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Edalene Athene

Thought son the person, the King, the warrior. Do you like him, do you hate him? Why? All views welcome

6/16/2008 #1

i love the arthurian stories. The concept of the hero myth. The Arthurian stories really speak of a time of wholeness and peace (Camelot)if only for a short time. The search for the grail and its universal meaning for everyone.

3/16/2009 #2
Ariana Ethaitrius


Yes, I love the legend of King Arthur. I love Guinevere and Lancelot to. People call Morgaine Morgaine or Morgana or Morgan, it can get a little confusing, there are different takes on the legend, but it's my favorite period of history.:)

6/5/2009 #3

I think it's impossible to hate Arthur. The boy-king image really stays with you, you know, even when he makes mistakes. His love for Guinevere is tragic, but you can't blame him for it; and while I disapprove of his actions towards Mordred, since his immediate hate for Mordred created a wedge between them when instead it could have given him an heir and an advantage, anyone in his place would have felt the same. Camelot is now viewed as one of the earliest depictions of a utopia, in a time that could really be considered the Dark Ages, so you must give a king who thrived at that time some props. I also love his code of chivalry, which we learned about in my honors English class. So, my final consensus is, though he made a lot of mistakes I don't hate him. The only novel I've read where he's considered a tyrannical antagonist is Mordred: Batard Son by Douglas Clegg, which is an AU of the popular Arthurianna canon, at best. Though I've heard that in the earliest adaptations (perhaps even earlier than written lore) he was viewed as a villain.

Currently I'm reading The Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell, which has a very cool depiction of Arthur. I like him in that view, though it doesn't follow the canon either. Then again, in reality Arthur was most likely a Roman warlord, which is how the story goes in TWC. What do you all think of the fact that Arthur's enemies were the Saxons, whose descendants are the current English natives? Nearly everyone in the UK (and in Europe, really) are descended from the Saxons, Arthur's greatest enemies. Does that change your opinions any? Would anyone from that part of the world consider it self-hate to side with Arthur? Personally, I believe most of the legend, obviously, is fiction, so it doesn't irk me, and I'm not descended from Anglo-Saxons anyway.

8/29/2009 #4
Made Hartt

i agree with TheLadyPendragon its impossible to hate him

12/23/2010 #5
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