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You'll Never Walk Alone

We're all married now.

Damn, we missed our chance to have The Roadhouse all to ourselves... ;P

11/29/2008 #61
Storm Tidings

Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading all these spin offs people are now writing. Although I feel like I'll be missing everything.

11/29/2008 #62

@ Saa: You won't get your character horribly twisted, at least...

I thought you were on your road trip. How's it going?

11/29/2008 #63

Having two wives goes against my religion...

11/29/2008 #64

(raises eyebrows)

Then pick one, Jake.

11/29/2008 #65
Storm Tidings

My character is already horribly twisted. Side effect of living in my family.

And I'm not on the roadtrip yet. not tommorrow, the next day. But I doubt I'll be able to get on again. I'll probably be back in about two weeks.

11/29/2008 #66
You'll Never Walk Alone

*Smacks Gobs* Don't tell him that!

He'll pick you...

::It's against mine too... and so's being homosexual... no offense, mates.

::I'm not even that religious, so... oh well.

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #67

I was going to tell him to pick you...

Edit: @ Saa: Oh, then you really won't be here for the Mafia game. Oh well... Have fun on your trip! Is it a tradition kind of thing, or more sight-seeing?

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #68
Storm Tidings

Security problems, Kya?

11/29/2008 #69


11/29/2008 #70
You'll Never Walk Alone

Yup. Gobs is smokin' hot, so of course he'd pick her.

11/29/2008 #71
You'll Never Walk Alone

Ah, I need to go start tallying up for the beer run. It's been Sunday here for quite a while... :D

11/29/2008 #72

. _____ .

I'm an Existentialist...

11/29/2008 #73
Storm Tidings

Be back in a sec, gotta clean the kitchen.

Overworked: *whimpers* She bit me...

Overworked is my sister. Yes I did bite her. Told you I was twisted. :P

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #74

Kya: (wave) Give us a tip, and tell us who wins! (;

Cleaber: Heya, Dexa! ;D

11/29/2008 #75
Lyssa Lunatique

Oh my god, what did I miss? We're at another forum already? Wow. Look at the day go.

11/29/2008 #76

New forum. +Members with ridiculously long and unnecessary names. ;D

11/29/2008 #77
You'll Never Walk Alone

Cae wins. Silence had 0!!!

::Hey, I changed my name back! :P

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #78


Dang, I'm searching through 149,000+ emails to see if Cae ever PM'ed me back last night...

11/29/2008 #79
Storm Tidings

I'm back. Dexa says Hi. Her real name is Alex. *Sniggers* You will never get my first name!

11/29/2008 #80
You'll Never Walk Alone

Can't sort them?

::Alex is the name of a completely gorgeous and hotter-than-Jake boy that I know... *sigh*

And he has a better sense in music.

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #81

Nope. I don't really care too much. All I did was PM her whatever it was Uke said yesterday.

11/29/2008 #82
Storm Tidings

Don't you think you should delet some of those emails?

11/29/2008 #83

@ Jake: Delete all, then ask her to PM you back.

@ Kya: The "loves Kya" part is sounding a bit awkward, so I tried "WhoNeverWalksAlone"... didn't fit...T_T

@ Cleaber: Woah, I was actually pretty close in nicknaming her. Score!

11/29/2008 #84
You'll Never Walk Alone

Hah, way to go! ;P

11/29/2008 #85

@Gobs: A little? No offense to Kya. XD

And about the emails. The select all option doesn't work, and there's no f*** way I'm going to click almost a hundred fifty thousand little boxes.

edit: Kya?! Better music? I listen to metal. It's the rap/alternative of the future.

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #86
Storm Tidings

Apparently she told you all her name somewhere already. I gotta go. The parents are home with dinner! Bye all, I'll attempt to get on tommorow but we'll see.

11/29/2008 #87
You'll Never Walk Alone

@Gobs- Just change your name back to TheScreamingGoblin, then.

@Jake- What kind of metal? *suspicious* -_-

::Dinner? ...breakfast time here... hmn.

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #88

@ Jake: Yeah, a little. DragonForce FTW! ;D

@ Kya: I'm kind of getting attached to it, though...

Edit: Later, Cleaber.

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #89

Don't care for Dragonforce. I'll stick to my deathmetal, progressive metal, and grindcore/thrash metal. :D

edit. Attached to the name, or the dude? ;D

11/29/2008 . Edited 11/29/2008 #90
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