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Creeping Collarbones

11:11 by Triizore. I can't stop thinking about this. It's a amazing one-shot. Everything about it is so painfully true. It's slash, but I think even if you don't like it, you should still read it. This only has a few reviews, too. I strongly recommend it.

6/24/2010 #61

Anything by DeeFective

Anything by author-A (Maybe & The Wolf is my favorite so far)

7/9/2010 #62

This is my reccomendation:

1) Cartography by: Vsentyabre

This one is definitely one of my favorites. The characters, though somewhat confusing at times are entertaining. I loved Aleksander's and Myakishev's relationship. I have to be honest that at first I was expecting a romance, but what I got was so much better. All in all, it's beautifully written and pretty fun to read. And it's complete, so no waiting for updates! Yay!

Well, that's it for me, for now that is.


Zucheenee :)

7/10/2010 #63

Recommendations (Listed Alphabetically)

1) Disposable Heroes (Sci-Fi) by Dreamers-Requiem – One-shot

I'm astonished she hasn't received more reviews on this piece, really. The governments in this story are using children as soldiers because they're, that's right, disposable. Talk about depressing, right? Doesn't matter if you end up crying into your pillow after this, you just need to check it out. I'm serious. Do it now.

2) The Dreamer (Supernatural) by Angel's Requiem – Multi-chap

I've described her work as being like boxes stacked neatly in rows with no gaps between them. What I mean by that is her work is clean. It's organized, it's coherent, it reads smoothly, it transitions seamlessly, her sentence structures are dead on, there are no grammatical errors, and she has woven intrigue so thoroughly I'm at a loss for words after revelations. It's clean. I really don't know how else to describe it. It's just... remarkable. She has her own unique style going on and it's inspiring.

3) Eternal Life (General/Romance) by Xenolith – One-shot

New favourite. Emily's recommended Xen's work and now I've recommended Xen's work. Two against one, you lose. Go read it right now. I was conflicted in regards to how I felt about one of the characters, but then she throws in an interesting twist and I gotta tell you, I was surprised. This piece is written beautifully and there's so much skill behind it. Even if you don't like romance, at least check it out for the style.

4) Fists, Bricks, And Glory (Action) by Young Cali Punk – Mutli-chap

I still haven't finished reading this one, but what I've read so far is awesome. It's rated M for violence and language, but as long as you're not opposed to hilarious amounts of swearing you'll be fine. This story centers on Alex McConnell and some soccer hooligans running amok in Brixton, London. Makes for a damn good story, if you ask me.

5) Happy New Year, Zooey Harris (Romance) by la bonne annee – Multi-chap

A grossly underappreciated story. I have so much fun reading it and I highly suggest you get with it and check it out. Sounds like your typical romance story, but I assure you la bonne annee adds some nice refreshing elements to it.

6) I Never Said I Was Brave (Supernatural) by lookingwest – Multi-chap

Anything this woman writes is outstanding. The way she personifies magic is just brilliant. She's also one of the few writer's I've seen on here exploring the roles of women is society; so bonus points for that. Want to meet a vampire-witch with a deep respect for women? What about a shapeshifting author? Or, how about a male virgin? There's so many virgin women running about I thought you'd like to know there's still a few V-card carrying men around. Doesn't matter what you're looking for, this story is extraordinary and you'd be a bloody moron not to check it out.

7) In the end, there was nothing but darkness (Sci-Fi) by sophiesix – One-shot

There just aren't enough stories that take place underground, if you ask me. This piece is terrifyingly brilliant. Written for the June round of Writing Challenge Contest, I nearly lost my mind when I read it (in a good way, of course). What happens when a comet hits earth and everyone heads underground? Well, let's just say, I damn well don't ever want to live underground without a source of light.

8) Maybe & the Wolf (Fable) by author-A – Multi-chap

An interesting fable that really gets my creative juices flowing. There's something sparkly about this piece. No, not bad sparkly, just... wonder sparkly. Yeah, my comments never do the stories justice. Just go check this one out, alright?

9) Tea Boy (Sci-Fi) by Anna Cate – Multi-chapt

Another underappreciated story that people really need to check out. Don't be intimidated by the number of chapters. Each chapter length is a nice medium-sized slice of excellence. This story has love, betrayal, secrets, aliens, spaceships, underground octopi and some other wonderful craziness.

10) Villain (Fantasy) by Weary Writer – Mutli-chap

Do you like disturbing descriptions? No? Oh, well, uh... do you like sarcasm? Dry humour? A main character who you'll love to hate? What about revenge, you must like revenge? Yeah? Excellent. Go hit this one up right quick. An amazing story if there ever was one. The romance will make your heart flutter, the humour will have you laughing up a set of abs, and the action sequences will leave your heart racing.


I'll definitely be checking out the other recommendations as soon as I have the time. Hope you guys hit up some (or all) of the stories I've listed. I assure you, you're missing out on some amazing pieces if you don't.

7/14/2010 #64
Old xRayneWolfx account

I recommend these stories :)

Through the eyes of a wolf by Lonewolfhowling- He's starting out as a writer and is a amazing friend ^-^ this story may be short, but I bet you will enjoy it

Aces of Spades & Rise of the Ashes by B.Cross- these two stories are filled with adventure and action ^^

The artist by Summer Insomnaic- a cute story ;)

House of wolves by Evindell- If you are a huge wolf lover like I am, then this story will make you love them even more!

Fables of Fantasy by Snake fang- a cool story a online game filled with humorious characters and a adventure filled plot

The unwanted by andHeavenfell- A story with amazing characters, dark yet great plotlines and in general, a good story for fantasy

The saga of Varadon by Allegro rao- A manga story with "varas" filled with three great chapters for each segement. You will truly enjoy it if you took the time to see the characters and plot.

Time of Kings by Frayling0- You won't be disappointed when you seen the characters and beautiful settings this author has created for everyone to see.

9/6/2010 #65
macabre thoughts

I was asked to review this yesterday and have been haunted by it ever since.

11/21/2010 #66

Haven't recommend anything in a while, so I thought I'd drop in again and share some more wicked reads. This time, I'm just going to include the summary afterwards; make it easier. :)

Recommendations (Listed Alphabetically)

1) Jessie (Family/Tragedy) by InkyPink – Short story

Two lives are shattered by a terrible mistake in a moment of anger. Is it too late to make amends? Meet a lonely young woman, a regretful old man, and a faithful dog named Jessie...

2) Khmoc (Historical) by sophiesix Short story

Welcome to Phnom Penh, where the past never leaves.

3) A Little Light Gothic (Romance) by Tawny Owl – Multi-chap

Juliet Malling is an heiress with a talent for trouble. Mark Birling is trouble. Trouble from his deep, brown eyes to his very long legs, and that's even before she sees him without his clothes on. A story of love, lies and learning to be n***.

4) One plus one (Fantasy) by gonnadielafing Multi-chap

The world is made of cities and the spaces between them; and cities are made of people and the spaces between them."- Hwei. This is inspired by the spaces in between.

5) The Wildest of Tales (Fantasy) by Sercus Kaynine – Multi-chap

Nothing is ever as it seems at the Circus of the Belles. Here, the ringmaster is a witch, humans become animals and animals become humans, stowaways become performers and performers become stowaways, and every show contains a hint of magic.


Several of the recommendations posted lookingwest and I, have been nominated over at La Campanella for their respective genres and/or even listed on Project Fiction's Good Fiction list; so you know it's great stuff. ;) Now get reading!

1/13/2011 #67

Recommending these stories:

Blueberry Smiles (Poetry/General) by RuhFuh - Poem

It's True, Humanity's Lost Breath (Poetry/General) by RuhFuh - Poem

Please do go read and review! Thanks (:


3/1/2011 #68
Kailan Hawke

Warden's Creed (fantasy) for all of you medieval fantasy lovers out there.

Seems to run in the vein of underdog hero, menacing chronic evil, but with a fresh twist to it. Relatively short, but updated almost daily.

3/24/2011 . Edited 3/24/2011 #69
Michael Kelso

I haven't been on fictionpress very long, but I reviewed "Phoenix fall" by Lord Slayer. It is a short, sci fi story, but I think the emotions it captures are very good. Worth a look.

3/25/2011 #70
Kobra Kid

It's a shame that this isn't updated more often. It's such a great idea that can spread around great stories! So, here are my recommendations...

Penumbrae (Romance/Action/Adventure) by AndHeavenfell - Multi-chapter

Glorious Triumph (Crime/Romance) by BarbieMonster - Multi-chapter

Beautiful Dreams, Twisted Realities (Drama/Romance) by Whirlymerle - Multi-chapter

11/4/2011 #71
macabre thoughts

Here comes your sci-fi drabble fix for the day. Photo sapiens in the not-too-far away future of Earth, an opera, and just look at this hipster. One-shots one and all.

11/8/2011 . Edited 11/14/2011 #72

I Love You To Death by natalieward

For a seemingly (not yet done with the whole thing) non-supernatural story it is amazing. She does an incredible job with showing the narrator's inner struggle with letting people get close to her. Also her usage of flashbacks is spot on and enhances the story amazingly. This is an amazing read.

9/13/2012 #73

I very highly recommend both chapters of Snippets by Alexandra Frost. This piece just came out today, so the only reviews it has so far are mine. These little 'snippets' are each meant to embody a specific emotion, which is done to an exceedingly amazing degree. Believe me, you will feel like you can relate, like it's you in the story. To be honest, this the best work I've seen on FictionPress so will not be disappointed. Believe me on this one.

9/28/2012 #74

Not so much a work, but an author:


This guy writes some amazingly hilarious stories, all of them intelligently written if bizarre and nonsensical at the same time. Read up on any of his works for a good time, though I highly recommend Supply and Demand and his other work The Man who Annulled Probability.

Thank you for your time!

4/16/2013 #75

I haven't recommended people in like, two years, so here goes a more updated current list a la 2013!

Anyone who's anyone has got to check out Who's Eating Eric Lynch? by Dr. Self Destruct (if you haven't already)! This is a mature story (there is swearing, sex, and gore) bloomed from the twining of inspirations like John Dies At The End by David Wong and House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. Yes, it is not for the faint of heart, but the narrative voice in this story is incredibly strong, the plot takes you on the best of twists and turns, and it explores the characterizations of mental disorders with a twist of the Supernatural in an angel/demon vein. Most of the time when I read chapters from this, I feel like I'm reading a published book, it's that good.

Tiger, Run by VelvetyCheerio is up and coming and really fun! It has me hooked on the characterization of Abacus, our MC, and it has a unique world-building going on with it, especially because one of the MCs is also a tiger! If you're big into stories that explore circus culture or even Charles Dickens-esque pick-pocketing orphans, this is a good direction to head! It is rated T for teen and so far isn't heavy on swearing or anything - so very friendly. Plus, Fang (VelvetyCheerio) is an amazing FP regular who has been around since the dawn of forums, I swear!

If you're into quicker reads and short stories, plus really cool sci-fi cyberpunk stuff (my weakness!) you should also check out professional griefer. Her writing achieves something really unique because she experiments with prose in interesting ways. Sometimes I doubt her when I look at a story first-glance, but she always proves me wrong and can write some cool stuff. Some of my favorites from her so far are All Fall Down, Gracie (including Wunderlust), and the more recent Day of the Dead. I believe she also does returns on most of her work - but I'd check with her disclaimers before listening to me, haha.

I've also been enjoying Nomad by Nesasio, a cool Supernatural story with a Teen rating - friendly and mysterious. The MC Nora is incredibly relatable and her supporting cast is unique and out of the ordinary. I would recommend this to any dog lovers too!

Recently, I finished all of Faithless Juliet's To Sleep Perchance to Dream. While I did butt heads with some of the messages and characters, if you're into fairy-tale retellings and the classic tale of the prince come to rescue the beautiful princess, this would be an intriguing read. She really captures you with wondering what might come next in this story, and Juliet has always been an incredible poet, so much of the language creates great imagery, etc. Right now I think her bigger project she's seeking feedback for is her novel Black Ribbon - but if you're interested in a romance-esque novel that's already complete, do check out TSPTD!

If I remember anymore today, I might pop back over here. Many of those I recommended in the past are no longer active or updating, but this is a good list of active users. I think most of the people I recommended do frequent the review threads here at RH and also at the RG, if not elsewhere on the forum list, too. If you see them asking for reviews in exchanges of returns, I'd point you in their direction for sure!

6/6/2013 . Edited 6/6/2013 #76
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