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I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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Alliance is Good, Evil, Neutral.

Race can be anything, but I'll list as many as I can.

Human(there are not many Normal Humans, but if you find a way to have reached Freedom then kudos)



Were-anything(fill in the anything with an animal)










Rock creature

Wolf Creature/ demon






Type is something that accomanies your race.





Entertainer(tell what type)




Also if you can think of any more, tell me so I can add them.

6/17/2008 #1

Name: Hanapu Mitternacht

Gender: Male

Age: looks 18

Type: Elemental Theif

Race: Demon

Alliance: Evil

Weapons: Swords (Twin swords.)

Pets: A giant dragon called Hellsing

Description: 6ft 8" anarexic. He has shoulder lenght white hair, white skin and crimson eyes. He wears all black, which include a tailor made waist coat , which covers his neck and stops at his jawline, a black shirt, black pants, knee high boots, a ankle lenght trench coat, and gloves. His hair is tied back with a black silk ribbon.

Personality: Cold withdrawn and emotionless

History: Not much is known about Hanapu (Not even his real name.)

Other: Has the ability to change his form into that of the five demons which inhabit his body. Ka (A bat demon), Phah (Hell hound), Scanlon (A dragon), Mot (A blood demon) and Eshu (A boggart)

6/19/2008 #2

^_^ Welcome! You're the first person to come. My evil characters are the King and his henchmen right now, so I'd be hard to RP. Unless you wanna have a fight with the good characters I have... Or we can wait for more people. ^_^''

6/19/2008 #3

I'm making a habit out of it........

I honestly don't mind..... your the mod....... you chose.

6/19/2008 #4

^_^;; Yeah. I've been looking around, and not many people visit the forums around here... it's sad. T_T

You can actually start anywhere you want. I'll make another character to RP with you. Wanna boy or a girl?

6/19/2008 #5

Which ever I'm not picky.

6/19/2008 #6

Look in MOD characters, the last one. I made a girl, but she kinda looks like a boy. What do you think?

6/19/2008 #7


6/19/2008 #8

Okay, where do you wanna go?

6/19/2008 #9

Pick I haven't a clue where to go...............

6/19/2008 #10

We can go to Mortraville. It's a vampire city. It's were my character was born.

6/19/2008 #11

Sweet...... you open.

6/19/2008 #12

Okay, I did.

6/19/2008 #13

I'm making another character if you don't mind.

Name: Bruno

Gender: Male

Age: 18 in human years, but is really 180 years old.

Type: Warrior mage

Race: Dragon. He can morf into a human

Alliance: Neutral.

Weapons: Deer horn knives when in human form.

Pets: None

Description: Dragon form: A small crimson dragon with amber eyes. He is 10inches tall and wears a black spike collar.

Human form: 6ft, spiky crimson hair, amber eyes. He wears the spiked black collar, anda crimson tank top, and black trousers.

Personality: Cheerful, optimistic, lovable and cute.

History: He like Hanapu was abused in the past, but unlike Hanapu he chose to make friends andbe happy. His clan hated himfor being himself, but they couldn't do anything because his mother Hellsing, is the oldest, strongest, and wisest in the entire world. He left when he was old enough. Then he met with a group of warriors and joined with them, but they were whipped out by demons. And he's been wandering ever since.

Other: He has very poor english.

8/16/2008 #14

( it okay if I join?)

10/1/2008 #15


10/2/2008 #16
Irish toaster

Hey can I join?

11/2/2008 #17

Hell YA!!!

11/2/2008 #18
Irish toaster

Name: Rasferien

Gender: Male

Age: 121(looks about 30 in human years though)

Type: Warrior

Race: vampire

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: Sword and throwing knives

Pets: none

Description: He has black hair tied back into a pony-tail.He has a handsome face , his eyes show an intelligence but their is an aura about him that he might not be all too friendly.He wears high black leather boots,an armour breast-plate and a black cloak.Despite this he tries to smile occasionally (lol)

Personality: Neutral until he feels strongly about something and will press his case.He can be both unexpectantly cynical or rather kind.Depends on his mood.Likes to be alone most of the time or at least just not in the company of loud fools

History: Unknown

Other: For what he lacks in magic he makes up for In swordsmanship

11/2/2008 #19

Cool!! Come join us in Mortraville!!!!

11/2/2008 #20

Name: Sapphire V. Robinson

Age: 17

Type: Supernaturalist (a person who studies magic and the paranormal and uses them to solve mysteries)

Gender: Female

Race: Phantom

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: Bo staff, shuriken. She either straps her staff to her back or retracts it into a smaller stick that she can place in her pouches. She can also change it into the Grim Reaper's scythe, giving it the power to rip out a person's soul and kill them for good, even if they're immortal.

Pets: A black and white super-cat named Percy who she can summon at will, and shares her powers.

Description: She has long black hair with straight-cut bangs, electric-blue eyes, and pale skin. She usually wears a black jacket over a white T-shirt and black khaki shorts, with black hiking boots. She also wears a necklace with a silver crescent moon pendant and half-moon earrings, and a belt lined with pouches for her smaller weapons and items. She's of a medium weight and height, and is very attractive.

Personality: She's friendly and kind, willing to lend a helpful hand to anyone. She's very intuitive and intellectual, but can also be a bit of a hothead.

History: Sapphire was born into the Phantom clan, and her father is the Head of Family. She has two older sisters. Being born as she was, Sapphire is what is considered a "pureblood," which is anyone from a particular race and has a lineage that hasn't been mixed with other races, which is rare to find in creatures like fairies and Phantoms. From a young age, Sapphire wanted to become stronger so she could help people with their problems. Her father taught her how to use her powers, and she learned martial arts as a hobby. She decided to become a Spellcaster after meeting Malcolm, who was a pureblood like herself. She swore that she would prove herself to him, even though she already had from the beginning. Sapphire looked up to her sisters and learned a lot from them, and she's been homeschooled all her life. Percy was given to her as a gift from one of her father's friends.

Powers: Being a Phantom, Sapphire has been trained in basic magic and advanced martial arts. She has empath abilities, along with flight, teleportation, telekinesis, invisibility and the ability to pass through matter, like a ghost. "Phantom," see?

Strengths: Her strengths lie in speed and precision. She's as fast as the speed of light. She's also flexible and acrobatic, and prefers to use electricity-based attacks.

Weaknesses: Her weaknesses, however, lie in her empath abilities. She can read other people's emotions and thoughts, but she has been tricked and overwhelmed many times by emotions not her own. Her empath abilities are involuntary, and she's still learning how to block out the thoughts and emotions of other living things.

11/2/2008 . Edited 12/24/2008 #21

Sweet!! Come join us!!

11/2/2008 #22

XD! joiningggg!!!

Name:Zeke Fae


Age: Looks 18 but is actually very, very old( Waaay over 2000 years).

Type: Entertainer, dancer

Race: Free Genie

Alliance: mostly evil, though his heart is neutral

Weapons: A dance that can stun for several minutes, allowing him to escape.

Pets: none

Description: Lithe and tall with aquamarine eyes and long silky black hair. He's garbed in arabian styled clothing and many jewels and beads draped over him. He bears a black curse mark that circles his neck in the shape of vines.

Personality: He has a very seductive personality and openly flirts. Intelligent, with dashes of humor mixed in with sarcasm. He thinks quite highly of himself.

History: He spent many years dancing in bars and sleeping his way through cities. Wandering aimlessly through time. When he was still a bound genie he spent his days granting wishes to the masters of his lamp. But since he was freed by a foolish love-struck girl and cursed by her father, he has almost no aim in life. He does whatever pleases him.

Other: Has a great deal of power that he does not use and does not care to use. He is cursed to never be able to find a purpose to live.

11/6/2008 . Edited 11/7/2008 #23

Name: Samuel Wilkes

Gender: male

Age: 19

Type: warrior

Race: shapeshifter

Alliance: Good

Weapons: sword and dagger

Pets: none

Description: Sam is a tall young man with black hair and green eyes. He wears a dark blue cloak that covers his shabby clothes and conceals his sword and dagger.

Personality: Sam is extremely short-fused and he is very protective of Tabby, his younger sister. Other than that he is a complete gentleman.

History: Sam mysteriously acquired his power after Tabby was born. He and his sister left their parents when he was 14 so that they could fight for good (their parents were evil). Sam had trained himself to fight, so he still has mistakes that can easily be used against him.

11/29/2008 #24

Name: Tabitha Wilkes

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Type: warrior

Race: Shapeshifter

Alliance: Good

Weapons: small dagger

Pets: none

Description: Tabby has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair is pulled back into a braid that is tied at the end with a red bow. She wears a red cloak over her clothes that matches her ribbon.

Personality: Tabby can be curious, but when she does not have the urge to explore, she usually clings to Sam and lets him do the talking.

History: Tabby has basically been following Sam her whole life. She left home with him, trained with him, and is now traveling and fighting with him.

Other: She is unlimited in the different animals she can turn into, but Sam is only limited to specific types of animals and no mystical creatures.

11/29/2008 #25

Name: Malcolm Frazier (Real name: Malcolm Aaron Dumas)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Type: Warrior magician

Race: Vampire/Pyronite

Alliance: Good

Description: He has long black hair tied into a low ponytail at the base of the neck, with long bangs that come in front and frame his face. He has fair skin, fangs, and slanted red eyes. His ears are also a bit pointy. He usually wears a red-and-black robe with long sleeves and a collar that comes up and around his head. On the back of the robe is the symbol of a red dragon breathing fire. Underneath the robe he has on a tunic-like vest over a fishnet shirt, long black trousers and gray hiking boots.

Personality: He's usually well-mannered and kind with those he cares about, but is also a pervert. He has a pacifist nature, but when fighting he's completely ruthless. He's mostly the kind of guy who believes in spreading the joy around.

Bio: He was born as the half-breed of two rival races, the Vampires and the Pyronites. His mother was Pyronian and his father was a Vampire, but they were very in love with each other. Both his parents came from the 'pureblood' clans of their respective races, and his father, Aaron Dumas, was by birthright the successor to Head of Clan, making Malcolm, by birth, the same. At first both families vehemently opposed the thought of being related, partially due to the fact that Vampires' and Pyronites' strengths and weaknesses contradict the others', and they had no idea what Malcolm would turn out to be. Eventually they realized that both attributes made him extremely powerful, and both families devised their separate plans to use Malcolm and destroy the other clan. Malcolm's parents realized this and pleaded with Lucian, Malcolm's uncle and his mother's older brother, to get rid of both clans and themselves but leave Malcolm alive so that both sides could still live on in a peaceful person. Lucian acquiesced, and when Malcolm was seven he pretended to go on a rampage and slaughtered both his kin and his foes. Then he fled, leaving Malcolm with no family. Malcolm was then discovered by Jerry Frazier and adopted. He has two brothers, Salem the werewolf and Jason the leprechaun. Malcolm is continuously haunted by the night of the massacre and vows to find his uncle and uncover the truth from him. Later, he found his passion in magic and decided to become a professional magician. He also developed a fondness for Sapphire that soon ascended to love.

Strengths: He's fast, powerful, smart and skilled. He makes a deadly opponent on the battlefield. He's especially skilled with fire-based magic.

Weaknesses: As strong as he is, he's not good with fighting against illusion-based magic. His protective nature can be used against him, like when an enemy uses his friends as bait. Being part Pyronite and Vampire, their attributes sometimes canceled the other out or just increased in power. It turns out that he still needs to drink blood, and falls deathly ill if exposed to garlic. He is prone to all illnesses that both creatures are prone to, and sometimes it increases for a double-whammy on his health.

Weapons: Any weapon at all. He can make good use of a twig off the ground, but he prefers blades.

Pets: He has a giant bat that he can summon for battle.

Misc: Malcolm has a 'transformed state' that's the combined state of a Vampire and a Pyronite. Since he's not 100% Vampire, he can't turn into a bat but he can sprout large batlike wings. His skin turns green except for the black rings around his eyes, which also turn yellow. His fangs lengthen, his nails turn into claws, and he can obviously fly. He is able to breathe fire continuously like a dragon and emit powerful bat screeches.

12/6/2008 . Edited 2/15/2009 #26

Hurray!!! Hurah!

12/6/2008 #27

Name: Il Diablo

Gender: Male

Age: looks around 20

Type: Thief/Mage

Race: Demon

Alliance: Evil?

Weapons: A Sword Cane and a knife

Pets: None

Description: Tall, slender, raven hair and eyes. He wears a black Zorro style hat, a white shirt, black waistcoat, black pants, and black knee high boots.

Personality: Cynical, Sarcastic, manipulative.

History: N/A

Other: None

12/7/2008 #28
Irish toaster

Name: Isabella

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Type: Acrobat,mage

Race: Human

Alliance: Good

Weapons: Knives

Pets: None

Description: Isabella is tanned(Spanish/mediterranean like skin tone).She has neck length black hair.She is a beautiful young woman but has an intense stare,showing she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it.She normally wheres a white shirt with a frilled neck,three quarter length black pants and she wears no shoes(for increased grip and to draw power from the earth for her magic.)She also wears a ruby ring she will not remove.Ever.

Personality: Isabella can be both an enigma and quite open.She can be kind to those she respects but cold to those who make fun of her.She is not afraid to get into an argument.

History: Isabella is a close friend of the Vampire,Rasferien.Both of them met two years ago where Rasferien helped her kill her father's killer.The rest is largely unknown,although she is known to be born to a nomad gypsy


12/25/2008 #29

Name: Salem Frazier (Actual last name is Benson)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Werewolf type A (has to transform at full moon)

Type: Mage, detective.

Alliance: Neutral

Description: Salem's most prominent feature is his hair, which is a very dark brown and very wild and spiky. It's also thick and especially sticks up from the bottom back. His bangs give his almost black eyes a hollow and intense look. His skin is grayish, but in the moonlight it gleams and becomes silvery. He usually wears a simple gray sweatshirt and blue jeans with white sneakers and is very tall and slender. Overall, upon first sight he has a ghastly appearance, but as you get to know him you see that he's actually pretty handsome.

Personality: Calm, quiet, observant, has a weird way of showing affection. Doesn't mind nonsense and is easygoing as long as the matter isn't deadly serious.

Bio: Salem was born in a small town somewhere in the east, though his parents raised him in a cabin on the outskirts of town. He was taught to be fierce and brutal, but couldn't due to his kindly and logical nature. Sometime when he was five, his parents were shot dead by the local villagers because they were feared due to their race. Salem managed to escape by fighting off the villagers and was found wandering in the snow by the famous Jerry Frazier, who raised him after that. Salem's race was kept a secret by his family so that he could attend school like the other children. His secret was found out, however, by Sapphire Robinson, and he ended up attacking her at a full moon because he had forgotten to take his potion and she had followed him. Malcolm and Salem fought until sunrise, as Malcolm was trying both to protect Sapphire and restrain Salem from attacking anyone else. After that, the three brothers and Sapphire became good friends.

Weapons: Knives, claws, magic. Special technique is Wind Wolf Howl.

Strengths: Strategy, speed, use of cool intellect during the heat of the moment. Is also a lot stronger than he looks.

Weaknesses: Italian food! XD As strong as he is, he's not good with martial arts and can become overconfident. Other than that, he's a total mystery.

12/27/2008 #30
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