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Really. It is. XD

1/17/2009 #31



1/17/2009 #32

Where'd Dee go off to?


*goes back to molesting Stio*

I'm going to go kick zombie butt when my internet cuts off today :D

1/17/2009 #33
Engineer of Words

I was...



1/17/2009 #34

Occupied, were you?

*crawls over Dee*

1/17/2009 #35



You're f***, FYI.



When Star figures out a way, she'll do you in...

Superity-f***-f***... XD

1/17/2009 #36
Hey, Uki! Take my spot, will ya? Internet time's run out and I'm going to bust more caps in a*** XD
1/18/2009 #37

@Gobs: I'm only here because I can't sleep.

However, G'night, and good luck on the asscapping, dear Gobsy. XD

1/18/2009 #38
Engineer of Words

@ Scion: Welcome back.

Your point?

1/18/2009 #39

@Lee: Thanks.

That you, dear sir, have run afoul of one very twisted mind.

Fuckity-f***-f***. All I have to say on the matter. XD

You're officially better at p*** people off than I am, and that is saying something! XDD

1/18/2009 #40
Engineer of Words

Since when is that news? XD

And better question, who have I not pissed off here other than you and Stio?

1/18/2009 #41

Good question. O_O

I dunno, to be honest!

So, whatcha doing?

1/18/2009 #42
Engineer of Words

Chatting with you and Stio.


1/18/2009 #43

Glancing at the Former Exe Now Girlfriend every so often while I work on the bio to Johnathan Randell, of R.N.A.

I've decided he's German Irish, and I'm removing the backstory of him being involved in a secret Military Police SWAT-esque group who were tasked with spying on top ranking army officials and apprehending SF/SOG members when needed. Didn't want him to be like super cop, and also he first encounters the Beta Strain in the NYC zoo, not the museum.

1/18/2009 #44
Engineer of Words

Former ex?

Giggity giggity! XD

1/18/2009 #45

Yes, former exe. :)

I couldn't help myself when I started calling her F.E.N.G.

Hey, what do you think about this armory for the male lead?

Cz 75, and a Mossberg 870.

1/18/2009 #46
Engineer of Words

The pistol/shotgun combo's cool.

It works.


1/18/2009 #47


Hello, Uki.

1/18/2009 #48

@Lee: Thanks.

I passed on the Striker, which is another thing that goes bye-bye with his military-SWAT history.

@Stio: 'Ello, Stio! How're you tonight?

1/18/2009 #49

Tiny bit sleepy. XD

And yourself?

1/18/2009 #50
Engineer of Words


Edit: Claimed in the name of page-w***.

1/18/2009 . Edited 1/18/2009 #51



1/18/2009 #52

Above post. XD

Actually, feeling pretty good tonight, and I'm not even getting laid. :)

Figure after April's ASVAB test, if I don't get the score I'm looking for, the F.E.N.G and I will begin preparing for our move to Vermont, seeing as she wants to go there for the state's "beauty", and I the State Patrol.

Hopefully, she'll be able to pursue a career in medicine, which is what she's been wanting to do for a long while now...

1/18/2009 #53
Engineer of Words

How simple are his intentions....

But good for you, sir.


1/18/2009 #54

Hell, as it stands we almost had a funny story to tell our first child about where they were conceived. XD

Knowing mommy got laid and impregnated on a motorcycle is never really comforting to a child, especially when their parents tell them this story through a birthday card, which I would soooo do. XD

But nooooooo. We're waiting until fsking marriage.

Damn me and my chivalrous ways...


But thanks Lee.


1/18/2009 . Edited 1/18/2009 #55
Engineer of Words


Through a birthday card. Oh dear.


1/18/2009 #56

"This card, when opened is spread just like mommy was the day you were conceived, on the motorcycle we owned, which you made out with your own girlfriend on just last night"

Scar that lil' b*** right! XD

1/18/2009 #57
Engineer of Words


That it would.

1/18/2009 #58


1/18/2009 #59

I have a sick, siiiick mind... :)

This is hilarious:

Achmed the Dead Terrorist sings "Jingle Bombs"

1/18/2009 #60
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