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Now... I wont say anything, because my face already hurts.

Suspected broken nose.

And i dont wanna be smacked.

12/30/2008 #2,611
Aero's Twin

hahaha.; thanks Uki.

and i swearrr i'm going to rip my hair off if i cant finish this darn fifth chapter tonight

12/30/2008 #2,612

@Stio: Wha' 'appened?

Oh, and I'm glad you liked DUSK. Hopefully the 3rd chapter will be up soon.


@Xerox: Always glad when women recognize their beauty...

Damn, I'd have been a good gay guy...

12/30/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #2,613
Engineer of Words

Translation: I'm gay.

12/30/2008 #2,614

Translation: I'm going to kill Lee.

12/30/2008 #2,615

Softball accident.

Translated to:

Bat to the face.

I giggled all the way to the ER after i woke up. Funny stuff.

12/30/2008 #2,616
Aero's Twin


all of my best friends are gay..or bi...

i am too. i truly dont understand the problem people have with it though.

12/30/2008 #2,617
Engineer of Words

I'm just jerking your chain, man.

I expect a lot of death threats when Cae notices a little detail...

12/30/2008 #2,618

I hang out with... three gay guys and four bi girls. everyone else is straight, like me. I really don't mind people of other orientations.

Thats their prerogative.

12/30/2008 #2,619

@Lee: I know. I'm enjoying it, too! If I wasn't, you'd know. Trust me.

12/30/2008 #2,620

Hey everybody!!!!!

Look at the top of the page!!!

12/30/2008 #2,621


Lee's a dead man, huh girls? O_O

12/30/2008 #2,622
Aero's Twin

yah thanks Stio.

some people just really just cant appreciate that kind of thinking, though ya know?

the way i see it, everyone is dead set in their own ways. whether its this way or that way.

12/30/2008 #2,623


No! You can't kill my husband until we're done with the collab...


I like to try to stay open minded.

Less stress and idiocy that way...

12/30/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #2,624

I could never be bigoted/racist.

It takes energy to hate, which is why I'm amazed at the K**. I never had that type of work ethic.

And never will! XD

12/30/2008 #2,625

Wow, Uke.

Its not even about the belief, it's about how lazy you are...


12/30/2008 #2,626
Aero's Twin


im reading a book about a Klansman who blew up a jewish lawyer's office and killed his 5 yr old twin sons. now his grandson just found out he's his grandson and is gonna try to get him off of death row.

The Chamber, John Grisham.

i'm not sure if i like it yet.

12/30/2008 #2,627

Hey, I am a white-racist-racist.

I loathe white supremacists to the point where I'd go out of my way to make their lives miserable if it weren't for their friggen union working better.

Forget about lawsuits with those pricks. XD


@Xerox: The book/movie that did it for me was "A Time To Kill"

Never in my life thought a movie or a book would p*** me off to the point that I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on one of those d***.

12/30/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #2,628
You'll Never Walk Alone


12/30/2008 #2,629


How's life?

12/30/2008 #2,630
Engineer of Words

Welcome back, Kya.

12/30/2008 #2,631


*flying glomps*

I kept missing you whenever you were on.

How were the hols?

12/30/2008 #2,632
You'll Never Walk Alone

...who are you people?

12/30/2008 #2,633

Damn it all...

I should get to bed. The GF is going back on Friday, and I promised we'd spend tomorrow together regardles of how in pain I was.

See you all later! Have a good night sleep/day for some of us! :D


Moi = Ukitsu.

12/30/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #2,634
Engineer of Words

Same people, different handles.

I am the Lemur. =D

Edit: Later Scion

12/30/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #2,635

Oh! sorry.

Stio here.

12/30/2008 #2,636
You'll Never Walk Alone

Well, I sort of know who you are... it's just rather hard to remember because your penname says 'Stio' and Stio's says 'Lee', so therefore I am always getting confused. And I just don't know who the person who just left is.

::Well, how was I supposed to know? You changed your name!


12/30/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #2,637

Paranormal Normalcy?

Thats your big bro Uki.


Sorry, Kya.

12/30/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #2,638
You'll Never Walk Alone

*Sigh* I see things are changing, and I haven't kept up with the times... I suppose you no longer have any use for old Kya... who needs a mental Liverpudlian teen when you have a plethora of other exciting Roadhouse patrons to satisfy your entertainment needs...

12/30/2008 #2,639


Its not the same without Kya.

So stop that.


12/30/2008 #2,640
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