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Five more mintues.

I can do this. =p

1/29/2009 #91


1/29/2009 #92

I shall create blueberry pancakes for brekkie.

1/29/2009 #93


1/29/2009 #94


1/29/2009 #95

This joint used to be hoppin'. What happened?

1/29/2009 #96

Damn forum throttle reply.

1/29/2009 #97

I'm not spamming.

1/29/2009 #98

... That much.

1/29/2009 #99

Gobs is coolio.

1/29/2009 #100

Claimed in the name of claiming pages before school.

1/29/2009 #101

Yo! Is there anybody out here?

1/29/2009 #102

Helllllooooo again.

1/29/2009 #103
Aero's Twin

Heyy lovey.

I don't know you yet. Aha I'm Xerox. XD

1/29/2009 #104

Hey Maplewing!

How's life?


Hiya Xerox

1/29/2009 . Edited 1/29/2009 #105
Aero's Twin

Hey Thrifty!

I havent been around the same time as you in quite a while now.

How are you?

1/29/2009 #106

Fine, I've past the 50 pages on my story, so yay!

How 'bout you?

1/29/2009 #107
Aero's Twin

Congrats, lovey.

I only wish I could get that far in my story. I've been stuck in one spot for the longest.

1/29/2009 #108

What are you stuck on?

1/29/2009 #109
Aero's Twin

Well I got the first 4 chapters where my couple meets and gets together.

The 5th chapter is where the first conflict between them happens. Major conflict...but I'm stuck on the second page of it, introducing new characters.

1/29/2009 #110

Sorry, I'm just gonna interrupt for a second... hi Thriftstar, hi Xerox! I like that name. xD

Ooh, congrats on the 50 pages! I wish I could get that far too...

1/29/2009 #111

Is it the new characters or the conflict that gets stuck?


Don't worry about interupting Maplewing, that's what we all do around here ;)

1/29/2009 . Edited 1/29/2009 #112
Aero's Twin

Maplewing I'm going to call you Petri. And never apologize for interrupting here! XD

@ Thrifty.; Its the characters...Like...there were only 4 characters through the first chapters...and now I have to introduce almost all of the rest of them i this chapter, because they're all together. And I'm having a hard time with the conversations that come along with bringing them in.

1/29/2009 #113

Petri... okay, whatever you want! It sorta has a ring to it. ;D

1/29/2009 #114
Aero's Twin

I sure thought so! And my logic makes a whole lot more sense than Cae's ever will, i'm sure.

1/29/2009 #115

I don't know if I can remeber to call you Petri, Maplewing, but hey I'll give it a go;)

@ Xerox: When I get stuck on a new character I usually try to think why I need the character in the story and if I can't think of enough reasons I just yank them out. Sometimes it also helps me to keep some character 2-D on purpose. If I have to remember all of them, I'll go crazy XD Don't know if it helps...

1/29/2009 #116
Aero's Twin

Usually that would be great advice. In this particular story, All the characters I have to introduce are essential and they have to each have some distinguishable personality for 2 reasons. 1 being that they each cause a conflict with the couple at one point or another. The other being that it's based on a true story.

1/29/2009 #117

Wow, that's a good reason to get stuck. What about introducing them briefly now and fleshing them out as the story goes along?

Respect for basing it on a true story. I know I could never do that. I let my imagination run away with me too much, especially when I'm writing :D.

1/29/2009 . Edited 1/29/2009 #118

Hey, at least you had the determination to write something based on a true story. That makes things a lot harder (in my opinion). When I get stuck, and I know this probably isn't helpful, I put away the story that's being annoying and start something new, just to get my mind off it. Then I go back later and try again. Of course, this has the dangerous side affect of coming back and thinking your story is total crap...

1/29/2009 #119

@ Perti: That's what I always did. The problem with me was however, that I never returned to the story. XD One of my new year's resolutions is that I finish the story I am working on now, before I start a new one. That'll be quite the challenge. *g*

1/29/2009 #120
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