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Engineer of Words

While finishing up and editing names for Obsidian I went and checked out some astronomy whatnot.

Apparently the largest known star in the universe has a diameter roughly the size of the orbit of Saturn around the sun, about 2000 times the sun's diameter.

I found that interesting, and worthy of a mental "Holy F**k"

12/10/2008 #91

Wow... that's huge....

So, Dee, how's it been goin'?

12/10/2008 #92
Engineer of Words

Me or the story?


12/10/2008 #93

Well, now that you bring it up, both!

But I was actually asking about yourself.

12/10/2008 #94
Engineer of Words

I'm feeling good. I have my Psych final today, but that's not a big deal.

Story's not started yet, but I did finish naming everyone just now, with a couple additions. The RH crew will go by the mantle Order of the White Hand. Planet's name is Belgorod, and some additional characters added are Empress Aurora of Belgorod [Stio] and her counsel Eridani [Rose].

12/10/2008 #95

Aurora is my dog's name...

But I like the name Eridani. That sounds pretty cool, Dee.

12/10/2008 #96
Engineer of Words

You're going to dig this little factoid, as well.

One of the bad guys [likely me] will have such powerful Anima that he'll have a black hole-like effect on surrounding Anima, so essentially he absorbs small amounts of it by the mere fact that he exists.

12/10/2008 #97

That is so epic!!

Wow... The bad guys are going to be so kick a**...

Did you ever think of a plot?

12/10/2008 #98
Violent Messiah

That's pretty cool, CB...hmm, so as a grand master type, mine should be equally impressive. -=x

Cae. you're supposed to wish for a easy truce, not the selling out to start!

Damn curiosity is going to get me killed, screw the cat...-=p

12/10/2008 #99
Engineer of Words

I did, actually.

Uke and I learn of the fact that the Empress has possession of a ring called The Aegir, which is essentially a LOTR-esque ring of power. So in order to bring it out into the open, we kidnap the Empress and her Counsel. You guys, being the sworn protectors of all things good on Belgorod, jump into the fray without knowing the complete picture. All the details have yet to be worked out, though. That's just what I have so far.

12/10/2008 #100

How many times do I have to tell you, Bellz?! I'm not going to let you die on me. Especially not before that friday in 2012. Anyone tries? They'll find out how scary a little white girl can be.

I don't care what i'm supposed to want. I want to know!

Dee, that sounds cool. I can't wait to see it.


Claimed in the name of... Russian accents in movie theatres!

12/10/2008 . Edited 12/10/2008 #101
Engineer of Words

@ Z: To be honest, you'll be the only one of comparable strength to myself or Uke. That's only fair, and the way it usually works anyway.

12/10/2008 #102
Violent Messiah

Heh...sweet. Although I still confess, CB...the role of good guy is alien to me. I usually side with the bad least the anti heroes.

Ha! What an interesting claim, Cae...-=x

"Especially not before that friday in 2012. Anyone tries? They'll find out how scary a little white girl can be."

*dies* it just me or does it look like she's saying I'm safe until 2012, but afterwards I'm fair game? -=x

12/11/2008 . Edited 12/11/2008 #103

Hey, sounds like a hot claim to me.

12/11/2008 #104
Engineer of Words


I'm not sure, exactly.


12/11/2008 #105

No, see, before 2012, there will be no survivors.

After 2012, there may be some.

Besides, shouldn't you be able to protect yourself?

You are waaayyy bigger than me. And you've taken more martial arts. And you look scarier I bet. Nobody ever thinks I'm dangerous...

12/11/2008 #106
Engineer of Words

No one who's told you that has seen you after someone insults Z.

*Hides under bar*

12/11/2008 #107




*snickering still*

12/11/2008 #108
Violent Messiah

I'm quite capable of defending myself...but no matter how old you get, really can't defend yourself from a parent's wishes, especially when they start hinting for news on relationships. -=x

12/11/2008 #109


Is that what this dinner-thing is about?

12/11/2008 #110
Engineer of Words

I'm sorry, Z. Hope you walk out of there in one piece.


12/11/2008 #111
Violent Messiah

Cae, that's what family dinners these days are always about, unless something else happens to distract her. It's even worse when my grandmother is there. Yikes.

Thanks, CB...hopefully me and my siblings can keep a truce going...-=x

12/11/2008 #112

And if the truce falls through, who will be the first to give up the other two?

Aww. Poor Bellz.

12/11/2008 #113
Violent Messiah

Whoever feels trapped first, as usual.

And poor me nothing...I see your fingers crossed. -=p

12/11/2008 #114

My fingers are not crossed, you twit.

They are typing letters. Hard to type with crossed fingers.

o.O Your dinners are like a drama....

12/11/2008 #115
Violent Messiah

My family, much like a good part of my life, falls under the heading of "It's complicated"...

'Twit'? Ooooooo...that one will come back to haunt you. -=x

12/11/2008 #116

*sticks out tongue*

Sounds like it...

12/11/2008 #117
Violent Messiah

Not...saying...a...word. -=x

Soooo...did we lose CB or what? *looks around*

12/11/2008 #118
Engineer of Words

Still here, just attempting to work.

12/11/2008 #119

You getting anywhere, Dee?

*sticks out tongue again*

12/11/2008 #120
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