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Violent Messiah

Yeah, My first SPSB.

Thanks go out to Shay and Stio for waiting for me to claim it. Thanks, ladies...

And of course, special thanks go out to my FTW Cae who pretty much rigged it so I would get it. You rule, chick. -=)

Oh, and to Jake, who could've had one but had to go get a Wii Fit. Ah, well...his wife probably would've stole it from him again. Heh. -=p

So, OK then. Let the spamming and cyber sexual harassment begin, I guess. Cheers! o.0

1/4/2009 . Edited 1/4/2009 #1

*glomp* =)

Of course, Stats!

First Poolhouse: Over 3 months

Second Poolhouse: Just under 2 months.

Third Poolhouse: Exactly 16 days

Fourth Poolhouse: 23-29 makes 6 days... O_O

Fifth Poolhouse: 29- 10 ... 11 days...

Sixth Poolhouse: 10-23 Just over 12 Days

Seventh Poolhouse: 23-4th Just over 12 Days


btw? Awesome name =)

1/4/2009 . Edited 1/4/2009 #2
Violent Messiah

Heh...thanks. Glad you liked. -=)

1/4/2009 #3
Way to rig the game, Cae... And as an added notice: The official contingency plan for the RH in case of a zombie attack: Jump in Cae's pants. Thank you.
1/4/2009 #4


Things I do for my FH =D

*dies* It was a joke pick-up line, Stio. You stay outta my pants.

1/4/2009 #5
*snort* Damn it all!
1/4/2009 #6

bwahahahahaha. =P

"I like escalators, because they can never break... Just conviniently become stairs"

1/4/2009 #7
Bahahahahahahahahah... Nice. *gasp* I have a title!!!! Eeeek!
1/4/2009 #8

Mitch Hedberg... Funny man.

Ah, what is it!?!

1/4/2009 #9
Slightly corny. 'Borne From Hellfire'
1/4/2009 #10

I think it's okay. As long as your story isn't corny, it'll balance out.

1/4/2009 #11
Violent Messiah

"The official contingency plan for the RH in case of a zombie attack: Jump in Cae's pants. Thank you."

*smirks* After 2012, I plan on using this plan for all sorts of emergencies. Flood, earthquake, wild fires, meteors, nothing on TV, ect...-=x

1/4/2009 #12
Eh. We shall see how this goes. So, what are you up to?
1/4/2009 #13


Yeah, well, you're the only one at the RH with permission to use that plan.


@Stio: trying not to have a happy-spaz fit downstairs, because if my mom notices? 0.o

That'd be interesting. About to move upstairs with my laptop though, and give Calyx more attention

1/4/2009 . Edited 1/4/2009 #14
Yay! Calyx needs more attEntion. I suppose I'm gonna keep working on this travesty... *pistol clicks* Chill the hell out, Julie. Jeez...
1/4/2009 #15


I got a prissy, psychotic werewolf who demands that more of her psychotic is shown...

*growls in background*

Yeah, yeah... Going upstairs now =P

1/4/2009 #16
Violent Messiah

*whew* thought I was gonna have to fight Gobs over that one. -=x

"EDIT 4::: Seriously, Zerom? You're going to give me MORE grief? Alrighty... I see how it is..."

What'd I do, Stio? o.0

1/4/2009 #17
"Spoken like someone who's never read MY story..." That, Zerom. XD. And Cae? I don't envy you the smtask of writing Calyx... I'll take my grief-stricken, pissed off hitman any day...
1/4/2009 #18


Not 17 posts in, and you already say something that'll get you smacked, Bellz. Like you'd really have to fight Gobs.

Yeah, thanks Stio. She's actually fun to write though.

1/4/2009 . Edited 1/4/2009 #19
Midwinter Cold isn't, right now... Thtll get better soon, I think... Now I just need to focus on not falling asleep...
1/4/2009 #20

Maybe you *should* sleep, Stio?

1/4/2009 #21
Violent Messiah


I keep telling you; *I* know I don't, and *you* know I don't...but does *she*? -=p

Ooohhhh, that. Heh, Stio...well, it's true. That's part of what Requiem's about. -=x

1/4/2009 #22
Nope. I go to sleep now, and I don't sleep tonight. Which equals one extremely wiped out Stio on the first day back.
1/4/2009 #23


Well, she doesn't want to. If she really did? I wouldn't let her in my pants.

Gotcha, Gotcha, Stio.

Not even a couple hours, though?

1/4/2009 . Edited 1/4/2009 #24
Nah. But uhm... I seem to have the odd feeling I'm missing something...
1/4/2009 #25
Violent Messiah're an odd candidate to be championing the cause of getting sleep, FTW. -=p

1/4/2009 #26
Your FH has a point.
1/4/2009 #27
Violent Messiah

I normally do, Stio...they just get overlooked till it's time for me to go "I told you so"...-=x

1/4/2009 #28
Heheheheheheheh. But at least you get to be the one to say 'I told you so', Zerom.
1/4/2009 #29
Violent Messiah

Heh...yeah, there is something to be said for that...-=x

I need to get away from Requiem and work on one of my other stories. I should just finish Real Monsters as I'm right there at the end...but I kinda want to do the other two as well. And then there's the RH fic...ugh.

I need actual disipline so i can be more productive. -=x

1/4/2009 #30
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