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SSJ Jolt

We all know of Excalibur, heck it's so well known that even people from nations the original stories where aimed at know what it is. We all also know Excalibur has many names (Caliburn, Caledfwlch), and different roles (initially the Sword in the Stone's replacement, then simplified into the Sword in the Stone straight off), in the various stories written of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

But what other weapons where there and who wielded them?

I know of three, all wielded/used by Arthur; Carnwennan; a dagger, was used to cut the Very Black Witch in half in one of the oldest Arthurian stories Rhongomyniad (or just 'Ron' for short); a spear (though possibly a lance since most Arthurian stories are set in the Medival age, and well... knights used lances, not spears) rare mentioned and mostly in passing anyway. Clarent; a sword of peace meant for knighting and ceremony rather then battle, Mordred steals it and stabs Arthur with it in Alliterative Morte Arthure

Anyone know of any other named weapons used in Arthurian Legend? I'd like to compile a list to help with a story I'm writing.

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