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Yeah. I mean, it's not that bad...

It's only your outfit...

11/29/2008 #31
Engineer of Words

All right, I'm off again.

Writing now, may be back on later.

Night everybody.

11/29/2008 #32

Night Dee!

Lookin' forward to seeing more of your writing! [wants Roadhouse fic]

11/29/2008 #33

Good night, Dee!

See, I still feel guilty because I always end up being the s***...

11/29/2008 #34
You'll Never Walk Alone

You know what? Everyone else is coming up with all these Roadhouse stories... I think I'll write one too.

11/29/2008 #35

Nah, Gobs, I made your outfit tastefully sexy.

Kya, I'd want to see that...

Short skits would be coolie...

11/29/2008 #36

I can't wait to see it, Kya!

Write Jake in as your husband, not mine.

(throws hands up) I'm always the mistress...

11/29/2008 #37


There's not much pairing in my story. Once I have a few kidnaps up, I'll post 'em.

No idea what to do with the ending, though.

11/29/2008 #38

Ah, I have to get off.

I'll ttyl.

Maybe be on later tonight!!

I'll work on both my Roadhouse stories, too...

11/29/2008 #39
You'll Never Walk Alone

No you're not, silly Gobs... you're only mine and Jake's!

And occasionally Uke's if we let him borrow you.

Or Star/Cae's if we feel like some hot Gobs on Star on Cae action. XD

11/29/2008 #40
You'll Never Walk Alone

Bye Cae.

11/29/2008 #41

See you, Cae!

@ Kya: Oh yeah, I can see how I'm not the mistress in this case (; But.. y'know, we come as a set, so... (grinz)

11/29/2008 #42

I can't help it, you look hot...

I'm not hot, dammit! I just... photograph well! XD

11/29/2008 #43
You'll Never Walk Alone

Well, Jake does want him some Gobs, and I like to appease him!

And you're hot.

11/29/2008 #44
You'll Never Walk Alone

Ugh, that sucks though... two hot people paired with an ugly person?

11/29/2008 #45

The names are a bit much aren't they? :P

11/29/2008 #46
You'll Never Walk Alone

Yup. We're rying to come up with something better, but it just isn't working. I think I'll change mine back. ;P

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #47


Well, t'was Kya's idea...

Ugh, that sucks though... two hot people paired with an ugly person?

No. Three hot people together.

11/29/2008 #48
You'll Never Walk Alone

Whoo, the threesome is all here at once! With no one else around...

::Since when am I hot?

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #49

(waggles eyebrows)

Edit: Kya, you're hot. Don't make me smack you (;

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #50
You'll Never Walk Alone

Am not.

::I'm not ugly, but I'm still not hot.

Dedicated to our threesome being alone in The Roadhouse!

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #51

At the risk of starting an "Am not, are too" arguement...

Are too.

Jake, are you taking a screenshot of your name in my penname?

11/29/2008 #52
You'll Never Walk Alone

Gobs, you've seen my picture!

11/29/2008 #53

What, Gobs?

11/29/2008 #54


We can agree on disagreeing and never bring it up again?

11/29/2008 #55
You'll Never Walk Alone


She wants you to incorporate her name into yours.

11/29/2008 #56

And damn, too bad I missed my name being in someone elses name. I totally would have print screened that **.

^ That.

11/29/2008 #57

I think I'll just cross my fingers and hope it lasts forever. ;D

11/29/2008 #58
Storm Tidings

Hey all. Leaving tuesday at lunch. What's with all the sudden name changes?

11/29/2008 #59

I'm married to Jake and Kya.

Whom I both love very much (:

11/29/2008 #60
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