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G'night (day), Kya, if you're still around…

11/30/2008 #271
You'll Never Walk Alone

See ya. I'm gonna go eat now!

11/30/2008 #272
It's 2am here, and I can't sleep. -____-; Been hacking my lungs out for two weeks, and the fam's pretty sure I have bronchitis...
11/30/2008 #273
¤¥¢€£§%| ... Cool ...
11/30/2008 #274


Look what you've started, Sel!!!

11/30/2008 #275

Bwahaha! I know. =D

11/30/2008 #276


Do you ever sleep?

11/30/2008 #277

Lol. Not too much. 7 hours a night on average.

11/30/2008 #278
You'll Never Walk Alone


11/30/2008 #279

'lo Kya. Oh, have you been bored waiting for people to get here?

Sel, that's what I get through the week.

But on weekends, anyone who wakes me up before 10... *cracks knuckles*


But i woke up early today :(

11/30/2008 . Edited 11/30/2008 #280

Haha, yeah.

Hey Kya

11/30/2008 #281
You'll Never Walk Alone

Tiiiiiiiiiiiimmmee zoooonneeess..........


It's 6 in the afternoon here... *sniffles*

::Good evening Miss Rose! And how has this fine day suited your even finer tastes?

:::Heh, wrong number. XD

11/30/2008 . Edited 11/30/2008 #282

I'm on FP time. real easy for me...

11/30/2008 #283

1:00 PM


Em…not so very good. The power was out when I woke up. &&& I'm hungry. XD

11/30/2008 . Edited 11/30/2008 #284

Yup. You, Stio, Dee, and Bellz are all on east-coast time...

11/30/2008 #285

The east coast rules. ^-^

11/30/2008 #286

Power was out when you woke up? Geez, that sucks.

West Coast POWAH!

11/30/2008 #287
You'll Never Walk Alone

My dear Miss Rose, is there any way I may be of service? It is my wish to tend to the needs of such a fair maiden as you, whose nobility and pride overwhelms her sense to ask for help. So therefore, I am offering my services to you, such a fine, noble young lady, so fragile and graceful, yet strong in her will and her mind!

11/30/2008 #288

Yeah, it was storming…

Kya, you leave me speechless.

11/30/2008 #289

It's like she feel out of some old time book, and you reminded her that she did, so now she must enact it....

11/30/2008 #290
You'll Never Walk Alone

Miss Rose, you are too kind! I am merely stating but little of your many charms and graces, yet you bestow upon me such a great honour as to be complimented by you, one above all others? Such is the splendour of the magnificent Miss Rose, to give one such as myself such a compliment to leave me breathless, hindered by my shock and joy!

But mostly joy.

11/30/2008 #291
You'll Never Walk Alone

No, I'm suffering from overdose of Tamaki.

11/30/2008 #292

lol Kya. Been watching too much Ouran?

11/30/2008 #293
You'll Never Walk Alone


11/30/2008 #294

Wait, what am I saying?

You can never watch too much Ouran

*smacks self*

11/30/2008 #295
I got woken up by my ten year old lump of a sister pouncing on me... before noon, too...
11/30/2008 #296


I didn't want to get up...

But I have to get on a normal schedule for tuesday. damn school.

Hows it goin', Gobs?

11/30/2008 #297
It's going pretty well, I think. Stayed up til 5 reading... You?
11/30/2008 #298
You'll Never Walk Alone


::You were reading and not talking to me?


11/30/2008 . Edited 11/30/2008 #299

Ouch, and you got up before 11?

That sounds not too fun.

I'm being lazy and just laying in bed. There's a warm cat laying next to me. Good Bulbasaur.

I think I'm going to go take a shower....

11/30/2008 #300
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