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Engineer of Words

Heh. Bob Dylan.

I just changed the name of the thread again.


12/31/2008 #2,911

Alliteration FTW.

I'm reading about graffiti... seriously.

12/31/2008 #2,912

Gotta go. Family time.

12/31/2008 #2,913
Engineer of Words

See ya.

Now no one's here.

12/31/2008 #2,914

Yo, I'm back for a while longer...

Though, I will be leavin' in a bit.

How is everything?

12/31/2008 #2,915
Engineer of Words

I'm cool. Chilling and enjoying NYE by myself.


12/31/2008 #2,916

Eh, same.

Writing too.

12/31/2008 #2,917
Engineer of Words

Yay writing.

I'm going to start on the crossover soon, I think.

12/31/2008 #2,918

Just popping out for a second. Be right back

12/31/2008 #2,919

I'm back.

12/31/2008 #2,920
Engineer of Words

Hello again.

Starting now.

What exactly are you writing at the moment?

12/31/2008 #2,921

Chapter 3 of DUSK.

I'm going to start on Chapter 11 of RH:O later on.

12/31/2008 #2,922
Engineer of Words



12/31/2008 #2,923

The 2nd chapter of DUSK (Which, because of the prologue is the third entry...) is, perhaps the most sexually charged thing I've ever written in my life...

The third chapter is getting back to the story.

12/31/2008 #2,924
Engineer of Words

Still here?

Sorry, I was a bit too absorbed.


12/31/2008 #2,925

Oh God.

I feel terrible.

12/31/2008 #2,926
Engineer of Words


Why do you feel terrible?

12/31/2008 #2,927

*Looks at page 55... or around there...*

I think I'm going to take a cold shower...

Be back...

12/31/2008 #2,928
Engineer of Words

XD all right.

See ya.

12/31/2008 #2,929

Sorry, internet gave me crap...

Was writing and it just...gave out on me. Hate it when that happens.

So, whatcha up to, Lee? I'm around 1500+ words.

12/31/2008 #2,930
Engineer of Words

I got to just over 500 and sent the segment to Stio for her part.

She's not on at the moment so I'm playing the chilling game.

12/31/2008 #2,931


Yeah, I'm getting to the action part of DUSK, and am wondering whether people will get what's going on before the final two chapters.

12/31/2008 #2,932
Engineer of Words


We shall see.

12/31/2008 #2,933

I love the PSG-1...

12/31/2008 #2,934


Plans for NYE?

12/31/2008 #2,935

@Gobs: Pizza, quiet time, and writing with a little sexual tension spread liberally throughout.

12/31/2008 #2,936

No party? (: But sounds good, sounds good. I'm rewriting at a slow pace... But with limited access to computer, I can't really do much =x

*groan* Maybe I did have one too many last night.

12/31/2008 #2,937

@Gobs: No party. We don't really like to party, the two of us.

Quiet evening at home, alone, fits us just fine. :)

Also, finished DUSK chapter 3!

12/31/2008 #2,938

And it's posted. RH:O is next on my list...hopefully.

12/31/2008 #2,939

Reminds me, I have to catch up on my reading as all as my writing.

Expect some review love your way!

Well, don't spend all your sex charge on your writing... it is NYE there, after all

Edit: All?! I meant well..

12/31/2008 . Edited 12/31/2008 #2,940
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