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Edalene Athene

Anything about Guinevere, all opinions welcome.

6/16/2008 #1
Ariana Ethaitrius

She would have to be my favorite person, I love her romance between Arthur and Lancelot, it's so sad

6/5/2009 #2

I don't really like Guinevere myself. I mean, in certain adaptations, like The Dragon Queen by Alice Borchardt, I do like reading about her, because she's viewed as strong and an appropriate right hand to Arthur, but in most stories she's just a weakness, in my opinion. I mean, she's viewed as a wedge between Lancelot and Arthur in nearly every tale of the Arthuriana I've read. Even in earlier adaptations, where Lancelot and Bedivere are one and the same, Merlin has a vision where a Guinevere owl comes between the two boys when they were young. I'm guessing it really wasn't her intention, since it must have been hard on her, being a young and beautiful woman whose husband is distracted by warring, but she's too weak and I think it led to the fall of Camelot --- which, I suppose, eventually would have happened anyway, but she jump-started it. If she had never committed adultery, however, Mordred wouldn't have had something to hold over her, and with her, Arthur. Lancelot wouldn't have been turned against Arthur and would never have slain Gareth, Gaheris, and Agravaine. Thus, Gawain, who was Arthur's best knight after Lancelot himself, wouldn't have been driven mad by grief and he wouldn't have died. But that's just my two-cents. And I suppose no one's perfect, but I prefer heroines who aren't that weak. Which is why I like Morgane, Morgause, and Nimue, despite what evils they have done. All of their villainny combined probably can't compare to Guinevere's folly. The only story where I truly hate her, though, as opposed to simply dislike, is a modern parody called Knight Life by Peter David. God, she was so weak and whiny and Arthur would have been better off without her, but I guess that can be blamed on the author.

Is anyone else reminded of Helen of Troy when they read about Guinevere? "Loving me kills people, destroys families, causes such grief as you cannot imagine!" ~ Helen of Troy. The quote fits Guinevere, no? Or is it just me?

8/29/2009 #3
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