others, and I will most likely add to this list, haha, these are some that I've seen frequently (save for the first two) for the past few weeks, so I'm confident they're active. I just feel like these guy's gotta be recognized for their reviewing skills. They work hard, and promoting reviewers isn't something I see done very much in the forums, so mad props to you guys!

Also, probably would be good to just double-check some profiles too (almost all of them have a clause about their reviewing policies), I've never promoted reviewers, so hopefully I didn't overstep my bounds by tossing out their names, haha.

Oh! And PS. Please do not kill me if someone doesn't return your review. If it looks sketch, politely PM BEFORE reviewing to see if they'd enter into an exchange with you! Who knows? :D

6/24/2010 . Edited 6/24/2010 #60
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