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Lyssa Lunatique

Haha right now 'Volcano Tacos' are 49cents.

So gross. *hurls*


Yay! First page in a while!

Hmm.. this one will be in honor of good coffee at Panera Bread. ^^

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,851
Engineer of Words

Page non-claimer.

12/18/2008 #2,852

KFC has so many hormones pumped into their chicken that it can increase bust size. On either gender.

No lie.

That crap is deadly potent. How they sell that s--t is beyond me.

McDonalds, Burger least their food at times hits the mark.

I've puked up what KFC's made. Never any of the other guys' food.

12/18/2008 #2,853
Lyssa Lunatique

KFC also abuses their chickens moreso than average.

Their biscuits are too doughy as well...

Hey! We should sue!

We'll send diseased chickens to peck at them while they're working. It'll be fun!

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,854
Engineer of Words

KFC may not even use real chicken, for all we know. XD

Subway may not be fast food technically, but their meat loses its flavor being pre-sliced and they don't use fresh veggies.

12/18/2008 #2,855

What is it with Starbucks?

I HATE Starbucks. But everyone loves it. Why?

Their coffee is crap, they can't make a decent cup of BLACK COFFEE, and they seem to not have the grasp of giving their cup sizes the names "Small", "Medium", or "Large"!!!!!

They have no concept of sanity!!!


Subway = Better than Quizno's...

Crap, now I'M bagging on fast food...

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,856
Lyssa Lunatique

I'm starting to agree with you. Their black coffee is overly bitter. If you ever have Panera Bread's dark blend, it's sooooooo good. That's the whole reason I go there. It's got a great roasty taste.

I like Starbuck's mint coffees though. But their food is WAY overpriced. But, it happens to be conveniently located in the building of Barnes n Noble, so when I'm there, I don't complain much.


Subways meatball sandwiches.. mmmmmmm good.

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,857

Uke, for the record, I wasn't bagging on Burger King... there's a place called Burgerville....

my family calls it Burger Vile, though... they like it, too...

12/18/2008 #2,858

Lyssa = Woman after my own heart

Pita Pit's good, from what I've been told.


Eh, sorry Cae. But-wait, Burgerville???

Is that supposed to make me forget that they basically run a bovine Auschwitz?

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,859


Pretty good food, apparently.

I dunno, though. Don't eat there very awesome.

Lys, your thoughts?

12/18/2008 #2,860
Lyssa Lunatique

Hm, never been there.

Man, now I'm craving coffee. It's bad luck when the rest of your family hates it, so theres no coffee machine to be found :[


@Cae: On Burgerville? They have good milkshakes, but that's about it. If you really want the best fastfood combo you have to travel from place to place.

Burger King: Coffee

McDonalds: Fries

Arby's: Chicken sandwich..

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,861
Engineer of Words

Firehouse is the best sub chain that extends beyond the Bay area, IMO.

Idk if they have them where you guys are.

And yeah, agreeing with you guys in saying Starbucks isn't really coffee. I like Starbucks mint stuff as well, it's just not the place for "real coffee" people.

12/18/2008 #2,862
Lyssa Lunatique

Yeah. If you feel like drinking minty sugary goodness, Starbucks is your place. But on the average black coffee day-- not so much.

12/18/2008 #2,863

pfffft. ahhahahahha.

Okay, best meal ever!

Get the car!

12/18/2008 #2,864
Lyssa Lunatique

Ooo but Cae, that caesar salad we had from Panera was soooooooo good. *sighs* Panera is just a wonderful place *happy smile*

12/18/2008 #2,865

Was it Arby's that had those popcorn chicken shakers? I loved those damn things!!

Honestly, they were my crack!

12/18/2008 #2,866

Mickey D's was good when they had the McShakers, or whatever. Those salad shakers?

Lyss, not to mention those delish brownies *drool*

12/18/2008 #2,867
Engineer of Words

I'll take Moe's or Tijuana Flats any day for fast food.


12/18/2008 #2,868

Salad Shakers FTW!!

I loved those things! Why'd they have to drop them?

12/18/2008 #2,869
Lyssa Lunatique

Oh yeah. Panera has the best baked things-- except for the stuff you make, haah.


Taco Bell got rid of those really yummy tatertot things awhile back. Ah, gods, how I miss those. They were so delicious!

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,870

Tijuana Flats??

...Had a Cuban joke, there...

I didn't say it, though...

12/18/2008 #2,871


Thanks, Lys. You going to make those brownies for Francie? That pathetic baby... Think he might be getting a cold =/

omg. chance for snow is sooooo freaking low. It's ridiculous.

12/18/2008 #2,872
Engineer of Words

Tijuana's in Mexico, dude.


But really. Best hot sauces on the planet right there.

12/18/2008 #2,873
Engineer of Words

A final note on Starbucks: they are the way they are because their constituency is mainly new-age yuppies and wealthy self-indulgent trend followers.


12/18/2008 #2,874

Yes, but Cubans = Mexicans who can swim. XD


On to Lemur's list:



Self-proclaimed "Starving Artists"

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,875

Lyssa, do you have "I Don't Wanna Be In Love" by Good Charlotte?

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,876
Engineer of Words

Hah. All right. XD

The US should just get it over with and annex Cuba and Mexico.

Edit: I do, Cae. XD

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,877

@Lemur: Why? We have all their people, I thought we'd already DONE that! XD

12/18/2008 #2,878
Engineer of Words

I jest. It wouldn't make a difference anyway, and our economy sucks enough without all the additional f*** that would go on welfare.

Edit: That depends, Cae. But that would involve breaking your self-imposed firewall so I could send it to you. =P

12/18/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #2,879

Dee, that doesn't help me get it, now does it? =P

12/18/2008 #2,880
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