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Lyssa Lunatique

Night! Dream of men covered in chocolate!


12/18/2008 #2,821

She's so kickass. Wait till you get to Acheron and get to her part XD so great.

First, I'm editing Shpank's short story for him *rolls eyes*

Well, U'Dust, I know pretty much what happens, so I'll just skim to get direct support

Later, U'Dust.

May tasty men with nice voices sing to you in your dreams ;P

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,822
Lyssa Lunatique

Speaking of kickass... Simi.

She's my second hero. But Val sounds so freakin sexy, it's unbelievable. Still, I think the winner for the hottest so far would have to be Ash or Vane. I like Vane 3

12/18/2008 #2,823
Engineer of Words


12/18/2008 #2,824

Heh. Can't make hearts =P


mac, ftw.

SIMI! Love.

Ash, still....

Yo, Dee.

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,825
Engineer of Words

I bet Kya's going to be very enthused when she sees her head on a plate in the Mafia thread XD

What's up everyone?

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,826
Lyssa Lunatique

Hey Stio! I voted you dead in mafia!


@Cae: Bleck. Macs. *gags* They ruined me, Francie's, Shpank's, and Kamal's presentation in global :P

12/18/2008 #2,827

Editing a friend's thing for english instead of doing my own =P

Oh, Lyssa, that reminds me.

Did you really mean to vote for Stio?

Because Unforgiven Soldier= Dee... Unforgiven General= Stio

Nah, macs just don't like you =P

And, Lyssa, Stio is his wife... that man is Dee/Lee

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,828
Lyssa Lunatique

Unforgiven Soldier. Yep, for sure. Okay, well "Dee" than. I need catching up with all the nicknames. Unlike some random obsessed person *coughCaecough* I'm not on enough to know the difference.. :(

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,829

Then you want to kill Dee....

12/18/2008 #2,830

@Star: Ah! Good night!!!

...If only I could play the part of a religious nutjob...

@Lemur: Yo!

12/18/2008 #2,831

*throws horror novel at Lyssa*


12/18/2008 #2,832
Engineer of Words

Uke's back! What's up, man?

12/18/2008 #2,833
Lyssa Lunatique

Why, thank you. Horror novels do please me from time to time ;]

12/18/2008 #2,834


I be hungry.... ›:[

12/18/2008 #2,835
Engineer of Words

Lyssa, I've been on here almost daily from the time I've joined.

You just haven't been paying attention =P

12/18/2008 #2,836
Lyssa Lunatique

You be Barbarian.





Exactly. You've been on here almost daily. I haven't. That's why I don't know.

So sorry... :'(

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,837

pffft... Dee's messin' with ya, Lys. It was less confusing before they got their names together. I made them a couple! Aren't you proud? =p


Actually, my dad is apparently getting Burger-Vile....

12/18/2008 #2,838

@Lemur: Waiting for it to stop snowing. That's what drove me back here is being trapped inside this studio with my 2nd cousin and ex.

And now I'm writing the sequel to R:D&D, as well as a Roadhouse Manga, and another few ideas...some based on the Roadhouse.



What is it with you people and knocking on fastfood?

So it might not taste great, it's still cheap and, more importantly fast.

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,839
Lyssa Lunatique

Burger King. They have good coffee ^^ That's where we just got back from

12/18/2008 #2,840

Dennys rocks, though.

That Buffalo Chicken Melt of theirs' is awesome...

12/18/2008 #2,841
Engineer of Words

There's a sequel to R:D&D? O_O


I posted Perdition Chapter 6 last night, and I'm not going to start posting Obsidian until I can actually find a way to work with the giant mess of ideas it is right now.

It's also 80 where I live XD

12/18/2008 #2,842
Lyssa Lunatique

Denny's brings back good childhood memories for me. :)

I'll agree with you on that.

Also when I was really little I went to this restraunt called Waddles every singe morning. They had good pancakes. And all the waiters knew me =)

Ahh, back in the good ol' days.

12/18/2008 #2,843

I'm not knocking on fast food, Uke.

Gah, I need to read that... I'll get to it, Dee...

12/18/2008 #2,844

Okay, girls?

Lemur dies at midnight...

I saw the newest chapter was posted, and I'll get to reading it soon. Honest!

I also have to catch up on that other guy's story, too...


I've just seen Davi knock McDonalds (I'll agree, 95% of what they make is crap.), you knock Burger King (Absolutely outragous prices.) and I knock Pizza Hut (That crap is greasier than McDonalds!!)...

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,845


thar be food in meh kitchen.

I be back momentarily....

12/18/2008 #2,846
Engineer of Words

@ Cae: Thanks. And for reference, the suffix "ville" is spelled as such, so it would be Burger-ville instead of Burger-Vile [which is vile.]


@ Uke: Dude, I don't control the weather. Frankly I'd like it to be about 30 degrees cooler, but whatever.

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,847

Shari's brings back awful childhood memories for me.

Service sucked.

Food sucked.

Being there with my father most definetly sucked big time.


@Lemur: You still die because you sounded smug when you mentioned the weather down there. :P

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,848
Lyssa Lunatique

Taco Bell. Did you know that their meat before you see it is 100% liquid? They add something to it to make it solid. Gross! I've never looked at their tacos the same way after I learned that.


Shari's does have aweful food. Same with Marie Calendar's. Marie Calender's gives me a stomachache.. not sure why, nor do I want to know.

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,849
Engineer of Words

Ah, sorry man.

@ Lyssa: 99 cents per makes bad things taste a whole lot better. XD

12/18/2008 #2,850
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