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No Longer An Account

My book would've ended at that part where Edward saves her from being hit by the van. Instead of stopping it, he slows it down enough that it doesn't kill her, just severely cripples her. Then he pretends to help her, laughs at her helplessness, drinks her blood, and throws her body in the river.

Then the book transfers to graphic novel format and Van Helsing comes and kills his asss.

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

12/23/2008 . Edited 12/23/2008 #91

That, I would have paid money to read.


12/23/2008 #92
No Longer An Account

The only thing that could make Twilight lamer was if the polar ice caps melted and Bella and Edward were attacked by nicotine-addicted psychos on jetskis, and they escape by catching a ride on a passenger plane that it turns out is full of snakes.

12/23/2008 #93

And then lived happily ever after with a few care bears waiting upon them on their Italian island.

12/23/2008 #94
No Longer An Account

And then Jacob shows up, shoots Bella with a bow and arrow, cuts off her scalp, and uses it to decorate his belt.

And then we ALL live happily ever after.

12/23/2008 #95


I have a few things to do today, so I'm leaving. Byyyes.

12/23/2008 #96
No Longer An Account

Aw . . . now I'm all alone.

Well, bye. Have fun doing things.

Stephanie Meyer has a B.A. in English.

12/23/2008 #97

Did she buy it off the internet like Gillian McKeith did with her famous 'nutrition degree'?

12/23/2008 #98
Engineer of Words

Not quite, she went to Brigham Young University.

Essentially the same thing, except you have to be Mormon to buy your degree.

12/23/2008 . Edited 12/23/2008 #99

and i just noticed we got to 7

12/23/2008 #100
Engineer of Words

It amazes me that Ms. Meyer actually got an English degree, but then again, you can't teach talent.

12/23/2008 #101
Keheheh. I must say, I like the new SPSB, Lee... very nice.
12/23/2008 #102


Anyone here?

12/23/2008 #103
For about... five more minutes. What's up, Uki?
12/23/2008 #104

Nothing, just warming up after work, writing chapter 7-8 of RH:O, and planning dinner tonight.


12/23/2008 #105
Just drowning under the weight of all the rnr-ing that I haven't been doing.... and my christmas RH fic might wind up scrapped because it won't be up before tomorrow. -_-
12/23/2008 #106

Poor kid...

Well, late or not we'd love to see it, Stio!

Just take it all one step at a time. :)

12/23/2008 #107
Thanks, Uki. I'll get caught up... eventually. XD
12/23/2008 #108

I will too...eventually! XD

12/23/2008 #109
Heheh.... Ah crap. I gotta go now. Talk to you later, Parascion! ^_^
12/23/2008 #110

hey i'm still here

12/23/2008 #111

@Stio: Take care!

@Dwed: Yo! About your PM, I'd love to do that, but-unfortunately-I couldn't doit until perhaps Feb. or later due to my being busy (Gotta catch up on work, study for ASVAB and other things) but, I'm pretty dang sure you'd be able to convince Cae, Gobs, Star and/or Stio, Lemur and the rest of the RH for your plan.

Other than that, Hozit goin'?

12/23/2008 #112

iz fine, and i'm good although i'm cold and for the most part i hate the cold, although anything really above mid-fifties i'm unable to feel up to around the 80s and 90s...also do you know of any dms i could ask for my idea or at least anyone capable of it

12/23/2008 #113

I don't know exactly, on the DM question.

You might try Lemur, or, barring that maybe Jake (Charactantula) for it, but I've no idea who'd really be able to.

Heh, the cold's kind of nice. I was born in Alaska, and raised in the desert heat + northwestern jungles. Either element is fine with me, in actuality. Probably why I want to join the Army SF, now that I think about it.

12/23/2008 #114

lived in maryland my whole life and family trips usually are up too around the poconos in pennsylvania or south a little bit, so iguess the inconsistancy has built a semi-immunity to an area of tempurature for's not that great but any way yea i was considering somethings

12/23/2008 #115

Hello Uke! I love your icon.

12/23/2008 #116

@Star: Yo! Thanks, I was looking for a kitty avi that'd fit my new penname. Ghost kitty stories FTW! :D


@Dwed: You know, I've been planning a move to Penn. Is it nice, there?

12/23/2008 . Edited 12/23/2008 #117

I should change mine soon. Hedwig from East Berlin may be getting a little unnerving.

EDIT- Hey there, Dwen! Didn't see you there.

12/23/2008 . Edited 12/23/2008 #118

@Star: -_- yeah. I'd agree. But you aren't the first to think that, I guarantee.

12/23/2008 #119

Ah probably. Great movie, nonetheless.

By the way, we should all have a movement where every review we write ends in 'Pay it forward' so as to spread the review love.

12/23/2008 #120
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