Ideas for my stories
Ideas to help me with my stories, also typos. :D
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Ok...I am new to fictionpress and have always wanted to be a published author. I have been writing for years, I started with some fanfiction, although I didn't know that there was such a thing at the time, of Christopher Pike, specifically his Last Vampire series. When I started coming up with my own stories, I was in heaven. I love to write. I love my characters. I really like to edit...yes I understand that is weird. I have always had the hardest time coming up with titles for my stories though. At the moment, they are saved by character names in my computer. I was just wondering how other authors create titles for their works, I really need help with them.
12/11/2006 #1
I usually like to relate the title to the subject or theme of the story or chapter. I like doing this in a subtle and (hopefully)clever way, with symbolism, analogies etc. Also you can take a direct quote from the chapter and make it the title for that chapter. The quote would probably have to reflect pretty well on the content of the chapter. Ya. So there. ...That's awesome that you're in heaven when you're writing. I wish I had those inclinations. I like to write but, jeez...heaven? are made for this job...
12/19/2006 #2
K.G. Coleman
When i write a story i like the title to be short and leave the reader wondering. I know that wwhen i pick up a book, if the title is intriguing i'll pick it up. I also like to base it off common sayings like i once wrote something called "When pigs Fly." My favorite title was called "Wripple" and the story was about a kid who was afraid of the water because that's how his father died. So yah... I hope that helped. If you send me some of your stories i might be able to help more
1/17/2007 #3
I find it hard to give my stories titles. I'm a rubbish wrtier tho and hardly publish my work on here.
2/25/2007 #4
i always have a hard time with titles. usually they end with ...! i usually use something that is obviously connected with the story, but has a ring to it. *shrugs* i don't know!
3/18/2007 #5
S. A. Hanna
Last time I came up with a title for something, me and my friend wrote the story together. I asked her what good titles should be, and we both just said random words, til we had a title (which is a VERY corny title.)
8/23/2007 #6

Hi... Just thought I'd comment even though there is a possible chance that no one will see it, since this forum was probably made awhile ago.

Anyway... I started off on fictionpress and it's a good way to start, but for me it seems more gratifying to create your own worlds and the characters within them.

As for titles, I would take the main idea of the story and write down possible ideas for titles (still keeping a slightly mystery of what it is all about) until I was happy with one.

Personally, I've been writing along time and I love everything about writing... I like creating the characters, the places, forming the story line, coming up with titles and names... I love it all. But, I think every person/writer has a weak point, maybe yours is creating titles, I know mine is probably forming the middle part of the story or having enough will-power to follow through with a story and actually finish it completely.

Good luck.

4/3/2008 #7
Witchy Rain Girl

I stink at making up titles. I have a story that I want to post, but I can't come up with a title for it.

If you think you could help me read the following description:

Rain Dolan is a 15-year-old girl who is thrown viciously into an adult world when she is taken away from her loving, single mother. All because her mother is Wiccan.

If you have any suggestions, that would help a lot.


6/27/2008 #8

I sometimes have a hard time coming up with titles for my stories, but usually I'll think of a title that relates to it somehow. This isn't what I normally do, but my story now is called Brooke Cleary at Jackson Donohue because the main character is Brooke and she goes to a boarding school called Jackson Donohue. Also, I plan on have another story with others at Jackson Donohue, I guess I just thought it'd be a nice way to link them all together.

As for the post I am actually replying too: Maybe "15-Year-Old Adult". It'll confuse people to the point where they'll wonder why a 15 year old is an adult, and then read the description.

8/15/2008 . Edited 8/15/2008 #9

I find that titles come to me at the wierdest times - like in the middle of the night or during exams! =O

I know that doesn't really help, but it's all I've got!

8/27/2008 #10
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