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The GF has been taunting me all day. She's not making it easy to remain as we are...

Heh, no hurries. I'm hoping just to get all this done before 2nd Quarter of next year. I need to start focusing on my training and preparation.

12/31/2008 #2,941


This is all new to me *flips over table*

I'll review later today, when my head isn't pounding =p So, Happy New Years present?

*weak grin*

12/31/2008 #2,942

@Gobs: It's a new Vampire short story I started. It all began with the creation of Lahore...(Diatribe Of The Dead is sort of his introduction. Yet another short I wrote while you've been AWOL)

No problem, kid. You sober yet? Or, are you still skunk-drunk?

12/31/2008 #2,943

Hangover, most definitely. I even had my cousin write hangover on my arm last night so I could wake up knowing why the frick everything hurt so much.

=D Good party, though. They had a chocolate fountain!

12/31/2008 #2,944


Yeck. Too much chocolate...

The GF could, and does disagree...


12/31/2008 #2,945

But of course XD

We chicks like our chocolate.

12/31/2008 #2,946

All I can say is that I'd like some pie! XDD

12/31/2008 #2,947

Apple pie? :D

Kehehe. (:

12/31/2008 #2,948

I'm heeere!

I told my parents I felt sick.

12/31/2008 #2,949


12/31/2008 #2,950

Hey Gobs! Curse of the Irish upon you?

EDIT- Claimed in the name of hangovers!!

12/31/2008 . Edited 12/31/2008 #2,951

Yo, Star!

I thought it was "Family Togetherness" time?

12/31/2008 #2,952

:D Why, yes.

I'm feeling pretty chipper considering, though.

12/31/2008 #2,953

@Gobs: And no, not apple.

Cherry! XDDD

12/31/2008 #2,954

I told everyone I felt sick and feigned throwing up in the toilet to add authenticity.

Personally I want to spend the last moments of 2008 in quiet contemplation.

EDIT- To tell the truth I'm in better company here right now.

12/31/2008 . Edited 12/31/2008 #2,955

@Star: Ah, well, that is understandable. Though, I'm having a hard time with the "better company" part. XD

12/31/2008 . Edited 12/31/2008 #2,956

Flattered, Dusty ;D

The Boyfriend is depressed, and I'm too hungover to say anything properly.

Me: "Depression much?"

12/31/2008 #2,957

Ah, poor Gobs.

This year I'm turning sixteen... Jesus...

12/31/2008 #2,958

@Star: Twenty, here...

Crap, my life is going before my eyes!!


@Gobsy: Poor girl...

It'll be alright. Just you watch! :)

12/31/2008 . Edited 12/31/2008 #2,959

Damn... now I'm officially going to start acting like an adult...

What were you doing when you were sixteen?

12/31/2008 #2,960

@Star: Besides being depressed? Well, I was earning my pilot's license...moping over not having a girlfriend...

12/31/2008 #2,961


I can try for a driver's license when I turn sixteen, though to tell the truth I want to learn how to ride a bike more...

12/31/2008 #2,962

Motorcycles are fun. :)

I'm loathing the thought of selling mine when I take off for France...

I think I might see if I can pay to have it shipped to the GF's place... or leave it with my mother.

I'm certain your 16th year will be better. You have the RH, Curry and Cloud at your side.

12/31/2008 #2,963

Thank you, guys (:

Dusty, I'd be getting drunk. =p But uh...

Or you could ponder philosophically about life and all its meanings.

12/31/2008 #2,964

No, not a motorbike... just a bicycle. I never learned.

I think I shall try and find two more people to pay it forward to this year.

12/31/2008 #2,965

You never learned how to ride a bike, Star?

...Well, when you look at it from my perspective it ain't strange...Hell, it's normal.

12/31/2008 #2,966

Nope, never. I was too much of a quitter when I was a little kid, and the scraped knees hurt.

12/31/2008 #2,967

I can remember standing up on my bike to give myself more power while going up a hill, and flipped the bike, sending me forward and into the ground...

Didn't even have to get stitches, though I agree, it huuuuuuuuuuurt.

You'll be able to do it, Star. Trust me.

12/31/2008 #2,968

Yeah, I think so. I've done stuff that probably requires more equilibrium than a bike since then.

12/31/2008 #2,969


Stay optimistic and things will work out.

I hope I can remain optimistic throughout this year.

12/31/2008 #2,970
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