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sun tzu OM

I try to carefully go over every chapter before I post it. I have other people proof-read it.

But that doesn't mean mistakes aren't going to creep in. Buuuuut...this is the digital age, and this kind of mistakes can be corrected with a few keystrokes.

Spot a typo? An error? A contradiction? Post them here!

6/19/2008 #1

You have a police officer shoot at Downfall six times, but the Tokyo Police used to carry only 3 bullets when on patrol, and I'm not sure if all police officers carry a gun on duty. This might have changed and it is a really minor nitpick that very very few people would ever notice. But I figured I might as well point it out.

11/10/2008 #2
sun tzu OM

Only three bullets? Really? Interesting.

Not saying you're wrong, but I'm curious - where's that information from?

11/10/2008 #3

A friend who lived there, but I havn't spoken to him in years, and I can't find confirmation of him being right or wrong online. And even if he was right the rules might very well have changed, though Japan would not be unique in that regard, since until recently most of the British cops didn't carry a gun while on patrol, and in Britan the gun laws are nowhere near as strict as the gun laws in Japan.

11/10/2008 #4
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