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Edit: Yeah, mine !

12/11/2008 . Edited 12/11/2008 #301

Shay, I love you.

You're so freaking awesome... another person who's more kick a** than me...

12/11/2008 #302

I'm still waiting for Lemur's story.

I's gonna kick so-o-o-o much a**...

12/11/2008 #303

I took kickboaxing, so I know how you feel, sorta. My friend and I were kinda evenly matched, and not actually trying to pummel each other, so it wasn't that bad. I feel bad for your eye though. Tell people that you got into a fight and kicked the guy's **.

12/11/2008 #304

Dee's story'll be cool.

I'm even more excited for Bellz' story though... =)

12/11/2008 #305

I'm in a fsking town where everyone knows EVERYONE, I'm surprised my beat-down wasn't on the local news...

Tho', I may jump the newspaper reporters. :)

And yet, she's still fsking attractive, IMHO.

Yep, I'm going to hell. I just know it.

12/11/2008 #306

"Yep, I'm going to hell. I just know it."

And you're just now realizing it?

12/11/2008 #307

Holy- must be a pretty small town, Uki...

Heh... It will be... tomorrow... maybe...

I'll be seeing you there, Uke.

12/11/2008 #308

No, I knew it.

But Satan just handed me my reserved seating info! XD


Gobs, I actually had to explain to one of the locals that yes, contrary to popular belief the Ukraine actually does exist. This place is deceptively backwater.

Oh! I get to see you, mayhaps?? Now Jakers shall be jealous!

12/11/2008 . Edited 12/11/2008 #309

No way!

I'd be honoured...

12/11/2008 #310

Mmmm, all of enternity in Hell with Uki...

Strangely enough, I'll be looking forward to it...

12/11/2008 #311

@Mi: You take kickboxing...why is it that my racial stereotyping had you figured for Karate/Judo, that sort of thing?

I could see the uses, though. Everyone thinks your gonna attack with some graceful "Leaping Swan" move, and you just hull off and kick'em in the crotch...

Brutal! :D

12/11/2008 #312

After hitting on you lost all it's fun, he'd probably be fun...

12/11/2008 #313

Hitting on you girls lost it's luster.

I have a new person for that, Cae. :)

And I needn't explain any further... *Whistle*

12/11/2008 #314

People look at me, expect me to be graceful, then I pull their hair and scratch, hahaha. I don't really fit into a stereotype of any kind.

12/11/2008 #315


Does that mean we're back to our truce, Uke?

12/11/2008 #316

Suddenly, I feel very fortunate that I shall never cross Mi (pfft!) on a battlefield.!

I'm sorry, but I've just never been crossed! XD

...That was mean, I apologize...


I have no idea, Cae.

Seeing as I'll slowly disappear from this place. I have an idea as to where I'm going now, though.

12/11/2008 . Edited 12/11/2008 #317

Pish posh, I'm not offended.

12/11/2008 #318
Irresistible Apple

Shay, I'm loving your new avatar!

12/11/2008 #319

I wouldn't flirt with Uki anyways O__O

I'm saving that for Jake...

12/11/2008 #320

Thanks Pomme! Cherry blossoms are my favourite flower. :)

12/11/2008 #321

Hey there, Tebs!

12/11/2008 #322

Slowly disappear? For good?

12/11/2008 #323

When he's done being mad at you for taking the new SPSB :P

12/11/2008 #324

I feel for the poor newbies...

You girls really should have gone to saner nicknamers...

You'd have been better off. Trust me on this.


@Cae: If I have no inspiration for stories, what real reason do I have to write? And, if I have no desire to check out more than a few (2-3) stories at any one time, what real reason should I be here?

I will say one thing, though. This word will keep you wondering, until either I pull the idea out, or kill it off. The word is "Voy_-_-", figure out the final four letters. It's a survival horror idea I have in the planning phase.

12/11/2008 . Edited 12/11/2008 #325
Irresistible Apple

Hey! Haha I need to start keeping track of what everyone calls me...and what to call everyone. Eeek, I know I'm a newbie!

12/11/2008 #326

I have to go help my lil bro with trig. Be right back.

12/11/2008 #327

Irresistible Apple, what is everyone calling you? If there's something good in there, I'll use it... If not...

But, you can call me Cae.

Or whatever you want. Go ahead and make up something. over at RG, I'm Deli...

12/11/2008 #328

At the RG, I'm Fanta...

Yeah, I miss Jake ):

12/11/2008 #329

Okay, back. That didn't take any time at all.

I'm calling her POMME! YEAH! XD

12/11/2008 #330
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