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...I wanna write something...

The WW apocalypse is kind of in limbo right now, and I dashed a few other ideas apart, so now I have just two stories in the works...

But, I'm trying to keep this new plot bunny from showing up...especially since I already have a hard time finding the will to write...

Oh, and the fact that I fear the makers of Silent Hill might kill me through lawsuits if I posted this one story I've been working on...

...Got a copy of The Ring I could borrow? Please??

11/8/2008 . Edited 11/8/2008 #91

Uhhh... what's your address?

Screw Silent Hill, by the way. Post it!

11/8/2008 #92

The story? know what, I think I will! Just have to rewrite the first chapter slightly (I never thought up the name for the lead...I fail. I'm thinking Lansing.) and I can post it soon. Now if I can only remove the whining children for an hour or two to do so...

Only thing is that I think I'm going to switch the male lead's occupation...I was thinking military, but I don't know now...

11/8/2008 #93

Yay! New blood...

I have to get another chapter of the Untitled Badass Vampire Story up before I hear the tenuous threads of my readers' patience snap.

11/8/2008 #94


Are they wound a tad tightly?

Understandable...Carson is cool!

Eh, I'll get WalpurgisNacht up here soon, but I'll probably need a day or two if the children get too rambunctious, tho'.

11/8/2008 #95

Carson is too damn awesome for his own good.

Walpurgis? Name rings a bell...

11/8/2008 #96

Night of Evil; Witch's night;...Another name for good ole' 'ween...

It has alot to do wit hwhat goes on in the story.

More seriously though, is that it's a day in May.


Eh, sorry.

German. And April day.

11/8/2008 . Edited 11/8/2008 #97

Yeessss, now I remember it.

Good times.

I wish it were Hallowe'en every day.

11/8/2008 #98

I recycled an old villian of mine for the story. I think people might like him.

I always love those types of villians (I won't say who is, and who isn't a villian. I just won't.) who seem good, even helpful and then turn around and try and kill you...

11/8/2008 #99

I love those types of villains too. I wish my good guys were good enough to be able to be distinguished from my villains, though. Too... much... ambiguity...

This is funny-

11/8/2008 #100

My page!

11/8/2008 #101

That's so cute!! I love those little deals...

I have a whole folder dedicated to motivators and the like...

11/8/2008 #102

I saw it and I loved it.

Well, no creepy chicks crawling out of my eyes so far.

11/8/2008 #103

You know, I've not touched my FF account in forever...I'm surprised they still have it activated...

Kind of nostalgic, if'n I do say...though I sucked back then. Major suckage, and yet people still liked some of my stories...that's creepy. Not as creepy as people crawling from another person's eyeballs, but still up there in the top 20.

11/8/2008 . Edited 11/8/2008 #104

Hmmm... I have to update this story on FF before I have to worry abot something else killing me in seven days.

God, tht would be one of the worst ways to die- Samara Morgan soming out of your eyes... and then killing you.

11/8/2008 #105

Well, you wouldn't see it coming...that's a plus, right?

I have, like...five stories I need to either take down, or finish rewriting. I really loved the crossover I did with Evangelion and Samurai Champloo, and have always wanted to redo it...never did get around to finishing the dang rewrite for it, though. Lost the will to go further with it when I felt it was too stagnant...(Not to mention there were too many 'shippers wanting their favorite couples to be realized in it...that had something to do with not finishing the whole story. Not much, but something...)

11/8/2008 #106

Yeah, know how you feel.

Sounds like an interesting crossover.

I doubt that many people read Death Note for the intelligent moral and ethical dialogue anymore- they just want L and Light to finally realize their love... I know where they're coming from, but that's not the point.

11/8/2008 #107
You'll Never Walk Alone

Hi Uke, hi Star!

11/8/2008 #108

Hey there, Kya!

11/8/2008 #109

...Love between L and Light is creepy...IMO.

However, that's only my opinion...I'd rather see Light with Watari...just to see what people'd say...

And yeah, no one likes to think about the content of stories anymore...they just wanna see their fav. couple confessing their undying love for each other...


Yo, Kya!!

11/8/2008 . Edited 11/8/2008 #110
You'll Never Walk Alone

Yeah, I decided to relinquish my hold on the other topic, because Cae said I could talk to myself here!

11/8/2008 #111

L and Light is dysfunctional- but it works.

Yes, I am in complete denial about being an L/Light fan. Sue me. At least they're not sparkly.

11/8/2008 #112

Unless they fell into a vat of body glitter...(I loved V.M's comment about vampires sparkling. So sue me.)

11/8/2008 #113

(which comment was that? enlighten me)

By the way, there are no Watari/Light romances in existence on FF. Almost makes me want to... no, I'm not that strange.

11/8/2008 #114

I can't recall exactly when he said it, but I remember he was talking about the only time vampires should psarkle, and that's when they fall into a vat of body glitter. I think it was over in the "Gritty Vampires" thread when he said it, but it could have been in the 1st S.P.S.B thread.


...Make me do it, why don't you...

Hmm...No, keep away from that idea, Ukitsu...

11/8/2008 . Edited 11/8/2008 #115

Oh, okay.

I'll scope it out.

This idea is just rancid. I should put it up as a challenge on the leading DN forum, and see what happens...

11/8/2008 #116

Regarding the DN idea, keep me updated if'n you do...

11/8/2008 #117

Will do that!

11/8/2008 #118

This music's creepy...

I wish I could do that...

11/8/2008 #119
You'll Never Walk Alone

What music, brother dearest?

11/8/2008 #120
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