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What do you mean sell her piercings? Her rings?

1/28/2009 #31

@Krow: Yes.

Piercings = Rings.

I do not mean her skin. XD

Though that would be a sight. :X

1/28/2009 #32

Rings don't even cost that much, you can get them offline for like five dollars...

1/28/2009 #33

@Lee From The Beyond: Don't even get me started on Blag-o-B***...


Krow, if she has any money, which could buy food for her "Starving, malnourished children" but instead spends it on rings?

Yeah, she's a f--king moron.

1/28/2009 . Edited 1/28/2009 #34

How many kids does she apparently have? Wouldn't it have been wise for her to invest in the Pill....

1/28/2009 #35

When you're a parent, you do whatever, AND I MEAN W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R it takes to ensure your child's health.

Hell, I'm not a parent, and yet I know that.

Hell, I'll soon be a parent, by year's end and I already knew that!



Krow? She already has children.

Ergo, the Pill's a tad...after-the-fact.

However, this ties into the situation: If she has the choice, should she A: Stop having sex, and get the piercings? Or B: Stop getting piercings, and get on the fsking Pill?

1/28/2009 . Edited 1/28/2009 #36

I didn't say anything about that.

1/28/2009 #37

I know she already has children. I was saying instead of wasting money on piercings and having constant sex she probably could've spent the money on birth control... or I don't know, had her guy pull out.

1/28/2009 #38

Krow, vanity should never take precedent over health.

Regardless, this lady's whimpering on TV that she cannot buy food for her children, and yet won't part with her fsking jewelry, like my own mother did to feed me and my f--king brother and sisters when we were younger, because she's too vain.

I've lived out of my fsking backpack, and I know that no child should ever have to do that bulls--t.


Pulling out???

That doesn't even work, dude.

Precum holds more s*** than the actual stuff.

1/28/2009 . Edited 1/28/2009 #39

You can't stop pregancy by having the guy pull out. =p

1/28/2009 #40

Well you can prevent him shooting his load in you and thus getting you pregnant by pulling out (granted he isn't sloppy).

1/28/2009 #41

Pulling out works (most of the time). Trust me.

1/28/2009 #42

@Krow: XD

Nope, sorry.

Precum happens without the o***.

And that stuff you don't get a dang warning on... which you should, fsking biology...

1/28/2009 #43

He doesn't have to shoot get chicks pregnant...

1/28/2009 #44

Sure thing..

1/28/2009 #45

@Krow: With a condom, during a BJ.


1/28/2009 #46

Wait, what with the condom now?

1/28/2009 #47

Which, by the way...

My wife and I spoke about BJs and when we figured out the meaning?

She told me that, until the age of 17 (we were very sheltered, I might add XD) she thought that it referred to a bank heist gone bad.

Which is better than me, because I could've written a book on what I thought it was. *Whistle*

1/28/2009 #48

@Gobs: Don't ask, lady.

That was a rare slip of my tongue. XD

1/28/2009 #49


1/28/2009 #50


Edit: Claimed in the name of slips of the tongue... In various places and contexts.

1/28/2009 . Edited 1/28/2009 #51

But the bank idea?

It makes sense!

"Aw, s--t! The cops-!? Dammit, this is a b***, guys!!"

1/28/2009 #52

That just makes b*** sound bad.

Or like it involves c***...

1/28/2009 . Edited 1/28/2009 #53


You just found one of the things I thought it referred to when I was younger, dude! XD

1/28/2009 #54

Blow does refer to c***. I haven't heard anyone define "b***" as a c*** job or anything like that though.

1/28/2009 #55

Youth = Naiveté

However, I must say that, between you gusy and the wife? The wife wins out over all.

I'm leavin' for the night.

Have a good sleep, y'all! Ciao!

1/28/2009 #56

G'night, Uki!

I think I'll hit the hay, too...

1/28/2009 #57


I missed the last page?!


Okay, I'm not really here, I just popped in, and was sorely disappointed by what I saw.

Wish me luck on my exam tomorrow though!

1/28/2009 #58

O quam sancta.

...Quam serena

......Quam benigna

.........Quam amonea

O castitas lilium.

To you I sing this song. *points off to the sky*

1/28/2009 #59
Engineer of Words

No one's here.


1/28/2009 #60
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