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Ariana Ethaitrius

Apart from Guinevere, she is my favorite person in the legend. What do you think, do you have a preferable way to say her name?

6/5/2009 #1
Edalene Athene

I'd have to with agree that though she is sometimes portrayed rather evilly.

6/9/2009 #2
Ariana Ethaitrius

That's true; I have also seen that she is portreyed as Morgause... That is not right (in my oppinion) as Morgause is the sister of Vivanne, lady of the lake.

8/1/2009 #3

I like her whether depicted as an antagonist or a protagonist because she is a strong, capable female character, especially in an era where most females are portrayed as damsels in distress, needing their lords and knights to defend their honor. Even when she's a villain, she is capable of making things happen, such as stealing a sword from Arthur or holding her own against Merlin. Morgause is her sister, not the sister of Vivian, I have the need to point out (though perhaps there are legendas where she is that). They are both daughters of the Duke of Gorlois and Igraine, Arthur's mother. I prefer spelling her name as Morgan, by the way. Has anyone read I am Morgan le Fay by Nancy Cooper? It's a very good book and I highly recommend it, though I favor I am Mordred myself.

As for Morgause, in my opinion she is the mother of Mordred, the sister who slept with Arthur to gain the thrown, and Morgan is the powerful magic user, hence her name. In a lot of adaptations they say it is because they have fairie blood, and occasionally you hear of a legend where they say that this blood also runs through the veins of Morgan's nephews. But has anyone heard of a tale about Ywaine, Morgan's supposed son? I suppose he's just not as famous (or infamous, depending on the case) as his cousins. On wikipedia, which probably isn't completely accurate, it says they have another sister, Elaine, but she lives a relatively quiet life. I've never read of her being mentioned either.

8/29/2009 #4

No one has a right to talk about Morgan Le Fay until they read The Mists of Avalon. Every needs to go, read the book, and then return. Your view of the entire Arthurian Legend will be forever changed.

7/8/2011 #5
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